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Telenursing the future of remedies essay

Telenursing is known as a new technology utilized to deliver medical services to patients where patient and the nurse communicate directly through audios or perhaps videos. It had been developed in the 1970’s to curb the professional health professional shortage. Telenursing seeks to monitor an individual while at house, therefore preventing admission and readmission of your patient within a health service. The telehealth equipment used to monitor the patient give out the patient health improvement thus determining the status of their overall health. Telenursing features helped patients get the love and treatment they require from their family members, minimizing the monotony that is skilled in a medical center setting.

This method has experienced some disadvantages and potential advantages to its users. A lot of worries have been elevated regarding the ethical issues that happen from telenursing. This daily news focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of telenursing, talks about the ethical issues and legal requirements related to patient’s privacy and privacy.

Patients experiencing chronic conditions and congestive heart inability have been making use of the program because of its benefits.

They accept that telenursing technology has continuously sought to improve the life-style of the persons. Telenursing has been able to treat the issue of the shortage of healthcare professionals. Nurses who also are listed are not enough to provide everyone, therefore , making telenursing a good alternative. Through telenursing a registered nurse can provide monitoring, education, a muslim, remote info collection, remote control interventions, pain management, family members support, and multidisciplinary proper care in an impressive fashion (Peck, 2005).

The nurses with the use of telephones, audios and video clips assess the progress of their affected person from time to time. It has led to the provision of health companies to patientsregardless of the length; leading to a reduction in the fatality numbers annually. The registered nurse has been given the main advantage of attending to their duties given that they can keep an eye on the sick from home. It has reduced the long functioning hours linked to the medical field. Telehealth allows individuals to remain in their own homes, monitoring their serious diseases instantly while supported by healthcare specialists who review the effects and speak to patients when necessary (Scullion, 2014).

Telenursing has additionally eased the burden of financial tension. Most sufferers who suffer from persistent diseases tend to be hospitalized for long periods of time amounting to high medical expenses. Individuals who lack medical insurance cannot afford to pay, finish up dying inside their homes. The usage of telenursing will certainly check on the medical bills leading to people getting better health-related services which might be much-needed.

The travelling expenses incurred during doctor’s sessions and checkups will also be curbed. The people using the technology showed some level of pleasure. The patients who have in the past used telenursing seem never to mind using it again. That they state that although nurse is definitely not bodily there, they will communicate all their fears and exactly how they are sense; leading to treatment and support where possible. Using telenursing is also easy both for the patient and the nurse. The nurse whilst in the office can communicate to the patient whenever you want enhancing the satisfaction.

The disadvantages that are included in telenursing could lead to complaints among the list of patients as a result of lack of one on one communication with the nurses. This program enables a patient to talk to their very own nurse through videos, resulting in some patient’s feeling exclusively. Most sufferers would miss the personal treatment that a professional nurse is offering. Just discovering the registered nurse around and talking to these people makes the affected person feel valued and very well taken care of. Patients using telenursing miss the contact. People agree to have been completely taken care of inside the best way possible, but the physical contact was not believed. Therefore , the technology includes a lot of positive aspects, but lack of the physical contact is extremely missed simply by patients.

One more disadvantage that patients experience is the malfunction of the equipment. The machine sooner or later could fail leading to unplugging then simply plugging soon after. This could delay an issue that need to be addressed. It could also result in timewasting because the nurse must sit back and wait. The machine can also demonstrate images which are not clear resulting in the misinterpretation of the nurse’s judgment on the patient. Telenursing also needs the use of net connection that could certainly not be available for the rural areas minimizing the services to places. As well, disasters like war could cause disruption for the internet providers leading to insufficient communication between the patient plus the nurses. A workable internet service provider and intact telecommunication solutions are required for both ends. Telecommunications fail when there exists any significant disruption in services, electricity, or skilled people to start a telemedicine request (Merrell, Cone & Rafiq, 2008).

