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System of inquiry the code essay

Decision Support System, Integrity And Diversity, Code Of Ethics, Information Systems

Excerpt via Essay:

The choice making process of every decision maker must be supervised by his superior. Likewise, certain decisions and actions cannot be assigned to subordinates. In addition to this, the ethical role and ethical responsibilities of every employee, central manager, and top director must be identified before making decisions.

Furthermore, this leads to identifying and analyzing objectives for each worker, in order to benefit from a well proven and useful decision making process. Although there are categories of employees that do not need a direct decisional role in the organization, they will play a critical role in the decision making method.

This is because they can provide valuable information to decision manufacturers that should make them select the finest alternative to get the situation in the event that. Employees should be aware of the function they play in the decision making procedure and the need for their activity in relation to that of the decision makers.

The same condition applies to the challenge solving method. The code is useful relating to this process since it can help simplify some of the attributes that influence situations considered to be problems that should be solved.

For instance , certain scenarios are seen as lack of quality. Others indicate a multitude of goals that must be obtained. In other situations situations are very complex, they imply several decisions and decision makers that are related. Also, a single must consider the characteristics of each situation, factor that affects the evolution with the situation, the parties included, or the decision that must be taken.

Some of the most applied problem solving techniques include: systems diagrams, SWOT analysis, cashflow forecasting, risk analysis, and more (Mind Equipment, 2009).

Another important aspect regulated and led by the code of ethics and purely monitored by related system of inquiry is represented simply by employees’ behavior. The code of ethics refers to the behaviour employees need to apply within the organization, referring to relationships to employees, superiors, with their activity and processes developed by these people within the business. The code of ethics also refers to employees’ tendencies in relation with outside elements.

Reference list:

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