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Student account the student is a 29 year old

Profile, Legal Memorandum, Commercial Law, Hearing Skills

Excerpt from Essay:

Student Profile

The student is a 29-year-old French speaking accountant in whose employer can be sponsoring him to come to the UK for a four-week intensive English language course.

Desired Proficiency

This student will be able to deliver dynamic presentations, about twenty to thirty minutes in length, and engage in discussions about accounting and business practices. He also need to be able to tackle lengthy demonstrations and telephone calls on the same subject matter. He will ought to read and write speedy emails, specialist memos, and formal reports. In addition as to the is specifically related to the fields of business and accounting, he may need a great handle for the vocabulary info Technology in the inevitable celebration that a thing goes wrong together with his computer, the e-mail server, his slideshow, etc .

Current Proficiency

The student at the moment demonstrates an adequate mastery of basic interpersonal communications expertise to make fresh acquaintances using greetings, concerns about the weather and family members, along with a very good grasp of the time vocabulary and phraseology. This individual could conveniently communicate good enough to acquire hotels and food, withdraw funds from the traditional bank, and ask to get directions if perhaps lost. His pronunciation, while not perfect, can be not so entertaining as to become incomprehensible.


This pupil is missing accounting, business, and THIS vocabulary search phrase, his being attentive skills are incredibly poor (frequently misunderstands simple questions, especially over the phone), and there is very little variation to his expression patterns, which makes his presentation very dull to listen to (making his presentation skills less than dynamic).


Vocabulary and Phrases

In the a month he will end up being here he can learn 15 new words and phrases or key phrases every day, amassing 300 in all (see appendix). Since a person can generally find a way to learn 8-10 words each day, this volume should end up being a significant problem.


To enhance his composing skills, we all will practice writing applying memo web templates and organization letter pièce that may be tailored to many distinct situations. As well, because instant messaging is so all-pervasive in the business world these days, all of us will practice exchanges of day-to-day workplace information by way of web messenger. This is an essential skill to train because it typically requires a fast rate of delivery.

Tuning in

We will certainly watch business related presentations and exchanges on YouTube, look for comprehension, and mimic the presentations and exchanges together. We will be taught which key words to listen for to read a display or discussion, as well as study strategies for how to proceed when one does not figure out.


His pronunciation is definitely not a critical concern, but his price of delivery and timbre are. Consequently , we will learn to recognize and utilize the expression patterns of English, which includes but not restricted to wh- query intonation, yes/no question expression, and contrastive intonation. We will also practice scripted business exchanges to improve his speech rate.


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Annual General Getting together with (AGM)

articles of affiliation

Articles of Association

property assets and liabilities possessions side resources value connected companies auditing – audit auditors’ certificate authorised discuss capital “balance sheet” balance-sheet examination balance-sheet consolidation balance-sheet products balance-sheet ratios barometer inventory base rate board of directors added bonus or capitalization issue

Book Keeping loss book earnings book value break even level (BEP)

break-up value bridging loan budget

building culture buildings tax business

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