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The tragedy of puddnhead wilson monologue from the

A monologue from the book by Tag Twain

TAKE NOTE: This monologue is published from The Tragedy of Pudd\nhead Pat And The Humor Of Those Incredible Twins. Mark Twain. Hartford: American Publishing Co., 1894.

ROXY: Shet down dat light a little. Even more. More yit. A pusson dat can be hunted don\t like para light. Dahdat\ll do. I kin observe whah you is, sobre dat\s enough. I\s gwine to tell you de tale, en cut it jes because short as I kin. Dat man dat bought me ain\t an undesirable man, he\s good enough, since planters will go, en if he could \a\ got his approach I\d \a\ be\n a home servant in his fambly sobre be\n comfy: but his wife the girl was a Pull, en certainly not right down great lookin\, sobre she riz up agin me direct off, and so den régent sent myself out to sobre quarter \mongst de common fiel\ han\s. Dat woman warn\t pleased even wid dat, although she upset de movie director ag\in\ me personally, she \uz dat jealous en hateful, so de overseer he had me out befo\ time in para mawnin\s sobre worked myself de entire long day as long as dey\uz any light to see simply by, en many\s de lashin\s I got \ca\se I couldn\t come up to de job o\ sobre stronges\. Dat overseer wuz a Yank too, outen New Englan\, en any person down Southern region kin let you know what dat mean. DEY knows how to operate a nigger to death, en dey knows how to whale \em toowhale \em right up until dey backside is welted like a washboard. \Long for fust my own marster claim de very good word to de overseer, but dat \uz detrimental to me, for de mistis she fine it out, en arter dat I jist ketched that at every turndey warn\t zero mercy personally no mo\. \Bout eight days in the past I \uz sayin\ to myself dat I couldn\t las\ a large number of mo\ weeks I \uz so dressed in out wid de horrible work sobre de lashin\s, en so downhearted en misable. En I didn\t care simply no mo\, nutherlife warn\t wuth noth\n\ in my experience, if I have got to go on like dat. Very well, dey was a little sickly nigger lady \bout 10 year ole dat \uz good to my opinion, en hadn\t no mammy, po\ point, en I loved her en she loved myself, en she come out whah I uz\ workin\ en she had a roasted tater, en attempted to slip that to merobbin\ herself, the thing is, \ca\se she knowed de overseer didn\t give me enough to enjoyed he ketched her by it, en give her a lick acrost para back wid his stick, which \uz as solid as a broom handle, sobre she drop\ screamin\ about de groun\, en squirmin\ en wallerin\ aroun\ in de dust like a spider dat\s got crippled. I actually couldn\t stan\ it. Most de burning fire dat \uz ever in my heart flame\ up, en I take de keep outen his han\ en laid him flat. He laid dah moanin\ en cussin\, sobre all out of his head, you know, en de niggers \uz plumb sk\yred to death. Dey gathered roun\ him to he\p him, en We jumped on his hoss sobre took out for de water as limited as I could go. We knowed what dey will do wid me. Soon as he received well he’d start in sobre work myself to fatality if marster let him, en if régent didn\t do dat, they\d sell me furder straight down de river, en dat\s de same. so I \lowed to block myself sobre git out o\ my personal troubles. That \uz gitt\n\ towards dark. I \uz at de river in two mins. Den I realize a canoe, en I actually says régent ain\t simply no use to block myself inform I got to, so I continued a-spinnin\ down de riverpaddled mo\n two daysand after i got right here I gone straight to whah you utilized to wuz, sobre den My spouse and i come to dis residence, en régent say you\s away nevertheless \spected backside every day, so I didn\t dast to go down de lake to Dawson\s, \ca\se I would miss you. Well, las\ Monday My spouse and i \uz pass\n by 1 o\ dem places in fourth streets whah deh sticks up runaway nigger bills, en he\ps to ketch \em, en I actually seed my marster! I actually \mos\ flopped down on sobre groun\, I felt therefore gone. He previously his back to me, en \uz talkin\ to sobre man sobre givin\ him some billsnigger bills, My spouse and i reckon, sobre I\s sobre nigger. He\s offerin\ a rewarddat\s it. Ain\t I actually right, don\t you reckon? Turn up dat light! I would like to see yo\ face better. Dah nowlemme look at you. Chambers, you\s as white-colored as yo\ shirt! Has you see dat man? Offers he be\n to see you?

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