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It is beyond doubt that any tutor will certainly have to define his role and responsibility once starting to train a new subject, however , in order to achieve this, it must follow the instructing cycle phases, and each level is taken into account, and then it might be moulded to a specific subject matter. This will help the teacher to incorporate the various requirements of his/her learners, who may have levels and preferred learning styles, and will help with selecting and making use of the appropriate instructing methods and designs that will in the end help with making sure the learners achievement.

Through this essay I will be discussing my functions and obligations and restrictions that I come across as a educator when performing my own duties in the lifelong learning sector, and just how my role is dictated and afflicted with the five stages with the teaching circuit. In addition , Revealed how the current legislative requirements and code of practice that are impacting my status of professionalism and reliability.

Main Body

The teaching cycle consists of five stages, and they are: Identify Need and planning, Creating, Facilitating, Examining, and assessing. (Kolb, 1984) states that People have different learning styles which can be affected by character type, educational area, career, and present job function, therefore , my own role is always to initially discover the demands of my own learners and assess these to find the appropriate educating styles that suits them, however , concurrently, this would be viewed as a one of the boundaries i would be facing because, I possess no way to evaluate my pupils till 1 of the study course when turn up In class. My spouse and i also need to identify the needs of the college that I improve. In addition to the over, my main role at this stage is to come up with a scheme of, create lessons. Some of my personal responsibilities will include doing research on my subject matter and keeping up to date with teaching procedures.

My role at the style stage is a variety of items; it could be specialist, designer, adviser etc . But the main part remains tips on how to plan and design the course. With that in mind, it is my responsibility to develop thesyllabus in a way that meets both learner’s organisation’s requirements. Bearing in mind the learning results, and seeks and goals, and in the allocated period of time. The limitations that I is going to encounter at this point are that we have to be careful of my personal college’s requirements and also the legal obligations; the course program must not surpass the allotted time. Methods have to be designed for students and not difficult to acquire or costly, City and Guilds 7303.

Learning style preferences identify the things people learn and the ease which they learn them. That they exert a hidden, but highly effective, influence in learning success.

My function at this stage might be a teacher, teacher, facilitator, lecturer, etc . It is to make communication possible and straightforward so that my students will be stimulated to start a discussion regarding the subject, which can make sure that the aims and objectives are applicable to my personal students. According to Peter Honey Magazines “learning style preferences determine the things persons learn and the ease which they master them. That they exert a concealed, but highly effective, influence on learning effectiveness. Therefore , my own responsibilities are observing and assessing the students’ improvement, making sure that learning has happened whilst considering the students changing requires and getting a appropriate learning styles that many fit my students. A number of the boundaries which i will be facing at this stage is to act in a professional approach during my classes. Furthermore, as an IDEOLOGÍA sector tutor, I should always behave and communicate within an appropriate approach, and take into account cultural variations. I should likewise endeavour to hold a professional length and not to get too close to learners yet always strive to gain mutual trust and value.

In order to identify weak and strong learners as well as particular teaching variations and techniques, that would be useful within the learning environment, routine would be to perform a form of assessment with the learning individuals. Then from this evaluation you would be capable evaluate and identify people who are both strong and weak, and create which instructing approaches would be more effective towards the entire group as well asthe individuals. By giving teaching strategies that are aesthetic, auditory and kinaesthetic, the individuals would be given the justification to equal learning and allow to allow them to explore all their aims and objectives via a different perspective which may produce a better understanding, in order for them to gain their accomplishments.


1- Kolb D. A. (1984) ‘Experiential Learning encounter as a way to obtain learning and development’, New Jersey: Prentice Lounge 2- City and Guilds 7303 Theory Assignment 1 . [online] Readily available from: [Accessed: 11 May 2014]. 3- Philip Honey Publications, The Learning Variations Questionnaire. [online]


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