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The human condition and its diversity essay

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Your condition is an extremely wide subject that attracted considerable interest and evaluation from distinct perspectives. Some of the major points of views that have dominated evaluation in the human state include religion, history, literature, philosophy, art, psychology, anthropology, and biology. The use of these types of different viewpoints to examine that help understand the human being condition can be attributable to the very fact that individuals are varied. In essence, the ideal understanding of a persons condition requires an hunt for the selection of a individual.

The human state is basically thought as the major characteristics, events, and circumstances that generate the requirements of human being existence. Many of these essentials incorporate birth, growth and development, mortality, and emotionality. However , there have been several difficulties through the years to identify a ideal and actual definition of a persons condition because of the contradiction in the human state itself (World Transformation Movements par, 4). The difficulties have also been exacerbated by conflict appearing from the make use of different viewpoints in analyzing the human condition. Some of these viewpoints and undertakings such as biology, philosophy, and psychology have failed and are also yet to provide a truthful and real explanation of the concept of human condition.

One of the views or areas that have been utilized to examine and/or explain the idea of the human condition is art. The field of skill has generally been employed to communicate values and tips regarding the man condition through the entire history of human beings. Art is regarded as as a suitable medium to effectively examine the human condition since artworks provide valuable insights to get examining previous and existing cultures in terms of how humans live and what they worth. Visual arts have been utilized to push limitations and promote new measures of pondering with a view of celebrating or lamenting a persons condition. Image artists communicate or make use of various areas of the human condition in their work.

One of the ways by which visual performers express or exploit facets of the human condition in their operate is through fusing aspects of man and machine. In this case, the music artists explore the influence of machine on the lifestyle and conditions of human beings. Artworks that are depending on fusion of man and machine will be geared towards demonstrating how machine have not just influenced human being life yet also turn into an integral part of the

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