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Supporting teaching and learning in schools

Risk Assessment

Just what Hazard? How can you minimise that?

(See fastened mind map)

Complete and attach a couple of risk examination one performed as a class exercise the other 1 based on your class room / playground/ institution hall/ institution trip…

Why is it important to have a balanced approach to risk management?

It is crucial for all those whom work with kids and the younger generation to take a balanced approach to risikomanagement. Children ought to learn to be able to take some risks, and most activities will carry several element of danger.

Many educationalists now believe that the current inclination for many father and mother to keep youngsters indoors and take them everywhere in the car has negative effects and is also overprotective, as it does not allow them to explore and discover the world for themselves or perhaps assess portions of risk. If children’s activities are limited due to adult’s anxieties, most likely they will find it hard to assess and manage risk when they become adults.

When children are given even more independence, they may be more likely to develop confidence – they should be prompted to think about risks which may come up and take action accordingly.

In school, while it is important and to end up being vigilant and prevent excessive risk taking, we could help pupils to think about dangers in the environment and whatever we can perform to avoid these people. Although you are making sure learning conditions in which learners can work and play secure places, also you can encourage them to think about why certain courses of action, such as playing football close to other learners, may not be reasonable. As students grow older, they have to have more chances, both in school and through extra curricular activities, to consider how their decisions will impact on themselves and others. They should also provide opportunities to discuss potential risks and difficulties with one another and with adults.

A balanced approach to risk management means:

Considering the child or perhaps young person’s age, requires and skills Avoid extreme risk currently taking

If she is not excessively risk adverse

Recognising the importance of risk and problem to children’s and young people’s expansion

(See likewise attached head map)

Offer 2 types of the ways you support kids to assess and manage exposure to possible themselves

(this can be a experience testimony or perhaps written like a personal assertion backed up with a witness signature)

Children balancing on two legs of any chair.

I might ask so why I ask them to sit properly with all several legs of the chair on the floor. I would then ask what could happen in the event they go on balancing upon two chair legs, if perhaps they say We don’t know I would personally then describe the following:

1 . So that they don’t fall off and harm themselves or others.

installment payments on your Because it weakens the chair legs.

three or more. Because if someone is definitely balancing forwards the seat legs happen to be sticking out and it then turns into a trip danger for anyone else walking around the classroom. Then I would request what they would want to do, they sit correctly with all 4 chairs legs on the floor.

Chatting through the process of a open fire drill.

I use asked your children if they will know what to complete in a open fire drill practise and most of these know exactly what to do. This important for children to talk throughout the reasons for this kind of safety necessity. These are the things some of the children told me:

1 . Listen thoroughly to directions

2 . Gently line up

a few. Walk properly out the building to their designated safety stage

4. Hang on with their instructor until it is safe to return

Give a good example of how you support children for taking responsibility for his or her own:

Well being

Children by Fallings Area Primary College are encouraged to head to first aid by lunchtimes in the event they have a major accident especially if they bang their head sometimes children don’t like going but talking through the reasons why they have to go generally encourage them to proceed straight away.

Physical Safety

Kids at Fallings Park Main School will be reminded regarding the dangers of climbing on tables and so forth and might happen in the event they fall season i. elizabeth. bang their heads. Kids often stop what they are carrying out as this kind of encourages of what can occur.


Kids at Fallings Park Main School are only allowed to go back home with called adults one of several consent of who can collect children.

Fireplace Safety

Children at Fallings Park Principal School include regular flames drills thus they really know what to do within a real fireplace if a single was to ever happen.

Foodstuff Safety

Youngsters are encouraged to wash hands prior to eating along with any lessons which are a bit messy we. e. art/science. Then you could clarify why and what sort of microbes which are hazardous and could make them ill.

Personal Safety

Know about strangers clarify the dangers of strangers to them and i also would as well explain that “say zero if someone tries to contact me or treat me personally in a way that makes me truly feel scared, uneasy or puzzled.


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