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Statement techniques in early on childhood and

“By remark, we mean closely observe, listen to and usually attend to exactly what a child does, and record your conclusions as accurately and goal as possible.

Reasons why findings are so essential:

To ensure normative development

To know wherever children are regarding Holistic development To strategy developmental suitable activities.

To have a record of kid’s progress in case of be required pertaining to the stakeholders (parents or other professionals)

Through findings we can know children’s developing progress and identify children with unique needs.

Factors that must be taken into consideration when we carry out child findings (principles of good practice):

Privacy: all information received in the observation must be treated while using strictest confidence (rights from the child and the family). Consequently: Ask for and get agreement to carry out the observation through the parents or perhaps the workplace boss. Signature by the end of the remark is required. By no means record the child’s name or the term of the childcare facility.

Use unique codes to name the kid (TC= Concentrate on child) or describe the childcare environment in general terms. Should not share this information beyond the workplace establishing.

Accurate information: Record what is directly observable, not our personal assumptions Example: TC is apparently very irritated instead of TC is very upset.

Objectivity: Viewer must not be affected for prior knowledge of your child, own psychological response to the child or interpretive things in a biased approach (discriminatory).

Children’s wishes and feelings: In case the observation causes distress or perhaps discomfort towards the child, you should stop. If the child question you exactly what you carrying out, explain that you’re watching her doing such as playing, you are very thinking about what the girl with doing. Display what you are writing down in the event the child reveals interest. Quit the remark and get involved if a child might have an accident, is going to be hurt or bullied.

Disability: a child who has a disability may require extra time or perhaps support the moment being assessed.

Ethnic, linguistic and ethnic background: Understand form parents about a infant’s home language development, including if a child is improving proficiency in english as one more language. It is additionally important to understand the child’s relatives culture, for example in some civilizations show admiration to adults is important, so the child seems “withdrawn.

To Involve the parents: Parental selection interviews, informal shows, home trips and forms can give relevant information about the kid development.

Observation Techniques



The observer publishes articles down just what the child is performing and stating while staying observed to get 10 minutes or less. Unique codes are usually utilized to help write down everything faster. The most popular is code program develop by simply Kathy Silva and her colleges (1980). Example: TC = Goal child; C= Other child, A=Adult; = Speaks to, eg. TCA


No special equipment is needed.

Very goal method.

Enables to focus clearly on a single child.

Give comprehensive information about the kid.


Hard to note down every thing if the observer has not designed a good coding system. Tough not to become interrupt.



Use a list of skills typical for the age number of thechild our company is observing.

Normally employed for Physical and Social advancement observations.

Positive aspects

Quick and easy to record and simple to realized.

Observations can be carried out during different days and nights.

Familiar with milestones of development.


Information record is limited about what is required by the checklist. Not really relevant details may not be registered. Great focus on the “milestones of expansion, however kids follow a similar developmental routine, but they all develop in their own unique method.

Time test


Offer information about:

Child’s actions (what the kid is doing)

Sociable group (who the child is by using

Language interactions (what the child is saying)

Sometimes utilized when a kid has difficult to interact with other children. Number of short observations (usually approximately two mins each) by regular times that must be made a decision in advance, to make sure objectivity.


Good standard picture from the child’s activities and communications. To be able to perform the declaration in the normal daily routine.


Give info just of one or two regions of development (social with some language). Can be difficult to interrupt whatever you are doing, and also the observer may forget to watch at the time necessary.

Personal learning

Child declaration is an important skill that must be discovered and used when you want to utilize children. We need to have in account whenever we assess the kid development that all child is exclusive and development is indirectly related to era. To achieve summary about exactly where child is within terms of holistic development must be a continuing process of regular and regular observation of the child within a wide variety of situations. Be aware that kids have different learning styles, rates of learning and preferences therefore the analysis criteria may be met in several ways to suit the child. We ought to have in consideration as well the ethnic, linguistic and cultural backdrop of the child and children’s parents and also if the kid shows a disability or perhaps an additional require.

Assessment a children isn’t any easy task, it requires determination, perseverance and time. The observer must pre-determine what needs to be assessed with regard to the child and then carefully plan what should becollected over a period of period. In this way the observer can easily determinate the actual child has learned or experienced.

Nevertheless , no matter which way of assessment is usually chosen, mainly because each technique has its strengths and limitations. For this reason is very important to use different ways of assessing children to acquire an accurate, dependable level of your child development.



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