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The ideas of lenininger and watson in nursing jobs

Because the health-related system goes through major changes and the position of the specialist nurse can be expanding, creating a definition of the goals and responsibilities of a nurse in accordance with other experts within the healthcare community is essential. Nursing theories establish the scope plus the significance of the nurse’s part as a healthcare provider. They provide a universal information of nursing that can be applied to nurses training within a various settings. This paper can examine how a theories of Jean Watson and Madeleine Leininger effect the manner through which professional rns practice, especially within the school nurse placing.

Jean Watson’s Idea and Technology of Patient shows just how caring is in the core of nursing practice and it is more important than curing. In addition , she thought that a healthy approach to treatment is central to the practice of nursing. Watson invented a structure for understanding nursing simply by developing the ten carative factors. The word carative is utilized instead of preventive to emphasize the distinction among nursing and medicine.

According to Blais and Hayes (2011): Watson considers her work to be a philosophical and moral/ethical foundation pertaining to professional medical and section of the central focus for medical at the disciplinary level. It provides a require both the skill and science that embraces and intersects with art, science, humanities, spirituality, and new dimensions of mind-body-spirit medicine and nursing. (p. 109)

Madeline Leininger was the founder of transcultural nursing jobs. Leininger described human nurturing within the framework of tradition. She acknowledged that there was clearly a lack of understanding among healthcare professionals in regards to just how different ethnic backgrounds afflicted human actions. She discovered that attention and values about health insurance and illness will be imbedded inside the values, worldviews and life patterns of folks (Cohen 1991). Leininger like Watson likewise viewedcaring since the essence of breastfeeding and unique to the occupation. However , your woman emphasized the aspects of proper care within a cultural context. Blais and Hayes explain that central to Leininger’s theory is the perception that civilizations have variations in their ways of perceiving, knowing, and rehearsing care although that there are also commonalities regarding care between cultures (p 109).

A core basic principle of Watson’s (2008) theory is that healthcare professionals have a moral dedication to form transpersonal relationships with others. Healthcare professionals, “seek to recognize, honor, and accurately detect the soul of the other through genuine presencing, being centered, available in the now-moment (p 81). It is vital for healthcare professionals to be present in the moment when caring for their particular patients. They should be mindful of what exactly they are doing is to do it in order to care. Furthermore, the very occurrence of a nurturing nurse could be the difference between hope and despair. This aspect of patient is especially significant when working with children who have long-term medical conditions and their families. College nurses provides this type of care by being interested with the family and learning precisely what is unique about their child. In the matter of children with developmental disabilities, although there is simply no cure with their condition, nurses can give attention to the improvement they are producing in their daily lives thus giving families a feeling of hope and support.

Leininger believes which the goal of healthcare employees should be to operate toward understanding of care plus the values, well being beliefs, and lifestyles of different cultures, that can form the basis for featuring culture-specific proper care (Blais and Hayes, 2011). Culturally proficient school nurse are aware and respectful of the importance of the values, morals, traditions, persuits and parenting styles of your children and households they serve. They also should be aware of the effect of their communications with others and consider all of these elements into account when planning care for kids and their families. For example , with an rising number of Spanish-speaking immigrants inside the school program, school nursing staff should offer educational crafted materials in Spanish as well as English and utilize interpraters to connect pertinent health related information to Spanish-speaking people.

School nurses may face families whom do notbelieve in immunizing their children as a result of religious morals. It is the duty of school nursing staff to provide education about the potential risks and great things about immunizations and attempt to correct any misinformation or misperceptions that may are present. If the family members makes the best decision to never immunize their child, their spiritual beliefs should be respected as well as the child ought to be protected coming from communicable disorders. Furthermore, universities should provide frequent in-service programs upon cultural expertise. By respecting the principles, beliefs and cultures of individuals, healthcare professionals can continue to offer holistic and competent attention to their patients in all aspects of nursing.

The nursing hypotheses of Blue jean Watson and Madeleine Leininger identify the act of caring because unique for the nursing career. Nurses ought to continue to strive to provide holistic and personalized care that transcends ethnic boundaries. In so doing the role of the health professional will remain a continuing in the swiftly changing world of healthcare.


Blais, K. K. & Hayes J. T. (2011). Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and Perspectives (6th ed). Uppr Saddle Riv, NJ: Pearson Health Research Cohen, J. (1991). Two portraits of caring: a comparison of the music artists, Lenininger and Watson. Record of Advanced Nursing, 18, 899-909. Watson, J. (2008). Nursing: The philosophy and science of caring (rev. ed. ). Boulder, CO: University Press of Co.


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