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Should computers can easily replace teachers essay

Today computer systems are used in almost every field. Whether we want to publication tickets, to take care of accounts or communicate with each other ” computers are there to answer each of our every will need. So we see that computer systems are slowly replacing people at work. Specifically, there are some facets of the educational system are already provided by the computer and yes, it can be definitely the case that at times some people no longer need a person to learn every thing. So , would it be can produce a very good influence in education discipline? Certainly, computers have many positive aspects.

They can work better a teacher. Sometimes students frequently distracted by simply things the actual teacher is performing or with his/her feelings and it can make the students drop their concentrate in learning. With pcs taking the position of instructors students will no longer have such distraction increase in able to give full attention to the subject. An additional with computers is that contrary to humans they just do not need fails on account of bad health or perhaps their any other personal obligations.

Hence schedules are never disturbed. Not simply the syllabus can be done on time but will go on an even pace.

Hence the students do not need to be rushed through their course and their performance will not suffer by the end of the yr. On the other hand, if we eliminate the teacher-student interaction totally, a part of the academic experience will probably be lost. Discover the whole sociable experience of learning ” the significant together, moving ideas off of one another, and so forth Because the important matters of education is how the people can easily do some good stuff for their your life and their social life. In the event the teaching ” learning may be replaced by simply computers that tends to make the students only becoming passive persons.

They can just do what computers will be commanded and they cannot do anything are there inside their mind. Therefore it can damage the meaning of education itself. We may consider that computer systems are one among important thing people’s needs is obviously. But we must use it properly. Because there is the main in our life to get knowledge, it is from the teacher ” student discussion. Because the true education comes from a good conversation between each of our self and our social life and one of them we could find it from our school grounds.

You may also be considering the following: may machines/computers exchange the human head, computers are unable to replace persons


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