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The impact of liquor sponsorship of sporting

Study Problem

This research study is designed to decide the effects for the perceptions of alcohol among Australian kids caused by liquor sponsorship of sporting clubs and events.


The seeks of this study are to decide:

¢How young Australians perceive liquor and what effects sport sponsorship is wearing these awareness ¢Attitudes towards alcohol consumption and just how these are effected by sport sponsorship


Although research has recently been conducted internationally there is no Australian research reviewing this issue in the Australian culture.

This study establishes the text between alcoholic beverages sponsorship of Australian sporting events and the perceptions and perceptions held by Australian teens towards liquor. The research will likely determine whether a greater impact is experienced on men than females or the other way round and how the end results differ according to age and social demographics. It is important to ascertain whether alcohol sponsorship of sporting events can be contributing to the development of alcohol related problems and alcoholism in order to assess if further limitations need to be set up.

Literature Review

There may be much opinion surrounding the void of alcohol companies sponsoring showing off teams and events. A large number of groups assume that a ban similar to that added to tobacco businesses should be added to alcohol corporations (Jones, 2010) given that alcoholic beverages companies take advantage of the association with elite players and the perception of a healthier lifestyle (Rehm & Kanteres, 2008). Whilst concerns will be expressed coming from sporting body that the significant loss of earnings which could result from banning alcohol sponsorships outweighs any kind of social rewards; a solution was found to get lapsed smoking cigarettes sponsorships that were replaced simply by health promo organizations (D’Arcy, et al., 1997).

Many similarities have been completely drawn between tobacco and alcohol sponsors and some research workers have advised that thesponsorships act as promoting targeted at kids and children (Ledwith, 1984; Maher, Pat, Signal, & Thomson, 2006). There is continue to insufficent data to determine the a result of alcohol sponsorshi p about children’s behaviour towards alcohol; however sponsorship does permit advertising during children’s browsing times, not otherwise authorized (Jones, 2010). This review looks at research on equally alcohol and tobacco sponsors of sporting events from several countries and exactly how they have afflicted views of alcohol and tobacco companies, athletes and social norms.

There is significant evidence to suggest that the partnership between alocohol and sport influences the attitudes and behaviours of sports supporters; Nelson & Weschler (2003) found that young sports fans drink significantly more alcohol and experience more alcohol-related complications. While Williams (2010) identified the relationship between alcohol and sport being a key cvontributor to alcohol related injury in Australia. They have also been discovered that alcohol marketing influences young peoples’ consuming intentions (Stacy, Zogg, Unger, & Dent, 2004) and perceptions of drinking as being a normative behaviour (Caswell, 1995). For these reasons television set advertising simply by alcohol corporations is not really permitted during children’s observing times; even so loophole exists which allows for an exception during sporting events televised during these time periods on saturdays and sundays and general public holidays (Jones, 2010). This can be a major motivation for alcoholic beverages companies to sponsor sporting teams and events; additionally they are able to enhance their image by associating which has a healthy activity which can frequently obscure the health risks connected with consumption of their products (McDaniel & Heald, 2000; Maher, Wilson, Sign, & Thomson, 2006; Rehm & Kanteres, 2008). Crompton (1993, g. 162) disagrees that support by liquor companies helps bring about the image that alcohol is usually “not different from soft drinks, and its negative consequences just like traffic fatalities, domestic violenmce, physical deterioration and pregnancy risks happen to be ignored.

Liquor companies argue that their sponsorship and promoting do not target viewers below tha regarding 18 (Jones, 2010) and further that they have no effect beyond brand turning amongst current drinkers (Crompton, 1993). This was supported by Smart (1988), who have found that advertising?uvre had very little impact on overall sale of alcohol and alcohol advertising expenses have no result ib total alcoholsales. Despite much argument to the conundrum of alcoholic beverages sponsoring sports; event organisers and sports organizations happen to be strongly against letting go ofone with the major item categories connected with sports support. It is estimated that alcohol companies account for nearly 10% of total sports support in Australia; more than $50 million per annum (Jones, 2010). Sports organizations likewise suggest that with no funding furnished by alcohol sponsorships many community programs could suffer, having an overall negative effect on areas (McDaniel & Mason, 1999). There are numerous observed differences between alcohol and tobacco goods; specifically that alcohol is not harmful in moderation (Sheehan, 1989), total advertising?uvre do not can be found for alcohol companies because they do intended for tobacco (Jones, 2010)and that society locates alcohol businesses more palatable than smoking cigarettes companies as sponsors (McDaniel & Mason, 1999).

Naturally, many teams are asking for bans being placed on alcoholic beverages sponsorships comparable to those placed on tobacco businesses in the 1980’s and 90’s. The debate from wearing organizations that no such ban would be viablew devoid of providing all of them access to the same alternate way to obtain revenue was also put forawrd when confronted with bans on tobacco companies. The solution supplied was to divert some of the earnings from fees on cigarette products offered into state based health promotion businesses, such as VicHealth in Victoria, which provided sponsorship money to organizarions previously paid by cigarette companies (D’Arcy, et ing., 1997). Not only does this ensured that sporting orgnizations did not undergo any economic loss but also offered direct access pertaining to the health promo organizations to individuals directly targeted by cigarettes advertsing to deliver an anti-smoking message. A similar solution can be available in the truth of liquor sponsorships provided the already established companies and the advanced of taxation placed on alcohol products bought from Australia.

