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The individuals who remain in electrical power and

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Without any questions, television is considered the most widely used multimedia to gain information. But in spite of the significant part played by the compelling digital, some television shows has brought up some moral concerns more especially those inside the entertainment discipline. This newspaper reveals the dirty traits individuals possess to remain in power and the manipulation in the journalistic sincerity. At the price of other people, some individuals take part in all type of actions that are morally incorrect.

One particular television show which has grabbed an area in Netflix is the “House of Playing cards. ” Time of year one, instance one of this TV show delivers the political world in the stage and captures the viewers’ creativeness into a real-life situation. In season one, House of Cards, instance one, the primary character inside the film is Francis Underwood who brings to the limelight the issue of national politics, race and gender, problem, and honesty in journalism (House of Cards and Philosophy Journal, 1-2). Outspoken Underwood is known as a morally negative person who issues the moral realism from the show. In fact , the TV demonstrate depicts him as a manipulative and deadly person.

In time one, event one of this kind of TV show, Congressman Frank Underwood helps in campaigning for the president whom promises him an exec position the moment he ascends to power. But sadly, the situation fails to unfold as planned and we see Mister. Underwood slipping a sufferer of betrayal, failing to obtain the Secretary of Condition appointment. That is when the theatre begins to occur with callous themes while “Underwood tries to use his influential location to vengeance against individuals who made him fail to attain the power by making use of his better half, Claire Underwood, and a political news reporter Zoe Barnes. “

Different characters in the series together with the leading jobs in time one, instance one invariably is an ambitious small journalist referred to as Zoe Barnes, Frank Underwoods wife referred to as Claire Underwood, and Philip Russo, Congressman from Pa (Green, 1). In period one, the principal aspect that comes away is the betrayal. The Director, Mr. Walker, fails to prize the arrangement to designate Frank while the Secretary of State. Instead, he nominates Senator Michael Kernel. That is when Frank and his partner try to find revenge against Walker.

The moral dilemma in House of cards season a single, episode one is manipulation and murder which usually occurs the moment Underwood tries to get him self close to the leader with a aim of attaining a cabinet location. The first instance of manipulation in season a single, episode 6 occurs when Congressman Philip Russo gets arrested inside car using a prostitute. The aspect of corruption and bribery arises in this season a single as Outspoken offers to assist Peter Russo cover the incident simply by bribing the authorities for swapping his dedication.

An additional instance of manipulation takes place in period one, episode one the moment Underwood begins a symbiotic relationship having a young political journalist, Zoe Barnes, in helping him undermine the President’s choose for Admin of condition (Green, 3). Congressman Underwood says, “Everything is about love-making, except love-making which is regarding power. inches He feeds false stories to the media reporter against Mr. Walker to trigger his downfall, and he performs this due to his lust for power. Inside my observation, a journalist will need to exercise proper virtue ethics and should not really allow any manipulative means to cross their line of responsibility.

The idea that pertains to the House of cards period one is utilitarianism which is a ordre ethical theory that focuses on how the action of one individual results in the outcomes that impact the whole contemporary society (Smith 453-463). Smith further more suggests that we can apply the principle of utility internally of credit cards to particular actions simply by Underwood just like his manipulative means to settle back or the general rule consisting of how his influence affects the contemporary society directly.

According to the basic principle of utilitarianism, the right work is the one which brings about the best results (Ladd 467-496). This policy may be used to determine the validity of rules of conduct or the moral principles in ‘House of Cards. ‘Thus, the ideal and wrong actions obtain defined as pursuing or breaking those rules. For instance, Underwood saw that appropriate to create unjust rules for an overall achievement of cultivated happiness at the expenditure of mistreating some individuals. “He manipulates Philip Russo into helping him undermine Walker’s pick intended for Secretary of State. inches Russo previously knew his fate, and while Underwood hard disks him residence, he requires him, “When has the help ever before helped me? inches When Russo tries to appear clean regarding his romance with Underwood’s schemes, Underwood kills him and alleges suicide since the cause of his death. It absolutely was his program all along, to create a vacancy in a politics office so that he will effect Walker to nominate him as the Vice President.

Another aspect of the Utilitarian theory occurs in House of Cards, time of year one, episode one if a young media reporter, Zoe, continues investigating Underwood’s scheme. Like a protective evaluate, Underwood fishing bait Zoe to a secure Local area station without eyewitnesses or perhaps security camerasand pushes her to an onset train. Honest breaks the principles at the expense of choosing individual’s your life for the achievement of his total happiness. Following Zoe’s loss of life, the entire group that was conducting the investigation abandons the quest, and that leaves Frank fortunate to continue along with his manipulation plan.

One more incredible theory that we can get from the ‘House of Cards’season one, event four is definitely the element of feminist ethics. Aristotle states that males are by nature excellent and women inferior. Rousseau also says that women do incorrect to complain of the inequality of human-made laws (Fieser and Stumpf 274-278). This is simply not surprising information in the House of Cards. Women in this present have experienced significantly coming from threats, constraints, rape, splendour, diminished autonomy, and even fatality. For instance, Outspoken Underwood’s surge to important roles occurs as a result of this kind of exploitation. This individual exploits ladies, kill strangers so that his family can survive and also prosper in life.

In the ‘House of Cards’ TV series, period one describes Frank’s better half, Claire, like a co-conspirator in advancing her husband’s system. Apparently, Expresse brings the aspect of feminist ethics through the terrible points she truly does to additional female heroes. In the Tv program, Claire illegitimately cancels the insurance of the former staff with a target of denying her medication for her baby needs. The lady does to leverage the girl in making her wrongful-termination lawsuit go away. Within instance, Clairette knows that her husband is definitely sleeping with a 22-year-old journalist with a great intention to persuade her to drop the investigation. Clairette is ok with her husband’s want to destroy the young media reporter, and this individual finally murders her, a disorder in which Expresse could have averted to protect a fellow girl.

One more significant illustration of feminist ethics happens when Expresse pretends to befriend the first female and tells her that she is being unfaithful with the chief executive to help her husbands downfall because president. Based on the feminist integrity, Claire’s patterns suggests that what motivates her actions is definitely power in search of (Held 68). Seemingly, Expresse seeks to progress her husband’s political job at all cost which include her determination to lay, destroy lives, destroy jobs, destroy the life of a womans fetus, drive people to suicide, and avoid promoting women who her husband strategies to eliminate to maintain his lust pertaining to power.

Underwood’s wife also appears to lack cardiovascular after all. She fires fifty percent her personnel from her environmental firm. Furthermore, Expresse schemes her husband’sDelaware Lake bill for her selfish gain. At the end of season one, Claire gets sued pertaining to wrongful end of contract by a past employee. That forces her to visit a physician to investigate possible fertility treatment.


As evidenced in House of Cards TV show, season 1, episode one particular ” 13, human beings have limitless aspirations in politics. Frank Underwood is a morallylousy person who manipulates and killers other people intended for selfish interest. The activities hecommits are ethically wrong. On the other hand, in line with the feminist perspective, Claire can be an ethically bad figure because in addition, she makes ethically wrong decisions from keeping quest over sexual accusations to arranging the environment bill’s failure.

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