The machine can also at some point give false confident alerts since it is not really a hundred percent successful. If this kind of occurs, a nurse may conclude that their sufferer is getting better. The nurse’s conclusion can result in misdiagnosis of patient’s condition. There could also be an increased workload on the part of the nurse. Collection and inspecting of the person’s data can take a long time leading to accumulation. The person can also be offered extra dosages that are not important. Physical lack of the nurse can lead overtreatment. The patient could possibly be back prove feet although since the health professional is not physically there, the doctor can miss noticing the improvements.

Telenursing could have some ethical problems that need to be tackled at an early stage. The nurse must be able to use the equipment so that interaction with the affected person and treatment would be convenient. The health professional should also grasp the skills of your good listener, communicator and observer mainly because she solemnly depends on having these skills in judging the health position of the affected person. The registered nurse should also show caring and concern to increase the self-worth of the sufferer. She must also be courageous and affected person with the unwell to ensure that the best services will be delivered. The nurses couldexperience some dilemmas in determining the best tips to give leading to stress. During such occasions, the doctor should relax and give the very best advice they will think of.

A few of the negative moral issues will be privacy and security of the patient can be not guaranteed due to the presenting of the equipment. The registered nurse is prohibited to give the affected person a lot of information to ensure that assessment will certainly run effortlessly. However , that denies a patient’s directly to information compromising the nurse’s integrity. Advice about the patient should be communicated right to them to assure integrity and privacy. The nurse should also ask questions with regards to the last talk to the patient to ensure the identity of the patient.

The nurse ought to communicate for the patient regarding his or her true condition to make certain they take the required measures to escalate their very own health. Installing of the machine that monitors the health of the patient has proved to be easily controlled, ensuring comfort and ease of the patient. Good records of the person’s medical reports should be made certain while the protection issues that concern the use of technology should be communicated to the individual. The patient must also be informed for the possibility of decrease of their medical documents due to the undependable mother nature of the net.


Telehealth can help save money and improve care through efficient and accurate individual tracking and effective coordinated patient treatment, and by holding onto experienced and dedicated nursing staff (Peck, 2005). Telenursing is a good health-technology that could be able to slice cost about both the individual and the health professional. Timewasting and travelling costs are averted in telenursing. A doctor is able to analyze their sufferer through online video calls or audios, improving socialization. Once the machine has been installed, the patient finds it simple to operate mainly because it is not complicated. Nursing staff get the extra time to spend with the families which will enhances developing. Telenursing, yet , can give an incorrect conclusion regarding the patient’s health because the nurse will judge the person according to the words. Also, figuring out small injuries on the patient’s body may not be possible specially when the pictures viewed are not clear.

The patient as well lacks the physical touch that comes with a face to face connection. The patient could feel that thenurse is doing practically nothing if their well being is showing signs of damage. Physical get in touch with brings about assurance and meaningful support. Once overtreatment occurs the medications prescribed can harm the patient leading to any death or disability. The nurse consequently while coping with the patient should be extremely careful and observant. Telenursing provides ensured that patients struggling with chronic diseases are not constantly admitted and discharged providing them with the peace of mind. The aged also have tips by reducing the troubles of visiting hospitals regularly.

Therefore , Manuel should take the work if this individual manages to secure it. The huge benefits that he could be going to enjoy are numerous. The main business from the task will probably be ensuring the person satisfaction along with his services. Manuel will also be able to equip him self with the technological knowledge that includes understanding of telenursing. Telenursing will even enable him to give his services into a larger population group compared to face to face nursing. He can also be capable to spare time to bond with his friends and family resulting in his satisfaction.


Merrell, R. C., Cone, S. T., & Rafiq, A. (2008). Telemedicine in extreme conditions: disasters, war, remote sites. Studies in health technology and informatics, 131, 99-116. Peck, A. (2005). Changing the face of standard medical practice through telehealth and telenursing. Medical administration quarterly, 29(4), 339-343. Scullion, M. (2014). Placing a value upon telehealth. Major Health Care, 24(3), 12.


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