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The treatment of the lgbt community essay

The treating the LGBT community in American Society is a social injustice. What most people believe is that they just want to be able to get married to one another and stay happy yet that’s not this. They want to be treated just like humans but not some odd creatures that no one provides ever noticed before. They need to be accepted for who them are and not what people decide and they should have the right to end up being who they are just the same as any other human being. In fact the discrimination they have suffered they should be permitted to be who they are and be acknowledged as equals just like persons of different pores and skin did in the times of segregation.

We have a long way to visit as a nation but being the greatest nation in the world in the eyes of many great America will make big steps to make things fair. dThe treatment of the LGBT community in American society can be described as true sociable injustice. LGBT, or the saphic girls, gay, androgino, and transgender, community has gone through many hardships be it been being harassed, rejected service, denied marriage, recently been fired and denied from jobs due to their sexual orientation, or even been killed. Americans all know that gays happen to be discriminated upon but perform they know how they are becoming discriminated? Many of us have witnessed homosexual people getting harassed, many people a gay and lesbian kid having made entertaining for choice another guy or even phoning a certainly not gay person person gay and lesbian as an insult. It can become thus normal to listen to someone claim “That’s therefore gay however when you think about it, really basically the comparative of saying “That’s so Black/Asian/Mexican in the sense of using somebody orientation or perhaps race as a replacement for bad or foolish. Back in the day we made it in order that you can’t refuse service to an individual because they were dif.

. e’s eye to the dangers of the world around them and start producing changes to get this world better. Solutions like legalizing gay and lesbian marriage is good and all but what America requirements is a total overhaul about how we view gays, rather than view them as gays(i think they are sick), but to look at them while human beings just like us. Certainly not try to modify them for who they are but for accept all of them as who they actually are and take care of them with esteem. The LGBT community doesn’t just need legal relationship, they want to fit into and be accepted into the mainstream world while humans and not the gays(i think they are sick) in the same way dark people need to be equal with white people or deaf people wishing to be recognized just as much while someone who can hear. Stating being gay and lesbian is a offense is basically expressing being window blind is a offense.

Persons use the excuse that “it’s against their religion but so are tattoos and divorce but we all don’t see you protesting that.

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