During your time on st. kitts is facts to suggest that sports enthusiasts are more likely to take in alcohol (Nelson & Weschler, 2003) and this alcohol companies use sponsorship of sports to minimise the association of alcoholic beverages with the sociable problems that contributes to (Maher, Wilson, Transmission, & Thomson, 2006) it can be still not clear what thinking and behaviours are straight attributeable towards the relationship among alcohol and sports. Rehm &Kanteres (2008) identify an assocation among sponsorship and problem dirnking and Roberts (2010) cite a connection among sponsorship and alcohol related harm; nevertheless there is no empirical evidence that children and adolescents may develop alcoholic beverages related challenges as response to the connection between alcohol and sporting events.

Jones (2010) identified three important considerations; if sports sponsorship enables the alcohol market to target fresh drinkers, whether a connection among sport and alcohol is suitable and finally if the ban in alcohol support is economically viable for sporting organizations. The case study of restricted tobacco benefactors suggest that it really is financially feasible; however , problem still is still as to whether or perhaps not it is crucial. Further studies required to decide the degree to which alcohol sponsorship of sporting events influences the attitudes and behaviors of young people. This includes revierwing if the message sent by these benefactors encourages irresponsible drinking behaviors, such as beverage driving and vioelnce and also if extra alcohol sales are resultant from advertising and marketing or simply manufacturer switching and product dedication amongst existing drinkers.


This research project will adopt a survey strategy; as the investigation will deal predominantly with quantitative data the use of surveys is the most effective method. Online surveys are also best suited when dealing with large and geographically wide populations; in cases like this across the entire country of Australia. The use of a questionnaire is an ideal way to gather information on demographics, attitudes to alcohol, engagement and involvement with sporting events and the associated with alcohol support on thinking towards alcoholic beverages.

Data Collection Methods

Given the top population from the research your data will be accumulated using a customer survey and Likert scale. This can be a most appropriate info collection strategy to accompany the survey method selected. The questionnaire can assess demographic characteristics such as age, sexuality and postcode. A Likert scale will then be used to decide perceptions and attitudesregarding alcoholic beverages, sport, marketing and sponsorship. The use of these kinds of data collection methods is the most appropriate approach to gather significant data from the large human population and ensure that it is easily construed.


The framework of this examine will include Aussie high school students; a simple random test will be used by simply assigning just about every secondary institution in Australia several and selecting 20 randomly. If any school diminishes to participate additional schools will be picked at random until a sample of 10000 pupils or more continues to be achieved. The use of a probability based simple random sample is known as a more appropriate testing technique than using a non-probability method since it ensures that an absolute representation in the population is given. Having the sample representative of the population is very important in order to generate data which may be generalized to the entire human population. Demographics of participants will probably be recorded to be able to record what effects these kinds of may have got on responses; however no demographics will probably be specifically targeted through sampling techniques.

Data Analysis

The data will be analysed in 3 stages; first students’ attitudes towards alcohol, then their behaviour towards sporting events and finally the influence alcoholic beverages sponsorship of sporting events affects their attitude towards liquor. By analysing the data in this way students thinking towards equally alcohol and sport will be analysed independently before staying compared to be able to determine what romance exists together. These effects will then be compared against market statistics collected through the study.

Ethical Considerations

It is important to ensure that all questions posed inside the questionnaire happen to be neither biased nor leading and must also be nonambiguous. This helps to ensure that accurate and informed responses are given by simply all participants.

Validity and Reliability

By using a huge random test it is guaranteed that any biases or externaleffects will be minimized and repeating the same survey utilizing a different unique sample might generate the same results. The review is also built to understand the thinking of Australian high school students, aiming directly while using aim of the analysis. The study can also be carried out more than a 12 month time period, employing time triangulation to further assure reliability.


The issue of alcohol support of sports continues to be a divisive concern. It has been founded that this kind of sponsorships let alcohol firms to gain recognition amongst kids and children in ways not really otherwise possible given restrictions on classic advertising. There is also widespread matter that a interconnection between the health advantages of sport and physical activity and alcohol companies face masks the negative social and physical wellness affects that can be caused by alcohol. However , it remains uncertain to what degree these sponsors influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people.

Through surveying a random sample of Aussie high school students research would identify their attitude and contact with sporting events, their very own perceptions and attitudes towards alcohol and what interconnection exists involving the two as a result of sponsorship and association. A sizable sample and longitudinal examine ensure sufficient reliability and triangulation of the data, restoration clear and non-biased concerns are used the survey continues to be ethical and valid and finally the recording of demographics helps to establish whether certain age range or genders are more likely to become affected. This research creates upon existing research, adding a new aspect by looking on the attitudes of young people straight exposed to alcoholic beverages sponsorship and advertising.


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