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Spiritual hero s by brennan hill research paper

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Research from Study Paper:

Spiritual Characters

Mohandas Gandhi

“Knowing whatever you stand for limits what you discover. “

Gandhi stood for liberation through nonviolence. Therefore, he could hardly be goaded into going back violence with violence and can not be dissuaded from his goal of India’s freedom by British control (BBC, 2011).

What contributed to the development of his focus?

The introduction of Gandhi’s focus on liberation through nonviolence was created by being an East American indian lawyer who was still treated like a third-class citizen; as well, his stress on nonviolence was generally developed by his Hindu spiritual roots (BBC, 2011).

The thing that was his something?

Gandhi was your first to make use of non-violence to large-scale governmental policies, which triggered the freedom of India from English rule (BBC, 2011) and inspired afterwards leaders such as Dr . Martin Luther Ruler, Jr.

Pierre Teilhard para Chardin:

a. “Knowing everything you stand for restrictions what you fall for. “

Para Chardin was obviously a paleontologist and geologist who stood intended for scientific real truth and eventually forgotten traditional understanding of creation in the Book of Genesis for a significantly less strict interpretation. Standing pertaining to unflinching clinical analysis resulted in de Chardin would not only accept procession as real truth when they conflicted with his own research (Grim Tucker, 2005).

b. What contributed to the development of his emphasis?

His education in paleontology and geology contributed to his dedication in scientific real truth (Grim Tucker, 2005).

c. What was his one thing?

His one thing was your Phenomenon of Man, a scientific tome that established a sweeping account from the unfolding from the cosmos (Grim Tucker, 2005).

3. Oscar Romero

a. “Knowing the things you stand for limits what you fall for. “

Oscar Romero was a South American bishop who stood intended for the basic individual rights from the voiceless poor who were being repressed, tormented and wiped out by Salvadoran soldiers. Because he stood pertaining to basic man rights of the poor, having been not lured by government power or silenced by the possibility of violent retribution (U. S. Catholic, 2009).

m. What contributed to the development of his focus?

His focus was developed by the fact that he was born and raised in Este Salvador if the church had been persecuted, 40% of the area was possessed by just 13 families, and training was limited to grades you – a few but having been privately tutored. Liberation Theology, a theology of liberty and standard human privileges for the indegent of South usa, contributed to the introduction of his concentrate (U. S i9000. Catholic, 2009).

c. The fact that was his one thing?

His one thing was speaking fearlessly to get the voiceless poor and oppressed, which will led to his assassination (U. S. Catholic, 2009).

5. Dorothy Day

a. “Knowing what you symbolize limits the things you fall for. inches

Day was an American correspondent, social activist

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