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The lehman brothers organization essay

#2 – That which was the traditions at Lehman Brothers just like?

The Lehman Brothers lifestyle was among reward and greed. All their reward tradition actually encouraged unethical patterns. The bigger the chance, the bigger the reward. Nobody seemed to want to take responsibility or be in charge of the dishonest behaviors with their employees. “Lehman repeatedly surpassed its own interior risk restrictions and handles, and an array of bad telephone calls by the management led to the bank’s failure. ” (Robbins 147) There were zero control measures or the control measures that have been in place had been lacking.

The structure was apparently extremely informal and errors in checks and balances were ignored.

How did this culture contribute to the company’s downfall? Finally, somebody spoke up, someone been vocal their concern about the problems with the company. The company found themselves within a hole and so deep that they could not rise out of and filed for bankruptcy, this brought light towards the misrepresentation with the finances and inappropriate accounting practices.

The company overlooked warnings from the very employee put in place to guarantee the validity of controls. They will ignored their particular moral compass and continuing practice unethical behaviors that contributed to you can actually downfall.

#3 – What role would Lehman’s executive play in the company’s collapse?

The executives set the tone for dishonest behavior. The Valukas’s report stated the executives built the problem more serious because their particular conduct arranged the develop for the other workers to follow. Underhanded behaviors begets unethical patterns. The professionals were leading by case and recognized well the inequities that were going on inside the company, but turned a blind attention because that may be how they did business.

Were they being responsible and ethical? Talk about

The definition of Ethics-Principles, ideals, and morals that define what is right and wrong patterns (Robbins 130). The degree of the actions of the organization was the actual opposite of ethical. These individuals lacked had been corrupted as well as the organizational framework of praise encouraged underhanded acts. They will even failed to fully recognize or take responsibility for their behavior as well as the demise from the company.

#5 – After all the public uproar over Enron and then the passage from the Sarbanes-Oxley Action to protect shareholders, why do you consider we even now continue to observe these types of scenarios?

Unethical people feel they can be above the law. They believe their unethical behavior is justified by bottom line. Folks who speak away are not completely protected via retaliation and lose their jobs and/or so ostracized they give up. Although the whistle-blower law is place the safeguard is missing. Many personnel who have stepped into the spotlight and revealed wrongdoings for their corporations have been fired, let go using their jobs or quit because of the stress related to the incidents.

Could it be unreasonable to anticipate that businesses can and really should act ethically?

No . Many businesses promote positive working environments. The company’s responsibility is to promote and take action ethically enabling employees to follow suit. Managers need to produce and inspire a culture where unfortunate thing can be observed and served on just before it’s past too far. Ethical schooling and repeated communication will ensure the company continually promote and uphold large ethical requirements. If the firm focuses on moral leadership the corporation will be honest and lucrative.

Robbins, Stephen P., Mary Coulter. Supervision, 11th Copy. Pearson Learning Solutions, 12/2010. VitalBook record.

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