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The definition of the golden rule is that those

make the rules. In other words, those with the platinum have the electricity as

very well as those with the power have gold. Background books is going to

discuss the general reasons for battle such as independence from adversity or

flexibility from faith. But the genuine issue for any war may be the thirst

to get power and control, and the means to financing them are the economic


Nations can endure a lot of fighting intended for power and control.

Italy and Great britain fought the other person for more than a hundred years to

have control of the Route trade routes. 1 This century of warring

was known as The One hundred year War and is the greatest war in record

record. It began in 1337 when California king Edward 3 invaded Normandy and

ended in 1453 once France earned the Battle of Bordeaux. However , it was

not a 100 years of continuous battle, there were periods of truces

in between. 2

One cause for the Hundred Years Battle was the claim to the

France throne. The conflict started when the direct line of sequence

died without a male heir and the nobles decided to complete the top to a

aunty, Philip of Valois. Yet this still left two other male cousins

equally deserving of the top, Charles, California king of Navarre and Edward

III, Full of Great britain. 3 Edward III said that he himself was

deserving of the throne mainly because his mom was the sister of the late

French ruler, while Philip VI was only a cousin. But according to

French law, no girls could receive the throne, nor could the crown end up being

inherited by using a woman. four

Philip of Valois probability of becoming Ruler of France had been

distant and he had not recently been brought up while the future lieutenant of The almighty

on Earth. Philip VI put in much of his resources on entertainment and

finery with gay give up. 5 This kind of caused issue with the kings

subjects. Because the king was considered to be almost holy and invulnerable

neither relative would obstacle Philip VI. However , they would exploit

the situation and Ruler Edward III lost no time and penetrated Normandy

with an army of 10, 000

men. six

This leads to one more cause for The Hundred Years Battle. The

area along the Funnel and Atlantic coasts was Englands initially line of

security against an invasion. Britain held claims to this terrain

from the twelth century through the marriage of King Holly II and

Eleanor of Aquitaine. King Edward III was decided to gain control

of the The french language coastline when providing himself with a bridgehead for

long term expeditions into France. 7

But the main cause of The Hundred Years Warfare was the economic

interest the revenues to be gotten out of this rich area. Wine

was Gasgonys greatest export merchandise and key source of income for the

vassal. Constructed from wool was Englands largest foreign trade product as well as the source of

its wealth. The english language pastures developed fleeces which were the covet of

European countries which Flanders depended on because of its wool and linen industry. 8

English language sheep growers sold their particular long fine wool to weavers in

Flanders, through the English Funnel. Flemish weavers as well as

English language sheep farmers depended on this trade for their business. In

1336, Philip VI busted all the English language merchants in Flanders and

took away every one of the privileges with the Flemish villages and the create

guilds. Resulting in the Flemings revolting resistant to the French

control and producing an cha?non with England. 9 Subsequently, the

prospering market in the industrial towns of Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp

and Ypres were obviously coveted by the Kings of France and England.

In addition, the Bordeaux harbor was within the edges of

The english language Gascony and was the center with the shipping and trading

industry. Commodities just like grains, dairy products, dyes and salt

can be shipped in Bordeaux via the Dordogne and Garonne Streams and

the merchants were charged a customs fee for these products. Also

Bordeaux would obtain duties in wine, whether shipped-in or grown on

Gascon ground. Consequently, the earnings from the tolls and traditions

made Bordeaux the economic capital of Gascony. Furthermore, control

of neighboring areas such as Guyenne and Calais were economically

vital. All their union with Bordeaux will ensure England with a monopoly

of the delivery and trading industry via Spain, Portugal and

Andy. 10

Italy was the wealthiest country in Europe and its particular army was much

larger than Englands. Additionally , Frances army consisted of hired

mercenaries. Consequently , France must have quickly conquered England.

Although Frances army consisted of greatly armored knights who were much less

mobile against the agile The english language swordsmen. French military

frontrunners soon realized the archer was the only effective when fighting

a pitched challenge. Consequently, Italy implemented a strategic plan

that was to avoid active warfare and also to utilize the strategy of

diplomacy and concessions. England could win battles, but Italy

could prevent them. Pitched challenges were acknowledged only when there was

no option. Otherwise, France would rezzou unprotected cities and

neighborhoods, take the actual could, after that burn them towards the ground. 10

Meanwhile, England could depend on the dedication of her

subjects. The soldiers were happy to obtain a salary and eager to

deal with on French soil. They will could benefit from the plundering while

all their homes didnt suffer and damage. Furthermore, England acquired superior

army tactics. They had perfected the fighting strategy of the

longbow drawn by free swordsmen. Even though the archers were below

the knight on the sociable ladder, these people were not ashamed to fight aspect

by side. Subsequently, the archer can destroy the potency of

a French calvary charge. As well, King Edward cullen III was very popular with

his topics. He would deal with beside his troops along with the

people at home. Too, his of sixteen year old boy, the Black Prince

was a superb army leader. doze He efficiently continued to acquire

the British armies into battle against France. Because of this, England

gained most of the initial battles and kept the war in France. 13

One of the great English victories was the fight at Crecy.

The English were outnumbered four to just one by the The french language, led simply by Philip

MIRE. The English occupied the medial side of a tiny hill, even though the heavy

volume of French men-at-arms and chosen Genoese crossbowmen were in the

foot in the hill on the plain. The English had been ready using their new

longbows at hand.

