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The advantages of going to college education

We all know that education is important in our life, although there are those people who are thinking in a different way and not supplying importance for this subject. Nowadays, in some countries children go to school in the early age of four instead of just staying at home and enjoy and I imagine this is very important and crucial not only to get young children also for parents who does like youngsters to gain knowledge as soon as possible. This is called pre-school, the 1st stage of education just before entering regular or secondary school.

There are a few countries that it can be compulsory to attend to school at the early age of 4. Some father and mother may consent but there are several may not. Their reason is they don’t want to force their little kid to study early on or maybe due to young age it can better to be home more until they reach the age of six or seven. Because of an innocent mind they are going to think that the kid still are unable to understand and straightforward to adjust to the new environment.

With this system child may come across a bit issues but will help them to and guide them in their better future. Children attend pre-school at the childhood to learn tips on how to communicate, play and how to connect to others properly. However , we need to always remember that education begins at home and parents are the initial teacher with their child.


Æ’ Advantages of going to university at the early age of four:

For parents ” Most parents at present are both functioning and if no person will take proper care of their kid they will mail their child in pre-school. Nevertheless , parents ought to guide the youngster and support their everyday needs.

For children ” On the early age they will be able to locate a lot of things and meet up with other kids with the related age and also have good associations with these people. Most people believe that sending kids to school early on, the more quickly they meet up with society and make them expand up wise.

Attending pre-school is the most good way for children before participating primary institution because inside the pre-school they shall be taught standard knowledge or perhaps skills that will assist them within their further examine.

At the early age they will learn how to read and write. As they learn quicker, their father and mother will be happy with them.

Aid to develop their very own mental and interpersonal skills at the early age.

Beneficial for these to learn early a lot of activities and face challenges that will guidebook or help them as they expand up.

To motivate those to learn vocabulary, vocabulary, music and arts, etc .

Actions that will be given by their instructors will make them enjoy. They are able to play and have satisfaction in their childhood lives.

All their behaviour will improve and help them how to interact with others.

This will help to them into live in the future independently also to have a great outlook anytime.

So with the early age they are going to know how crucial the education can be.

Æ’ A lot of countries that allow kids to attend pre-school at the early age:

Germany, Australia, Philippines, Canada, United States, Holland, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, France, London, and so forth

3. 0 Conclusion:

Participating in school is a opportunity for the progress of the lives like a student. We conclude it is important and there are a lot of benefits of mailing children to pre-school in the early age of four. In this way, also at the young age there are a lot of issues they can do. They will be educated and be educated, and be able to play things that inside their future it’s not difficult to enable them to understand some things. “The previous the better, if they may start attending school with the young age, they may finish all their studies early on and feasible to get a job in with the young age. Although there are things that father and mother should consider also, if their kids don’t wish to attend institution at their young age parents should not force them. In the event parents are equally working, they should find an well-informed person who is going to take care simultaneously can teach of their child inside their own home rather than sending them in school. Father and mother should spent time to train their children standard knowledge and good ways if they’re not occupied in work. Because children are the continuing future of the nation, they have to teach well and show beauty of education whilst they are still a kid.

Note that whatever your age can be, as long as you would like to learn you can go to school. Era doesn’t matter in learning the great education so that you can have expertise and will assist you in every stage of your life.

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You recently bought word digesting software. After installation you found out which work the method that you expected. Create a letter for the shop conveying about the condition with your application as well as your issues regarding their particular poor customer care. Include your very own suggestions on how they could rectify the problem.

Writing a letter of complaint is considered the most effective method and dependable to complain than through phone calls and email. This shows that you still respect anyone or firm you are going to mail your page even just how mad you experience to them because of their poor service. This kind of make that receiver agree to your complaints positively in particular when it’s as well serious. The letter has to be in full specifics; clear assertions, well-presented, have positive ideas for them to act in response you quickly and this may help them boost their service. Great letter of complaints can tend to produce good result or result. In the next webpages there are some ideas on how to make a letter of complaints and sample than it. I hope that it may help you or perhaps give you knowledge for this subject. Maybe this will likely be your rules in making a letter of complaints if you will come across this kind of scenario.

1 . 1 ) 0 Tips on how to make a letter of complaints:

Include your name, address and day.

Company name and the location you are send the letter.

Good reason that you write a letter -straight to the level and make it brief. Include the product you bought, the date and what you want to do with it. You need to be fair.

Suggest methods to improve or perhaps resolve the condition. Good suggestions will cause easier image resolution.

Give your contacts: mobile amount, etc .

Your name and personal (signing off)

Æ’ Make an effort to be friendly in making a letter of complaint.

Æ’ Be positive if you want a positive result.

Æ’ You can help them by means of your great suggestions.

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Æ’ Your letter need to clear that can understand simpler by the device.

2 . zero Letter of complaints

Margiely Castro

#25 Jalan Suria 9

Taman Suria

Johor Bahru

May 22, 2011

Customer Service

Acer Company


Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby write you this page of issue regarding the latest word processing software via Windows i bought around the 15th of May. Once i tried to do the installation, I found away that it can not work the way your sales person described to me. The program doesn’t respond well with my computer system, and as if there is a turmoil between the application and the pc. Because of this I actually am unable to finish an important assignments had been I really need this program pertaining to.

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Thank you for scanning this letter and appear forward to meeting up with you the quality of this problem. Contact me in the above talk about and also at my own mobile phone amount 01234567.


Margiely Castro


Few things are wrong to publish a notice of problems. As long as you have the reason in fact it is your right to do it. Well, the main reason is for the receiver to realize their poor service and to learn how to improve this. Tell them an unacceptable result of the item you bought and exactly how are they likely to resolve the problem. But no longer write a notification if you are in a bad mood. In case you feel very disappointed you have to be quiet in writing the letter and state the facts and what the poor things you have found are. Become professional and do not use some rude words. Feel that they are also people with emotions like you. They don’t desire to raise red flags to you with the service plus they didn’t expect the poor consequence of it. Your suggestions and good romance with all of them will deal with the problem simpler. They will find a way to solve the situation as soon as possible. Let them have a chance to help to make it proper. Customer service must give apologize for the inconvenience and should promise it can easily never happen again. They must do their good job to improve their sales.


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