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The price theory of coca cola business essay

Pepsi is a well-recognized soft drink brand in Us. According reports from Pepsi in 2012. Pepsi Company markets its product around the world much more than 2 hundred countries and has a product portfolio greater than 35, 500 drinks. Depending on Interbrain’s best global company 2011, The Coca-Cola company is worth $74 billion and so was the world’s most valuable company.

The market form of the Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Firm is a monopoly, because Coca-Cola has the ability to impact market prices through the actions.

Regardless of the report on the internet of Coca-Cola, Coke is a huge firm leader in the U. S. soft drinks market, with 42. 8% market share and Pepsi’s 31. 1%. Therefore , the market, which Skol belongs, is usually not a perfectly competitive market. As a result, we can conclude that Coca-Cola offers Monopoly power for it faces a downward-sloping demand shape, displayed in Chart 1 ) Because the Skol is a Monopolist, it can determine both it’s price and supply. A monopolist has no supply curve.

In order to maximize the profit, the corporation choose where MR=MC. Consequently , the price of Skol is S and the variety is Q. The consumer extra is in place B plus the supplier extra is location A, and the deadweight loss is in place C. The location C is definitely the amount through which the consumer’s losses surpass the producer’s gain.

The types of Coca-Cola Monopoly power

The Coca-Cola owns around 95 brands in US, including Sprite, Dasani, Nestea, Creature, Fanta and so forth. Coca-Cola uses overlapping technology to produce multiple products in same stock by using same equipment. This approach benefits a great deal to the Skol, which permit the product line to work more efficient compared to the small company and specialized organization. Meanwhile, italso greatly increase extend the marketplace share of the Coca-Cola and gain more consumers to create more profits. Therefore , Pepsi enjoys the monopoly electric power through the economics of opportunity.

Monopolistic competition: Coca-Cola VS Pepsi Co

The war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co have been last to get a decade. The most famous case is in 2008, PepsiCo accused Coca-Cola Co of monopolizing the market for fountain-dispensed soft drinks in the United States (Desert Information, 1998). Monopoly indeed can easily greatly improve the profits of the company and enlarge industry share from the firm. Therefore , many companies including Coca-Cola will take measures to control the distributers to sell more products of their company. Including: In june 2006, Coca-Cola Foreign trade Corporation (Coca-Cola’s Mexican unit) and many its suppliers and bottlers were fined $68 , 000, 000 for unjust commercial procedures (en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Criticism of Coca-Cola). About most of the people, the flavor of the Softdrink of Coca-Cola or Pepsi is the same. The only big difference may be the presence. In fact , the products from the Pepsi and the goods from are close substitutes and expect for compromising for the market share, individuals products may not be priced incredibly differently from your other.

Therefore , that’s the reason why the price of the Coke via two diverse companies is around the same price-around $1. a few for a 20 oz . Softdrink. This two company happen to be in a monopolistic competition markets in which there are many similar but differentiated goods. Char two and Graph and or chart 3 illustrate the conditions with the Coca-Cola each inside the brief run and the long run underneath the monopolistic competition. In the short run, the Coca-Cola company is going to choose create its variety where MC=MR, at which point the retail price is L. The Skol Company is making income in the short run, because the price P surpasses the average expense of the product P0 at the volume Q.

Nevertheless , in the long run, these products will attract other companies (such as Pepsi Co) to entrance the market then sell similar product to contend with Coca-Cola. Therefore, some customers will select other brands plus the demand for the coke type Coca-Cola will decrease. Consequently , the demand curve and marginal revenue shape will both change downward, since D’ and MR’ in the Chart a few. This will characteristic to the fresh price P’ and fresh quantity Q’, both the cost and volume are decrease because the competitor’s entry. At this time, theprice is equals to the average cost, as well as the profits are zero. You will have no further access at this cost. So , gowns can explain why Coca-Cola has monopoly power but nevertheless sell usana products at a low price.

Products difference of the Pepsi Company

As the conclusion presented above, the Coca-Cola simply cannot decrease the cost or increase the quantity to draw the consumer. So , what ought to Coca-Cola carry out to attract more consumers? There exists one strategy: Merchandise Differentiation. The Coca-Cola Business can make investments more in advertisement or do some charities to improve the social well being to gain the trust and preference of shoppers. Some measures are already been taken, such as: fund HIV/AIDS programs in Africa and support community improvement in those poor areas; change the bias of consuming coke leads to the overweight through the advertisements; implement normal water source safeguard plans to preserve and increase local drinking water sources. All those methods work to attract more consumers to buy more of its products.


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