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Servant management style and leadership beliefs

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Management philosophy denotes the principles, beliefs, and principles that define or influence how a head leads their followers. There are many different leadership sagesse, but one particular philosophy that particularly when calculated resonates with the experts leadership idea is stalwart leadership. Stalwart leadership is around serving others and prioritising the requires of others. While demonstrated from this paper, servant leadership is a leadership idea that is applicable at the place of work as well as in ones personal lifestyle. Servant command is crucial pertaining to building good relationships, trust, respect, and collaboration involving the leader and the followers. Despite some flaws, servant leadership if properly applied can result in more fulfilling workplaces and private lives.


Whereas there is absolutely no universally arranged definition, leadership essentially means the process of affecting a group of people to accomplish a distributed goal or perhaps objective (Northouse, 2013). An innovator offers assistance, direction, and motivation. Distinct leaders use different styles to influence their very own followers. As an example, some prefer making all the decisions by themselves, while others provide their followers decision making authority. Leadership design basically makes up what is known as leadership idea the pair of values, morals, attitudes, and principles that form the basis of a market leaders behaviour or perhaps approach to leadership (Kouzes, Posner Biech, 2010). Leadership idea is what a leader stands for, exactly what a university leader believes in, or what makes one head different from an additional. It is important to understand ones leadership philosophy. This kind of knowledge is essential for gauging how effective one is with respect to their management style my spouse and i. e. all their strengths and weaknesses. With this paper, I describe my own leadership philosophy. First, My spouse and i describe the management mission statement then explain that in light of leadership beliefs. Next, We explain how I can implement my leadership viewpoint at my place of work. Finally, We consider how i could implement my own leadership idea in my personal life.

Personal Supervision Mission Affirmation

By my perspective, a leader is definitely one who serves others. A leader places all their interests after everyone elses. In other words, an effective leader prioritises the needs of his/her supporters. Rather than expecting their fans to provide them, very good leaders serve others. That they share power with their fans, they make them grow, and value these people. They business lead from the the front and rotate back their very own sleeves to work alongside their enthusiasts. Following out of this belief, my personal management objective statement scans as follows: management is in order to others, if she is not served.

My personal leadership viewpoint is consistent with the theory of servant management. Though servant leadership has been around for centuries or maybe millennia, the style was first referred to by Robert K. Greenleaf in his 70 essay The Servant because Leader. Greenleaf describes servant leadership since leadership that begins together with the natural feeling that one desires to serve, to serve 1st (Northouse, 2013, p. 220). A stalwart leader can be consciously or perhaps naturally motivated by the need to prioritise the needs of people he/she serves (Greenleaf, 2003). In other words, servant leaders put the wellbeing of their followers prior to theirs. They can be selfless, supportive, effective guests, persuasive, and influential. As well, servant frontrunners are constructive, motivating, flexible, and noticeably committed to the growth of their fans (Northouse, 2013). These features set apart stalwart leadership from the other leadership styles.

Servant management is advantageous for a number of reasons. First, stalwart leaders build strong associations with their supporters (Neuschel, 2005). Due to their noticeable commitment to the needs with their followers, stalwart leaders gain the trust and self confidence of their followers. With confidence that the leader is concerned of the wellbeing, fans reciprocate by portraying commitment to the innovator, ultimately creating a strong crew. Another benefit of servant leadership is the fact it encourages shared making decisions. Servant frontrunners empower their particular followers to participate in making decisions. This participative approach to leadership further strengthens the leader-follower relationship since the leader shows acknowledgement of followers concepts and views (Northouse, 2013). An even more significant advantage is the fact servant market leaders support the growth of their fans. Unlike other types of leaders, servant leaders are likely to generate frontrunners with related characteristics. Put simply, they help their fans to become stalwart leaders as well.

However , stalwart leadership may well have some disadvantages. For instance, the participative design a servant leader encourages may be perceived as lack of authority or control. This is not always true. Being a servant leader does not undoubtedly mean an innovator has no electrical power over all their followers. It also does not mean the particular one is a door mat for everyone to step on. Instead, servant management means that though the leader offers followers an opportunity to offer their very own perspectives, the supreme decision making expert rests with the best choice (Greenleaf, 2003). Furthermore, servant leaders can easily more conveniently control their very own team because of the immense trust their followers have in them. One more shortcoming with respect to servant leadership stems from concerns over just how effectively stalwart leaders can get the job completed as they emphasis too much in people as opposed to the task. While there could be some merit with this argument, it is crucial to note that servant frontrunners are likely to be powerful as they are likely to be involved in doing the task themselves. They do not give me directives and wait for reviews on their tables they lead from the the front.

Implementation of Personal Leadership Philosophy with the Workplace

The significance of stalwart leadership on the professional workplace is huge (Davis, 2017). This is particularly true in todays work environment, wherein personnel desire flexibility, recognition, motivation, and empowerment. As mentioned previously, servant market leaders put various other peoples interests first. Consequently, the first step in applying servant management at the workplace is to understand the needs of followers. Exactly what their passions? What matters most to all of them? What do they value? Carry out they just need good compensation, or additionally they need a friendly work environment? Carry out they benefit work-life stability? Do they like being involved in decision making? Answering these types of questions is essential as the best choice gets an improved understanding of their particular followers most crucial need.

As an example, if fans desire correct work-life harmony, a stalwart leader will certainly assign job roles with this will need in mind. The best, for example , will permit a employee who recently got child to are accountable to

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