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Shopping travel in hong kong item page essay

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Buying Tourism in Hong Kong

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Tourism in Hong Kong

Searching Tourism in Hong Kong

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Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Searching tourism is known as a major facet of the global tourism trade and as such is a place of travel that is and should be advertised by vacation spot countries and locations. This is correct for Hong Kong as well as in different locations around the world. Ashworth (1989) writes that urban revitalization and travel have become critically important activities from the 1980’s. Ashworth especially notes two elements that link the ideas from the city and tourism and which demonstrate complex relationship that is present between the features of a city and the functions of tourism that serve to cause shopping tourism in the city. The initial element can be comprised by specific characteristics of a metropolis and how this serves to impact travel and leisure activities. The other element is definitely comprised by various advantages of the city showed in the places to stay that visitors receive and that which presents the infrastructure of the town.

II. Tourism in Hk

The Travel industry in Hong Kong can be reported while “a key pillar of the economyin 2009, it written for 3. 3% of Hong Kong’s GDPemploying over 193, 200 people accounting pertaining to 5. five per cent of total employment” in Hong Kong. (Hong Kong Travel and leisure Commission, 2011) Visitor landings for the first half of 2011 is reported to have risen by simply 14. seven percent compared with the first 50 % of 2010. Hk features 184 hotels with 61, 828 rooms, an overall total room supply increase of 1, 724 rooms (2. 9%) as compared to 06, 2010. Reported as the standard length of stay of over night visitors this season was 3. 6 nights. To extend the stay of site visitors the Motel Accommodation Taxes has been waived since July 1, 2008 and the authorities is reported as having “undertaken numerous initiatives to advertise hotel advancement to meet the diversified needs” of Hk visitors. (Hong Kong Travel Commission, 2011)

III. Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Searching tourism is actually a strong sector in Hk, which features luxury manufacturer streets. Especially popular with travelers is Causeway Bay, which will features department stores, small shops and good deal stalls. (Hong Kong Tourism Board, 2007) There are outlets that are experts in “shoes, electric powered appliances and fashion for teenagers. ” (Hong Kong Travel and leisure Board, 2007) It is reported that the pavements of Wan Cahi happen to be “steeped I history and provide an amazing array of shopping. ” (Hong Kong Tourism Plank, 2007) Early spring Garden Street is linked as a specifically great spot to purchase competitively priced clothes and to become such that consist of market joints “exclusively sell[ing] products at first meant for export, meaning quality, and selling price are competitive. ” (Hong Kong Travel Board, 2007) Also reported is that Admiralty is a favourite spot to buy brand-name luxury goods which Pacific Place is one of the many popular malls in Hk. Hong Kong’s Central Region boasts “many shimmering skyscrapers and marbled shopping cortège and department stores. ” (Hong Kong Tourism Board, 2007) The European Market in Sheung Wan is “a handsomely famous renovated Edwardian building filled with Chinese handcraft stores and fabric retailers. ” (Hong Kong Travel Board, 2007) Paul McKenzie, Head of Consumer Study as CLSA is reported as having stated as follows:

“Hong Kong’s primary attraction as a buying destination has been the superior quality of goods and wider choice vs . The mainland. Over the very long run, Hong Kong’s advantages might diminish in the event China reduces its transfer duties; if more international retailers function in Cina; if a wider variety of goods are manufactured and sold in Cina and if Hong Kong introduces its VAT. “However, over the next few years, Hong Kong will still have comparable advantages as much luxury brands will never be produce in China when we believe there exists a certain vaseline or ‘snob’ value mounted on HK acquisitions of luxurious products by mainlanders. With PRC tourists’ shopping preferences now clear, we anticipate Sa, Way of life International and Dickson Principles to remain the main element beneficiaries of mainland visitor spending” (CLSA, 2004)

