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The example of reflection report



This representation report will certainly discuss about the details including background, goal and design of the event, RUN FOR WISH 2016. I also will distributed about the main reason i participated this event and why this be the reflection’s matter.

Celebration that I took part before was 10km ranges of Jogathon which identity JOG TO GET HOPE 2016 (Figure 1) which kept on 14 August 2016 (Sunday) in Taylor’s School Sri Hartamas. The number of participants was about 1, 786 and this sort of the event which in turn under the types of Fund increasing Event.

Reasons that we participated this type of event was it can will help other people who requires help via us. Next, I am interested took part in in this kind of sport function or Fund-collecting event because it not only can easily helps other folks when all their are facing problems and in addition can work out to enhance human body health. Once i participated this event, all participants were received a free Goodies beg and a conventional paper of Certificate of WALK FOR HOPRE 2016(Figure 2).

The main reason that I chose this event since my personal reflection’s topic since it gave me a whole lot of impression then first time I took part in Jogathon. Initially Jogathon that I participated was the Jogathon Warisan on twentieth April 2014 held upon Kwong Tung Cemetery Workplace. In addition to this two Jogathon, My spouse and i also acquired participated various other type function of Jogathon, example just like Social/Life-cycle Event, Jogathon Warisan on seventeenth April 2016 which placed on Kwong Tung Cemetery Office and fund increasing Event, Jogathon for College Found 96th on nineteenth April 2015 which organised on Chong Hwa 3rd party High School.


The idea of organizing this kind of Jogathon came about after the Shrub Huggers Club(Figure 2) of Taylor’s University Sri Hartamas (TCSH) had a visit to Spastic Children Association of Selangor Federal Terrain (SCASFT). Having seen the poor condition of the 5 decades old building, a discussion while using club happened. It was arranged that a Jogathon should be organised to help raise funds to get the redevelopment program of SCASFT, instead of collecting money from the open public (Jog To get Hope 2016, 2018).

Started in 2009, Taylor’s University Jog For Hope is an annual charitable trust jogathon founded by the Tree Huggers Club involving pre-university students of Taylor’s College. The first event of TROT FOR HOPE was arranged in 2009 which in turn fully handled by college student of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas. It absolutely was the 9th edition of this event and its particular organizing committee comprised 42 students, supported by staff members of the college.

This event got separated in to three ranges, there were 3km for Fun Manage (Figure 4), 6km pertaining to Turbo Work (Figure 5) and 10km for Resilience Run (Figure 6). Participation fees for each and every participants were divided into several categories which included RM35 pertaining to schoolchildren, RM45 for tertiary students, RM55 for all various other participants, and RM 450 for a business group which will have 10 participants (Taylors College, 2018). Sponsors with this event included Zalora, SPORT DICRECT. COM, KOTEX, BERJAYA TIMES SUARE THEME PARK, HUAWEI, MAMEE, INDOCAFE and more (Jog For Hope 2016, 2018). Location of getting this event was located for Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, a part campus of Taylors University set up seeing that 2008.

Next, this type of event viewed as Fundraising Situations which an event created by or for the charitable or cause-related group for the purpose of getting revenue, support, and/or recognition, scheduled exclusively or jointly with other events.

Event Target

The primary objective of the event was raised funds intended for charitable organizations and societies in order that they are able to continue carrying out all their purpose and help the areas. For this event, funds that obtained through participants’ make donation to communities that want helps. The beneficiaries with this year had been Kirtarsh Impaired and Incapable Childrens House, Special Kids Society of Ampang and Sweet Proper care Welfare World. The Kirtash Handicapped and Disabled Kids Home in Rawang can be described as place for disabled, underprivileged childrens, adults and aged folks. The Sweet Treatment Home in Selayang and the Special Kids Society in Ampang can be described as charitable enterprise that provides exceptional care and education for children with physical, developmental and learning problems including Straight down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, prader-willi, postponed and slower learners. Every single was received a donation of RM23, 000 (Taylors College, 2018).


Foundations of Celebration Design offers separate in three aspects, there are establishing, management and people. Settings included elements of site, design and sense of place. Supervision included elements of systems, plan and services. People included elements of staff, volunteers, guests or members.

Subject of the event was JOG TO GET HOPE and it means participants can contributed the cash through the function to help other folks and this as a charitable organization event or perhaps Fundraising Event to allows children with learning issues. The size of this Jogathon celebration was Small Event which in turn event that happened in local or perhaps communities incidents. Minor Event will bringing in small group of targeted audience which will enhanced local interest and learned possible tradition. In other hand, Minor Event can known as festivity or gross annual events. Students of Taylor’s School was not so focused on the lighting part because the function was throughout the morning period around 7am and the celebration was held away from the College. But the lighting that they used was floodlight which in turn illuminate a broad area and produce a much more circulate lumination while create a much more flow light such as work light. The most concentrated things through this event was on the music part. They played the song to enhanced the atmosphere with the event which can encourage members continue to and pleasant them back again from the jogathon at the ending point.

