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The legendary poem beowulf written in old the

hristianmonks around 750 AD, is a wonderful adventure tale about a warrior who

gets rid of ferocious creatures. The use of explanation and imagery enlivens

the storyplot, making it possible for a reader to really see in his or her

mind the characters and events. Metaphors, exaggeration, and

alliteration will be three equipment that with each other allow the target audience to

experience this poem which is quite different than most other poems.

A metaphor is a physique of conversation in which a phrase or key phrase that

normally means a very important factor is put on another thing to suggest a

likeness between two. Metaphors are used thoroughly throughout the

poem to fresh paint a more colourful picture in the listeners head. These

metaphors are used in phrases known as kennings. A kenning is known as a

descriptive, poetical expression used instead of a simple name for the

person or thing. Beowulf is rarely called by his real name.

Rather there are many kennings referring to him, such as: Knight in shining armor of

the Weders, The Son of Ecgtheow, The Geatish main character, and The God of

the Seamen. These kinds of kennings identify Beowulf to us towards a more interesting

way than just declaring the hard details. Without these kennings Beowulf

will be less interesting and we might learn significantly less about him. Any person

would say that describing or referring to a person simply by his or her identity

over and over again is boring. So the use of kennings and metaphors is

extremely important in this long epic poem.

Exaggeration is yet another device to create Beowulf an even more

interesting, enjoyable, and dramatic poem. For instance , even though

this kind of story is a fantasy, it is difficult to believe the character of

Beowulf could kill a monster just like Grendel together with his bare

hands. Exaggerating Beowulfs bravery makes the story more exciting.

Another exaggeration accustomed to convince us how great the hero is usually, is the

verse, Over all the earth, or between seas, as well as Or beneath the

heaven, not any hero was greater. (671-672). This dazzles the listener with

Beowulfs bravery. His bravery is definitely again overstated when he jumps in the

swamp wearing hefty armor to fight and kill Grendels mother. It is

unlikely even a strong soldier could win a battle with a she-monster in

a great underwater give with a damaged sword. Nonetheless it adds to the pleasure.

In the line The head of Grendel, with heavy work, / Four of the

stoutest, with all their strength, / Could hardly carry on unsteadiness spear

as well as Grendels go to the gold-decked hall. (1109-1112) exaggerations happen to be

made regarding the size and weight with the monsters head. Again, this

portrays a more gruesome and dramatic field to the audience


Alliteration, which is repeating similar sound, usually a

consonant, at the beginning of words or in accented syllables, gives

this kind of story a far more poetic sound. Alliteration likewise helped the scops or

storytellers in memorizing the tales. Samples of alliteration may be

found through the poem such as, The Hall of the Center, His promise, give your word

and assure, Dragging the dead guys home to his den, Fitted and

furnished, and Showed sea-cliffs shining. This product adds creativeness

and rhythm to the composition. It helps it be more amusing to read, speak, or

pay attention to such a lengthy story.

Metaphors in the kennings, exaggerations, and alliteration all

aid in developing brilliant descriptions and imagery to entertain and

beautifully tell the story of Beowulf. Imagery, figures of speech that

help the brain to form pictures, are through the entire poem. One of the

strongest illustrations was identified where it reads, The demon delayed not

yet quickly clutched / A sleeping thane in his speedy assault, / Tore him

in parts, bit throughout the bones, as well as Gulped the blood, and gobbled the

skin, / Greedily gorged on the lifeless cadaver, (558-563). This is the

image of Grendel killing one of the soldiers just before his fatal fight with

Beowulf. Great detailed passages are found about Grendels swamp-home

talking about it since, ^a dismal covert as well as Of trees and shrubs that hung over hoary

stone, as well as Over churning water and bloodstained trend. (926-928), ^The

water boiled in a bloody swirling (933) ^The going swimming forms of

sea-dragons, / Dim serpent shapes in the watery depths. These are generally the

pictures that nightmares are made of.

In comparison to our modern day fiction, Beowulf might seem wordy

and lengthy but when a reader takes time to savor the graphic

descriptions, vivid imagery, clever alliteration, and amazing

exaggerations one can possibly understand how this thirteen hundred-year-old epic

poem has survived through the years. It truly is beautifully and creatively

written and offers therefore was the test of time intended for the reader or maybe the


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