4. Literature Review

The Travel Commission in Hong Kong was initially established in-may, 1999 for the purpose of coordinating within just government “various tourism expansion efforts and provide plan support and leadership to the development of travel and leisure in Hong Kong. ” (Hong Kong Travel and leisure Commission, 2011) The objective of the Tourism Commission is to “establish and showcase Hong Kong as Asai’s top international metropolis, and a world-class place to go for leisure and business site visitors. ” (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011) It is reported that the transact and government work together closely to fulfill this mission. Additionally , the government can be reported to work very hard to “enhance the appeal of Hk as a global convention, exhibit, and tourism capital. Extra fund can be earmarked to boost Hong Kong’s MICE (meetings, incentive moves, conventions, and exhibitions) profile and reinforce support to MICE events to be managed in Hk. ” (Hong Kong Travel Commission, 2011) As well, the us government of Hk is reported to continue in developing a “wide range of diversified tourist attractions in Hong Kong with a view to improving Hong Kong’s overall elegance as a top tourist destination. ” (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011) It is reported in one research that Hong Kong has been “aggressively developing a various world-class attractions. Some major developments include A Symphony of Lights, the Avenue of Stars, the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade Beautification Task, the Hk Disneyland Holiday resort, the Ngong Ping 360, and the Hk Wetland Playground. ” (Hong Kong Travel and leisure Commission, 2011 p. 1) In addition it really is reported that the residents of Hong Kong are exceedingly proud of Hong Kong’s “colorful history and exclusive oriental lifestyle, especially because related to the ancient China traditions. Some of the region’s the majority of popular annual festivals and events embody the importance of Oriental culture. ” (Hong Kong Tourism Percentage, 2011 l. 1) Presented in Hong Kong are cultural festivals and events which may have become “worldwide, famous must-see or must-do attractions, which will provide an superb example of effective cultural travel and leisure. The major conventions and occasions include Chinese New Year Celebrations, Hong Kong WinterFest, Hong Kong Blossom Show, Hk Arts Festival, Hong Kong Purchasing Festival, Cultural Kaleidoscope, and Best of the Best Culinary Awards. inch (Hong Kong Tourism Commission payment, 2011 l. 1)

A part of Hong Kong’s tourism promotions are the following: “The Associated with Life, Cathay Pacific Intercontinental Chinese New Year Parade and Fiesta, HSBC Hong Kong Super Sale and Hong Kong WinterFest, and Hong Kong Salutes the World. ” (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011 p. 1) Important to the tourism market is Hk is the enlargement of the assistance quality of facilities and a generally hospitable atmosphere. Cultural travel is booming in today’s food and travel industry over a global basis and the same is true pertaining to Hong Kong. The cultural elements that pull tourists to Hong Kong consist of such as Chinese Opera, Therapy, and Theatre. As well, the Dragon Dance reported while an “Intriguing conventional dance in Oriental culture, as well as festivals, the lion move, Song, Dynasty Town, is reported as a “replica from the Song capital. It provides the tourists unique opportunity to have got a peek of Chinese suppliers of yesteryears. The exciting head to gives advice about the achievements of ancient China civilization. Track Dynasty reigned over China via 960 to 1279. The reign can be noted to get the development of artwork, literature and philosophy. inches (Hong Kong Tourism Commission payment, 2011 p. 1 ) Tea drinking also draws tourists to Hong Kong since it is a “deep rooted habit in a flourishing tradition in itself” long lasting since it originated from “Chinese tea culture. inches (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011 p. 1 ) Hong Kong is likewise a romantic retreat where tourists can “stay in a swank hotel, appreciate romantic sea food dinners around the waterfront, enjoy shopping for distinctive designer goods, dance the night away in each other’s arms, check out the colorful back roads and temples, hike up hilltops or stroll within the beach for sunset. Hong Kong has it most! ” (Hong Kong Travel Commission, 2011 p. 1) Another information offered up by the Hk Tourism Board is as employs: “Hong Kong is a kaleidoscope of your life; a sophisticated blend of East and Western world; a city of diversity wherever new and old meet at every convert. It is a exceptional experience molded by a distinctive past and dreams of the future; an older synthesis of cultures and traditions that opens a window in to what will be, while adopting what has passed. ” (Hong Kong Travel and leisure Commission, 2011 p. 1) Chinese going in Hk combined with strolls about Hong Kong and trips by train all attract visitors in to the unique tradition of Hk. Cheung (Hong Kong Travel Commission, 2011 p. 1) writes the recent fall of country areas plus the rapid enlargement of firm in the Fresh Territories leads to a great distinction “between the cultural heritage areas and the new area areas with the modern features for most enjoyment activities

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