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The pearl by david steinbeck dissertation

Kino, the key character in the novel “The Pearl” can be an example of a common man confronted with the daily concerns and dangers of living in poverty. In the first place to the end of the new Kino develops drastically. At the start of the book he is shown to be a kind and constant husband but since the story proceeds he becomes an ‘animal, ‘ a person whom is definitely driven by simply greed and willing do anything for cash.

When the tale begins, Kino is a man perfectly quite happy with his scenario despite the not enough material assets; he desires nothing more than in order to support his family.

After having a scorpion stings Coyotito, Kino’s only child, he prays that this individual could find a pearl to cover the physician’s fees.

Following many extended stays of looking the sea floors, Kino locates a spectacular pearl, one that only dreams are created from. At first, Kino only would like to pay the doctor’s fees and get rid of his kid.

Yet , as time passes Kino begins to imagine all the magic he can possess with the money he’ll receive when he markets the pearl. He believes of his son Coyotito going to institution. Kino feels that his son should be educated but not illiterate just like the rest of the people in the town. He feels that he has an increased status in society so he should be treated like a rich person would be. Kino is also incredibly eager to list the many items he desires to obtain along with his new found lot of money. One of the items is a gun because it will show to the remaining people of the community that he has electric power. Whilst Kino thinks of all of the riches he will have, he begins to turn into greedy and selfish and lose touch with the crucial things in life, his friends and family.

When Kino takes the pearl for the pearl purchasers, it is a great function and everyone in the small town wants to understand how much he’s going to promote it for and what personal gain they are going to get from this. Kino is offered one thousand pesos for the pearl by pearl customers but he’s furious with the offer and declines it, once again demonstrating his greed. His response shows the reader that the treasure is changing Kino. The pearl has become not only when you use saving Coyotito anymore, although the child can be feeling better. It is regarding personal gain. Although Kino is offered 1000 pesos intended for the treasure, he desires fifty thousands of because he promises it is “the pearl of the world. ” This further reveals his greed.

Later inside the novel the moment Juana is definitely caught by simply Kino aiming to destroy the pearl, Kino, the when caring spouse, beats her because he believes that he can win this struggle resistant to the pearl plus the evil it brings. Juana forgives Kino because the girl realizes that he is shedding touch with reality. In addition, she forgives him because she’s a strong level -headed woman that is not blinded by greed and is needed by Kino to help him overcome this obstacle, the pearl. Kino claims, yet , that he could be half-insane and half goodness, thus exhibiting that he is losing the qualities define him as being a man.

If a man attacks Kino to be able to steal the pearl, Kino defends himself and eventually ends up killing the man. This is the level when Kino is totally defeat with avarice and he could be ready to get rid of for the sake of obtaining the pearl in his possession. The moment Kino achievement ready to harm the trackers, he has now been altered from a kind and adoring father and husband to a beast. Once Coyotito is killed by the trackers, Kino is changed into a getting rid of machine.

Finally, when Kino returns to La Silencio with Juana, Steinbeck makes a sense that Kino and Juana have already been hunted like animals. This relates to Kino’s transformation in chapter six, from person to animal to protect him self and his friends and family. Kino then simply realizes the result the treasure has had on him. He returns with one ownership that this individual has frantically wanted, a rifle, nevertheless he has lost his child and for that reason rejects the pearl. Kino has paid out a huge value and his effort with the pearl has made him learn a crucial lesson. Greed should not blind us in the important things anytime such as family members, health, and life by itself.

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