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Team aspect is an interesting thesis

Crew Leadership, Team development, Active Listening, Team Efficiency

Excerpt from Thesis:

Other components that could cause conflict incorporate asynchronicity, the perceptions of what is suitable for public and then for private on the net spaces, and the limitations of reading and writing. These ingredients can lead to misunderstanding and to often needless conflict.

To avoid potential conflict arising from such uncertainty, the creators suggest making “I” statements, which would allow the individuals involved to know the feelings lurking behind the transactions. Assumptions, as mentioned above, should be checked by questioning, and elements of active listening are also important. Finally, it is important to recognize perspectives aside from one’s very own. It is also crucial to indicate a knowledge that the point of view is their own and never necessarily regarding the others.

The authors likewise note that discord will not continually be avoided, although can be used while opportunities to get learning and growth. Once conflicts take place, the people involved can learn about themselves and the reasons for their solid reactions. They will also learn how to communicate in a way that will lead to better sociable interaction together. The learning encounter then culminates not only in better self-knowledge, although also in a better capacity to solve or avoid clashes with other folks in the future.


In conclusion, a recognition that online interaction differs drastically from real-time conversations is placed at the basis of effective on the net functioning together. The team head should acknowledge his or her responsibility towards the crew on a number of levels: every single team member must have the tools he / she needs to thrive. It is also they leader’s responsibility to ensure that issue offers opportunities for growth and further staff fortification. This way, a strong and successful online learning staff will end result.


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