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The location of new zealand essay

The Location of New Zealand

By Clayton Brown


Period several

February twenty-five, 1996

The well-known region of New Zealand is a small , and resourceful land

located one particular, 000 mls off Australias south east coast. Fresh Zealand has a

impressive economy that is escalating, a physical panorama that appeals to

people via around the globe, and although small , New Zealand is a highly regarded

nation because of its advanced world and stable government. The geography of

this esteemed nation may be described through five principal categories, the

physical geography, the ethnic geography, the citizens standard of living

the government, and the nations economy.

New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, with a complete

location of 37 degrees south long, to forty eight degrees southern region longitude and 167

deg east latitude to 177 degrees east latitude. It is composed of two major

islands called the North and To the south Islands, plus the total area area of the nation

approximately divided equally between the two destinations, is ciento tres, 470 sq . miles.

Remarkably, only two percent from the land region is fertile. New Zealand has an

great quantity of all-natural resources, describing why the nation is so prosperous

compared to additional nations. These resources incorporate fertile grazing land, olive oil

and gas, iron, coal, timber, and excellent sportfishing waters.

Fresh Zealands local climate is basically moderate year round as a result of

nearby marine that manages the local climate. New Zealand enjoys a marine western world coast

weather, that typically produces sixty to 80 degree conditions in January

and forty to 59 degree temperatures in This summer. Because it is between the

sea, New Zealand receives tremendous quantities of precipitation on both island destinations.

The average annual precipitation within the North Isle is twenty five to fourty inches

and on the South Island it can be forty to fifty in .. This climate produces

combined forests, mid-latitude deciduous jungles, and temperate grassland

vegetation. The terrain is centered by meadows, pastures, solid wood lands, and a

tiny chain of mountains referred to as the The southern area of Alps. The land is definitely blanketed with

small waterways that drain the highlands and vacant into the water. The

extraordinary diversity in the physical location found in america

seems to have been duplicated with this relatively small country, in which the ski

ski slopes and the beach locations may be just an hour apart.

The ethnic geography of recent Zealand is definitely not as varied as its physical

geography. Currently 3, 547, 983 people live in Fresh Zealand, although 83. 7 percent of

the population live in urbanized areas. The chief towns, each containing more

than one hundred 1000 people, are Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Manukau

and Wellington. The average population per sq mile is merely 34, nonetheless it is

growing due to a 0. 8 percent natural growth rate. Keeping in mind that only 2

percent of the area is fertile, the crop land every capita can be described as meager 0. 125 quadrat

per person. Significant portions of recent Zealand will be devoted to lamb stations, intended for

there are even more sheep in New Zealand than people.

The official terminology of New Zealand is The english language, although a small

percentage from the people speak Maori, the native terminology. Somewhat

corresponding to the terminology groups, the religious make up is 52 percent

Christian, 15 percent Roman Catholic, and 33 percent unspecified or none. The

region takes pride within a 99. 9 percent literacy rate having an excellent

education system. The whole nation is located in a single time zone that would

record 6: 00 A. M. if the amount of time in Amarillo, Arizona was noonday noontide, meridian. From the countrys

cultural location, it could be believed that the country would like a good

standard of living. In year 1994 the gross national item of New Zealand was a

huge 56. 4 billion United States dollars, producing a per capita income of

$16, 640. For each 3. 2 people there exists a television, and then for every installment payments on your 2 people

there is a mobile phone, meaning you will discover over a couple of, 600, 500 televisions and

telephones in New Zealand. Fortunately, 99. 8 percent of the people are able to

enjoy safe drinking water, including the natives who have live in country areas.

New Zealand has a superb medical care industry that serves as a paragon

for the rest of the globe. There are at present 11, 335 physicians and 31, 122

hospital bedrooms in New Zealand, to get an sufficient ratio of one physician per 313 people

and one hospital pickup bed per 114 people. The population of New Zealand is offered

with lots of food and a healthy diet, the average person receives

around 3, two hundred fifity calories per day. New Zealand has among the highest existence

expectancies in the entire world, that being 74 for men, 80 for women, and 77

for just about any person. Regrettably, AIDS is a growing injury in New Zealand that

continue to be spread by a phenomenal charge. There have been three or more, 548 SUPPORTS cases

reported, affecting a single out of every one particular, 000 individuals with the symptoms, not to

mention the countless numbers more afflicted with the HIV virus.

New Zealands authorities has written for its amazing standard of

living. Fresh Zealand obtained independence through the United Kingdom in September

dua puluh enam, 1907. The federal government was placed in Wellington, on the North Island, and

continue to remains there today while the capital. The government is a constitutional

monarchy that was designed to look like the United Kingdom government. It

involves an professional branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, and a King

and Queen employed only as figureheads. The armed forces is split up into three

branches, the New Zealand army, the Royal New Zealand Navy blue, and the Noble New

Zealand Air Force. There are 742, 871 men fit pertaining to military support

but just 10, five-hundred active troops in service.

New Zealand includes a flourishing economic climate that is based upon three primary

economic actions, livestock elevating, farming, and foreign trade. The economy

is nearly completely dependent upon the export of goods, including wool, lamb

mutton, gound beef, fish, and forestry products. Twenty percent in the exports go to

Australia, 15 percent to Japan, 12 percent towards the U. T., 6 percent to the U. K.

and 47 percent to other countries. Fresh Zealands financial unit may be the New

Zealand dollar, as well as the exchange rate is 1 ) 46 D. Z. us dollars equals 1 U. H. dollar.

With a 6. two percent monetary growth rate, New Zealand could soon have one from the

top five economies in the world.

New Zealand is probably the worlds best countries, due to its

exquisite scenery and excellent economy. With an excellent regular of

living, perfect weather, and regal terrain, New Zealand for many individuals is an

ideal destination to live. Annually hundreds of thousands of folks tour New

Zealand just to catch a glimpse of what various proclaim being paradise, and after

researching this kind of report, I actually intend to at some point be among those tourists.

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