The Genoese crossbowmen attacked the English, although were also

tired as a result of long days march also because of an previously rainstorm

their crossbow strings were loose. The Englishs longbow proved to be

too much intended for the Genoese, so that they dropped the crossbows and began to

operate. King Philip was so outraged on the Genoese activities, he had his

men-at-arms eliminate many of them.

By one level during this struggle, the French found a

selection of English knights led by the Black Royal prince, the kid of Edward cullen

III, dismounted from their mounts and not prepared for battle. As

Edward cullen III heard of his kids misfortune, this individual ordered not any aid become sent to

him and his guys. This was being his day. Slowly, components of the

France army began to flee, while the English military stood strong.

England awarded the first great property battle in the long warfare.

They had already won control of the English Channel and some years

afterwards, the town of Calais surrendered to them on Sept 28, 1347.

For the next ten years, fighting was slowed. It was due largely to

the Black Loss of life which wiped out more than a third of the populace. 14

Primarily, England terrifying they would under no circumstances be able to guard

themselves against a French attack. France got enormous riches

military prestige and a dominant position in Western politics.

Yet , the Battles of Vrecy and Poiters were key victories intended for

England. In both fights, England was greatly outnumbered by Italy

but , the English archers were more efficient than the armor-clad

French knights in battle. Therefore , the victories had been perceived to be granted

by simply god since England was your rightful leader of Italy. As England

continued to win the early battles and maintain the in France, the

militarys feelings of inferiority and insecurity were replaced with

self-confidence and optimism. The first period of The 100 years

War gone well to get England.

At some point the phony sense of prosperity developed by the

pillaging of the People from france towns and villages began to surface. Likewise

the commoners were turning out to be dissatisfied together with the high conflict expense.

The war was a strain about Englands solutions and it had been beginning to

receive difficult to pay out the military wages and also maintain the

garrisons. The English subjects had been taxed out and tired of the

misappropriation of the battle funds by the corrupt royal officials and

military commanders. Moreover, the military started to decline. Full

Richard II was not a good general. Most of Edward IIIs captains had been

dead or perhaps in captivity and the new generation of officers confirmed little

abilities for warfare. 15 Nevertheless King Richard II had to fight Portugal not

just for glorious traditions but to preserve the wine control with Gascony

and the made of wool trade with Flanders. These types of resources had been needed to help

finance the war. Yet , his advertising campaign ended in retreat.

The Gascons were opportunists. They did not adhere strongly to

one particular lord. Even though they did better under British rule, these people were

not immune to the French. Consequently, France gradually gained

control of the Channel trade paths. Then King Henry Versus renewed The

Hundred Years Conflict with a win at Agincourt. He was a solid

brilliant armed forces leader and continued to win fights against the

The french language, recapturing the Gascon terrain. 16 As well, with the marital life

to Charles VIs little girl, King Holly V attained the goal of The french language

sovereignty. This individual became french regent and upon Charles VIs

loss of life, the Full of Britain would be successful to a dual monarchy. Yet

when Charles VI passed away, the Full of Britain was a kid. 17

Henry VI was too young and inexperienced to supervise a

kingdom and lead an army. As a result, specialist did not relax in any

one individual, but in all the lords with each other. This led to English

differences and disunity. Also, the subjects believed it was the

kings war as well as the king must not finance the war through taxation

nevertheless from his own cash flow from Gascony. The maintenance of any dual

empire was a financial strain and England was far in debt on military

wages. Additionally , Gascony was very difficult to defend and the

unstable economic circumstances made it hard to meet military crises

because they arose. Therefore, the English language army in Gascony disbanded.


Because it seemed as if there was zero hope for France, a new light

appeared to them. She was Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. Mary of

Arc and Charles VII could organize England. They penetrated

Gascony with an overwhelming push and began to capture the English

towns along the Norman border without being drawn to a pitched

battle. Even after Joan of Arcs record and delivery by the British

and Burgundians, her heart seemed to inspire the French. Like a

result, french offensive nature was rekindled. Again, the French

outnumbered the English. But this time the French military services did not relax

instead they sped strongly to the next battle. Moreover, the

French integrated the use of the cannon-ball. 19

Once again, the fidelity of the rspectable families to England or

France was determined by the economic and judicial liberties of their

lordships. 20 But their land and goods had been confiscated during

Charles VIIs invasion. As a result, the nobles defected to France.

Since England ongoing to lose the control of the South-West, Frances

ability to appeal the the aristocracy away from Britain increased. Inside the

past a large number of had mocked the sovereignty of England. But in the political

circumstances of 1442-53 they were almost never able to avoid the éléments

threats, and sanctions employed by a more powerful and richer monarchy.

21 He who controls the Channel controls, controls the gold.

Subsequently, the substantial rate with the nobility defection to Portugal

severely weakened England and ultimately triggered its fall of

terrain control.

It was a little while until over a hundred years and five English kings to win the

sovereignty of the French crown and thirty years and one king to loose

it. Achievement in rivalry depends on the mix of a ruler who is a

competent armed service leader, an enthusiastic ruling course prepared to

deal with and command the armies, and people ready to bear the price

through taxation. For almost one hundred years Great britain had this

combination while France would not. The English language hated french and

always feared an invasion. As well, the high demand for English would

export products created a considerable treasury to get King Edward to pay for the

war. Yet , the pendulum swung the other method. As a result, Britain

may include won the battle, but France received the battle.

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