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The metaphors of africa essay

“The Metaphors of Africa”

“Wishing Africa” is known as a poem by which many thought provoking metaphors are used

to make it come alive by giving someone great pictures. First of all just what

metaphor? A metaphor is actually a figure of speech which make comparison among two unlike

things, without using the words like or as. Marilyn Brooks utilizes metaphor to form

one of the most interesting and dramatic poems.

The importance of this composition lies within the

There are metaphors all through out “Wishing Africa, but the former is not really a

metaphor yet a simile becuase with the use of the phrase as. “The wind delicate as

Queen Annes lace” (4) may be the first simile in the poem. This collection is significant because it

helps to let the reader feel the composition, to feel Africa. It shows the gentle ways of the

environment, or the peacefulness of The african continent.

This helps to show how come the poetic voice

would like to go back. Another metaphor inside the stanza can be, “The ladies bodies had been

variable as coral” (9). This is one of the most imaginative lines in the poem. It gives the

feeling of beauty, as if swimming underwater in the Great Hurdle Reef, taking a look at all the

amazing creatures.

This is significant because the poetic voice is trying to show how

great and wonderful Africa was. In addition, it serves as a great illustration of the differences

between not just the women, but likewise ways of pondering. The woman might represent

different experiences the poetic voice has had seeing that leaving The african continent which has improved its

brain about the country and wishes it could go back there only one more time. Or they

could represent the various parts of Africa that the poetic voice yearns for so much.

Another stanza is known as a transition from your first. “I am threaded / with pale veins”

(13-14) is a first metaphor in the stanza. This is used to show so why the graceful voice

are not able to not return to the country it longs for. The words “threaded” (13) and “pale veins”

are the important concepts inside the metaphor.

The word “threaded” (13) shows the image of pain.

There are many possible factors behind the pain, the only limit is the visitors

imagination. Also, when a bit of clothe is manufactured, many bits of thread are threaded

together, and there is no way to get a solitary thread away without destroying the whole part

of clothe itself. Probably the poetic voice is saying there is no way that they can get away

via his “pale veins” or perhaps past, his past being his heritage or skin tone.

The term “pale”

(14) is used to illustrate that the poetic voice is white colored. It could be that he (poetic voice)

was a slave owner or trader mainly because it was in The african continent and now this realizes that what it would was

certainly not right and is grief troubled. The next metaphor in the second stanza is, “I am full with

dying” (15). The key terminology here is naturally, “full of dying” (15).

This kind of illustrates

the poetic voices sorrow intended for leaving Africa or his sadness pertaining to doing what he would while

in Africa. Think of staying full with something, that something is all you think about, most

you know. Now think about getting “full of dying, ” all the poetic voice considers is

fatality and that torments him everyday. Or maybe the poetic voice killed many Africans

during his stay there and now that haunts him every second of his life as he tries to escape

The initial metaphor inside the third stanza is, “I grew meats in the earths blond aspect


The key concepts are “grew meat” (25) and “earths blond part (25). This

shows one aspect of the particular poetic tone did although in Africa. “Grew meat, ” (25) means

that he (the poetic voice) was a plantation owner that owned slaves, that grew fruit, therefore

the word beef, the fleshy part of the fruits. “Blond aspect of the earth, ” (25) refers to the

sunny or perhaps tropical environment of The african continent.

The writer used these kinds of terms since they trigger

thought and feeling with in poem by giving the reader the sense that the earth is alive. “I

did it every with very little bloody stitching, ” (26) is the next metaphor. This kind of metaphor is usually

significant since it again shows the graceful voices misery and repent. These “bloody

stitches, (25) maybe the slaves the poetic tone of voice used to do his work in The african continent.


real terms “bloody stitches” delivers a whole different feeling to the poem.

This kind of feelings greatly contrast coming from those of the first stanza. Bowering uses these phrases

because they will suggest discomfort and struggling. The pain and struggling that the graceful voice

experiences everyday of his existence due to the specifics of what he would while in Africa.

Bowering uses the next line again to so, just how the graceful voice is definitely unhappy with

what this individual did in Africa. “I am scented with computer virus, ” (31) is the following metaphor. The main element

terms inside the line happen to be “scented” (35) and “virus” (35). The word “scented” is employed to show

thatthe poetic tone is tainted with what this individual did in Africa and cannot move away from it

like “scented” by a skunk.

The word “virus” is used becuase whenever a computer virus is believed

of loss of life closely associated with it. The poetic words used Africans and wiped out Africans to do his

light man’s job. Again, the next line are not actually a metaphor due to word

while, (it can be described as simile), nonetheless it is vital towards the poem. “I am light as a geisha/ my root base

indiscriminate” (35-36), this series again dates back to the colour of the graceful voices pores and skin.

The image of the “geisha” (35) is used because it is a flower with white colored flowers. Bowering

continually introduces the image of white (referring to skin color) because it is key to

understand the poem to know that the poetic voice is known as a white person. The additional key

principles here are “my roots indiscriminate” (36). Bowering is trying to demonstrate that the

graceful voice is usually lost or confused.

The word “roots” (36) can there be to illustrate the graceful

voices family line. Again, all of us as viewers, are not sure his earlier, but every one of the metaphors and

simile assistance to give a picture of the actual situation could be. The term “indiscriminate” is

important because it implies that the graceful voice doesnt know in which he comes from and

therefore will not know where to go now.

Mayrilyn Bowering used many metaphors to make the poem “Wishing Africa.

These kinds of metaphors open and associated with poem come alive with every expression. She makesyou

as the reader, think. The metaphors likewise make the audience feel the power of the words because

the arrive off the webpage and with your mind. Bowering’s “Wishing Africa” contains several

very innovative and mind opening metaphors.


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