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The bay area 1989 earthquake essay

The Loma Prieta Earthquake

About Tuesday March 17, 1989 at your five: 04 PM HOURS the Loma Prieta earthquake struck the San Francisco

Monterey Bay, and Silicon Valley areas. Individuals were not any the only areas affected. Various areas up to 70 and

75 miles away could go through the tremble of the quake. The epicenter in the quake was in the Father christmas Cruz

Mountains. The quake measured a size of 7. 1 ) The initial go pitapat lasted no time. The USGS first

thought the magnitude with the quake would be about 6th. 9 nonetheless it increased to 7. 1 )

The go pitapat destroyed various buildings and freeways. A piece of the San Francisco-Oakland These types of

Connect collapsed. The power was out in many spots and the mobile phone lines had been out likewise. This was the

new the power have been out considering that the 1906 earthquake. The earthquake killed sixty-eight people and injured

3, 757 people. The cost of the quake was believed at $6 to $7 billion dollars. The go pitapat happened during

the 1989 Community Series. The San Francisco Titans were playing the Oakland Athletics. The match up was

named the Bay Bridge Universe Series. The game was postponed for a month. They were playing at

Candlestick Recreation area.

Airports had been closed pertaining to inspection or repairs. Roof Tiles and broken goblet were the primary reason

to get the airfields being closed. After a as the airports reopened and some neighborhood pilots helped fly

emergency products to air-ports near the significantly damaged in addition to need areas. Roads had been jammed with cars

trying to get home or hoping to get out of the earthquake area.

The news media had been desperate to get time over a satellite to broadcast all their story towards the rest of the

world. People say that the media manufactured the ruined areas appearance worse than they genuinely were since they

only aimed at the bad areas and they got cities mixed up.

A lot of people away from the center of the tremble were simply inconvenienced by the quake. That they only

had cracked windows or perhaps broken regularly. The internal parts of these individuals houses had been a destroy. These people

quickly restored from the go pitapat. The people closer to the center in the quake are not so privileged. Some

of these people lost all their belongings which include their house. These individuals wouldnt obtain things back

together for months or maybe even years.

Damage and lack of life were reduced because of Californias rigid building requirements which necessary

properties to be strong enough to survive possibly larger quakes. Having the community educated in earthquake

readiness helped a lot. Those knew tips on how to react within a quake and how to save their own life plus the

lives of others.

The fire that broke out following the initial go pitapat were of even worse menace. There were in least twenty seven

fires that shattered out throughout the city. The citizens shaped a bucket brigade to aid the medical personnel who were

without water because of water main brakes. The fires were catastrophic they used up down flat

buildings, shops and in many cases the fire chiefs house in a single city.

Some people went looting inside the downtown areas. The Ag said, If there is anyone

arrested tonite for burglary or looting, tomorrow morning hours we are going to go into court and demand that

you cannot find any bail. Any person engaged in that kind of carry out can expect maximum sentences. A lot of people

were arrested to get looting and so they were greatly penalized.

The earthquake didnt just cause difficulties for the San Francisco Bay area. It caused a four-foot

tsunami say in Monterey Bay and a huge undersea landslide. The ocean level in Santa Johnson dropped

three feet. The wave had taken 20 minuets to reach Monterey.

Vice President Dan Quayle fantastic wife flew to San Diego to see the harm. The spent four

hours generally there and couldnt even get in touch with the might who had been alert since the go pitapat started. The

creciente called the visit a affordable publicity stunt Our Vp Al Gore did exactly the same thing when he

came to Cincinnati oh. during the flood. Mr. Gore had taken his shoes and boots and socks off make his ft . in the Kansas

Water. What was the point of that. Mr. Quayle explained this after touring the location, Just walking through right here

and seeing losing property, knowing the loss of lifestyle, it hits you here in the cardiovascular system, and that is the

explanation Im here.

Many persons and businesses and the Authorities helped the damaged city. They helped my

donating meals, supplies, the us government signed a $3. 45 billion earthquake relief package deal for Washington dc

railroad companies helped transport required materials intended for repairing the freeways, persons donated their time

construction corporations helped restore buildings, corporations all over the country bestowed the necessary

components to improve the towns, and other countries donated doctors, geologists, and supplies.


pertaining to the

Montículo Prieta


I got all my information from the web and the supply that the institution got from the Internet. I didnt create

down the web page addresses, but I actually do have the titles of a few of the pages..

KRON Online television Quake of 89 http://www.kron.com/specials/quake89/

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Individuals are the labels and abbreviations of the sites and firms that I received information via.



about the

Loma Prieta Earthquake

Date of Quake:

August 17, 1989


a few: 04pm


7. you




three or more, 757

Homes Damaged:

twenty-three, 408

Homes Destroyed:

one particular, 018

Businesses Damaged:

a few, 530

Organization Destroyed:


Estimated Money Loss:

$6 billion to $7 billion


A lot more than 7, 500

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