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The best teaching aid is a piece of chalk

When I first traveled to school, the dominant instructing aid was blackboard and chalk. That is almost half a century in the past. Back then, the statement “The best instructing aid can be described as piece of chalk is likely to cause bafflement to teachers. “What else?  would be their common response. Today, however , teaching aids abound. By a simple notice set carefully cut out by a devoted educator, through digital projection gear, DVD audio systems, tvs and computer systems, to the most recent interactive whiteboard, they present a wealth of range and varying impact to today’s classroom.

Any exploration of this affirmation will consequently be remiss if I will not introduce and examine a lot of available alternatives and their benefits and constraints. Such evaluation should include factors such as adaptability, ease of usage, impact on college students (grabbing their attention), educating material preparing time and effort and, of course , economic cost.

We will begin with the ubiquitous chalk and blackboard (including it is modern comparative, the marker and whiteboard).

This really is a truly exceptional development through the days of Socrates, who resorted to composing his thoughts and ideas on yellow sand with a adhere when speaking about issues with his disciples. It is a versatile low priced tool which can be used to all vocabulary components and skills, by writing cerebral vascular accidents of each letter (cursive or perhaps print) to grammatical structure. It also motivates teacher impulse. Amongst the blackboard’s ardent supporters is one particular teacher who have wrote:

Fundamentally, anyone desperate to learn how to speak is much better off being with a team of other people than they are near a computer. As well, it is not crystal clear that use of a computer is going to help any individual learn how to create (as opposed to type) which really does come in handy sometimes. And a lot of board gives lots of great get up and move a little.

(Lindstromberg, Scar 2002)

Unfortunately, like all tools, it is just as good as its user. A teacher that can write superbly, draw decent pictures, and keep his sentences horizontal for the blackboard may conceivably not require added teaching aids to perform his classes. Unfortunately, not every teacher may write or perhaps drawwell. I know for certain that my handwriting (described by a former manager as “chicken scrawl), in the event printed properly, is at finest barely legible. The pictures I will draw are unlikely to elicit the sort of attention by my learners that an real object (or photograph of said object) can. Your best of sketches cannot contend with an actual thing which can be seen, touched, read, smelt and sometimes, tasted. Allow us to now check out some complementary, alternative or perhaps substitute teaching aids by simply examining different teaching situations/methods. 1 .

Instructing vocabulary, expression recognition and sentence building Flashcards and word greeting cards are equipment that can be used for this. Very low in cost and straightforward to make, they add some mystery the moment used effectively, allowing learners to think and guess in the few seconds prior to it is unveiled. Magazine images and realia makes new words we all teach become more active. Students are extremely often able to relate these to actual life situations rapidly, thus shortening the learning method. Also, attracting realia may liven up a class and imbed the word educated in the students’ minds. As an example, which college student can ever forget the term “durian if one was brought into school when teaching this expression? 2 . Rewarding the lessons

Here, Tracks & Rhymes and Game titles & Puzzles come in handy. Music could be done with or perhaps without the help of a Auto dvd unit, depending on the understanding of pupils with the music chosen. They give students much fun and enjoyment whilst getting intensive practice on aspects worth considering of dialect. They are also very likely to remember these language aspects better. Video games and questions serve the same purpose ” making learning and knowing how what students learn pleasurable. Many types of video games are available and they can reinforce learning elements ranging from terminology (adjectives, verbs and nouns) through tuning in, speaking and writing expertise. 3. Supplementing/substituting the blackboard

Primarily visible aids, included in this are the over head projector (OHP), slide projector (almost heading the way of the Dodo), and the latest pc projection tools. A quick check on the internet demonstrates that these can expense anywhere between USD100 and USD2000, not including the screen. Expensive cost besides, the OHP and computer projection products can, technically, replace the blackboard. OHP sheets may be prepared beforehand or bare, to be written on during the lesson. This is actually the closest for the blackboard. The benefit is that the tutor is facing the class when doing so which is thus better placed to gauge the class’ focus level and behavior. The disadvantages will be that it needs a power cord, generates a fair amount of heat, and sometimes requires some training to work with effectively and efficiently. This may also breakdown.

The pc projection system requires that most materials get ready in advance before the lessons. These can then simply be presented a bit at the same time in accordance to the pace in the lesson. The clearest benefits is that the projected material is definitely type-written and is set by a font size best for the classroom used. It can also be used to do slide demonstration using Electric power Point or perhaps similar computer software. A further edge is that materials on the net can be quickly downloaded and adapted pertaining to classroom use. However , unforeseen changes in lessons are not accommodated and the instructor will have to revert to the classic chalk and blackboard. Additionally it is not well suited for teaching handwriting. Learning to use the computer output system is actually harder than learning to utilize the OHP. some. Listening and Reading Abilities

The traditional way of introducing students to other English audio system (native or perhaps otherwise) is by inviting a speaker. This is limited in scope and frequency, and especially difficult in small villages. The logistics involved can also be relatively hefty. The radio, DIGITAL VIDEO DISC recording program and tv set are equipment that can enhance listening expertise with a lesser amount of work necessary. The range of speakers is also greatly elevated. Cost of such equipment is undoubtedly higher, but , in my watch, the price gear is worthwhile. This is especially therefore if a low to mid price set of equipment is acquired. Students can be recorded examining a text message and offered the DIGITAL VIDEO DISC for home review on their own or for assessment with the teacher in private. This is in order to avoid the student feeling humiliated looking at his or her classmates. Presenters (be they information broadcasters, politics leaders or use the neighborhood grocer), can be documented and played out for students to become and boost their tuning in skills.

This kind of capability is certainly beyond that of the simple chalk and blackboard. I will as a result conclude that even though the chalk and blackboard remains the backbone of the language class room, italone is no longer enough. Modern-day world techniques at an increasingly faster tempo. As educators, we must come up with such expansion so that whatever we teach each of our students will be as close to what they might (or previously have) encounter (d) inside the real world as is possible. In fact , chalk and blackboard aside, computers have been programmed to take over some a part of a vocabulary teacher’s work together with some achievement.

To be able to do this, as Oxford et ing. 1998 advise, teachers should learn ways technology can help them enhance their language training, be able to manage technology successfully, develop skills in educating students using technology and pay attention to with intellectual styles happen to be better which kind of category activities and with which technology application. (Rocchetti, Marta Albani, 2000-2001)

Critically, with so very much to learn to get the forward-looking and officially savvy instructor, the chalk and blackboard issue will, in my mind, light in comparison. Bibliography:

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