From the facets of settings, the place of this event was located at Swift College Sri Hartamas, 62, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was quite convenience for those participants. Because every single years the case was held at the same location that outside of the Taylor’s College. It induced participants easier to found the location and they can go there by simply sharing car with good friends or if you take grab car. For example , We am normally the one who sharing car with my friend go together the place for took part in the event. Up coming, the design of this was quite different with others jogathon event. The reason that why I actually said like that because this jogathon had few volunteers included students of Taylor’s College will stand at few certain point or perhaps distances intended for giving individuals different coloring of ribbens sch as green coloring and yellowish colour to show that they had been pass through the particular point or perhaps distances. For example , 10km length route total had 3 checkpoint for anyone participants who have participate 10km distance throughout the Jogathon.

From the aspects of management, the arrangement from the programme of the event was quite smooth because they will started prepared since the 04 2018 plus the work stream was removed to all individuals. For example , individuals knew that whenever to check in, where to get together and the path distance with the Jogathon. Following, the services of this event was quite good. The key reason why of it was they had identified Nestle Milo sponsored Milo drinks and coco crisis for participants when they was finished the Jogathon. Members having some Milo and coco meltdown can raise the energy following Jogathon.

From the aspects of people, the entire number of members in this celebration was 1786 and consisted of students, their particular parents, staff and members of the public of all ages and walks of life combined for a deserving cause. Nevertheless most of the participants of this event was teens. The staff or perhaps volunteers of this event during the year of 2016 included students of Taylor’s Sri Hartamas and staff member of these College.


With this event, We considered which the satisfy things in this event had included few points. First, registrants of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas had instructs some straightforward exercises to led every participants using simple physical exercise before took part the jogathon. It was good for all the participants especially for people who were not exercise regular but still willing to took part it. The main reason of having that because it is likely to make your body have some workout previous to some extreme exercise such as long length jogathon pertaining to examples like the distance of 6km or 10km. Second, students of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas also available some sponsors such as Nestle Milo to supply drinks and coco meltdown for all members after they finished the jogathon. Third, the venue of this event was located in Taylors College or university Sri Hartamas, 62, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was quite convenience for the people participants. Mainly because every years that the celebration held at the same place and it held outside of the Taylor’s College that cause participants simpler to found the spot. Not only that, right now there also got the information signage for participants to recognized where may be the check in counter or the washroom.

Because of this couple of things, that gave great impression to any or all participants so they feels treasured and will participating the event again. Therefore , it can increasing the reputation of Taylor’s College and increase the number of participants to participate the event and not directly cause increasing the amount of fund-collecting to help individuals communities that want help.

On the other hand, I came across that the beneficiaries of this event were diverse during just about every years. Intended for examples, the differences beneficiaries between four years event such as year 2009, year 2015, year 2016 and season 2017. During the year of 2009 were the corporation, Support for Parents, Infants and Children Through Early Companies (SPICES) which in turn an organization rendering aid to children with development or learning problems and require special learning needs (Taylors College, 2018) also during the year of 2015 the beneficiaries are Siddharthan Care Center, a label underprivileged children and senior citizens, and the Sinthamani Divine Your life Ashram orphanage and during the entire year of 2016 were Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Kids Home, Special Children Contemporary society of Ampang and Lovely Care Welfare Society and during the year of 2017 had been Pusat Jagaan Cahaya Kasih Bestari, Reward Emmanuel Childrens Home and Cornerstone Orphanage Home.

Although Taylor’s College acquired helped variations organization or perhaps communities, but they just focusing on only one aimwillingness to help them for better quality of living and education level. It make the communities received helps from the public could get more support to defeat the problems and decrease their burden.

The challenge of this celebration was the too little of auto parking slot in that time. Because the event was held away from College and beside the street so that the parking slot started to be limited pertaining to large number of members. It induced most of the individuals had to left their car at an additional side of building or contrary the road area of College. A number of the participants who had experienced upon it, they came earlier and parked at a place that near the School. The recommendation on it, they should prepared more parking slot machines that discovered from others Jogathon function such as Jogathon Warisan mainly because Jogathon Warisan had well prepared a lot of the auto parking slots to any or all the individuals.


In conclusion, event that I took part in was gave me a lot of positive impression because it can easily provides helps to those areas that need aid to overcome their particular difficult and that we can have workout to get our body overall health. Although WALK FOR EXPECT conducted a large number of satisfy things to participants, it conducted trouble to participants. By elevating the number of participants or volunteers years by years. Not simply JOG INTENDED FOR HOPE being a Fundraising Function, RUN FOR HOPE or perhaps Marathon as well as Fund-collecting Event.

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