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The trouble with history essay

Our history is what specifies our character, shapes our social landscapes, and gives all of us a sense of pleasure in how far we have come. The trouble with history is the fact it is provided to all of us as children through the understanding of historians and book editors. This means that every couple of generations young children are introduced to “their particular version of America, that they focus on distinct events and ideas from your past, and develop their own way of thinking regarding our history and the world generally speaking.

In “Rewriting American History Frances Fitzgerald details the differences between history ebooks from her childhood plus the newer kinds from the nineteen-seventies; the good examples show the way the changes in articles and point of view of younger high school record books impact the student’s view of the country and it’s annals. The concept behind this comparison is the fact our picture of history is usually shaped incidentally it’s shown to us early on, which explains why different generations of school kids develop “their particular variation of America.


The critical first step to understanding this essay is usually to analyze the points of contrast and likeness that the author concentrates on. His focus is definitely on the political views, pedagogical way, presentation and content from the two decades of schoolbooks.

In the 50s American history was taught with “weighty volumes, which “spoke in measured cadances: imperturbable, humorless, and as faraway as Oriental emperors.  It seems like the textbooks were collections of generally agreed-upon facts with an emphasis on glorifying American heroes including Columbus, Ruben Smith and Daniel Boone. This choice of content reflects the old-fashioned ideals of your united, postwar America inside the fifties. It’s not hard to see how the views of society can easily influence the interpretation of history in modern textbooks.

As opposed to the elderly books, the author gives samples of content via some of the more modern texts. Primary has moved from aged American characters to modern day leaders and ideas like conservation as well as the Civil Legal rights Movement. Newer books also “hint for a certain amount of unpleasantness in American background.  This is of course the writers personal opinion, nevertheless itsparks the question: Is this unplesantness a form of tendency or just the result of a change in content? Usually are the modern catalogs just concentrating on a different, much less flattering element of our background, which was certainly not mentioned inside the fifties? That will mean that web publishers have gained more freedom in what they can include and discuss inside their textbooks. This might be the result of an even more liberal frame of mind in our contemporary society.

Another point of contrast of FitzGerald is in the physical appearance or perhaps presentation with the textbooks. The books from the fifties, as compared with the modern kinds, “look because naive since Soviet magazines.  We were holding simple in design and had conventinal, unprovacotive photos and drawings. Modern books include sophisticated design and large detail photographs with traditional significance. They may be hard to find photos of antique objects and historical situations. The problem with this demonstration of incidents is that the splendor and difficulty of the images emotionally seperates the reader in the significance of it all. The author implies that the reader is really looking at a pretty design rather than the pain and enduring depicted inside the picture.

The political views offered in the two generations of schoolbooks are usually interesting given that they mirror the political emotion of the country at the time. Inside the fifties the textbooks presented America because the greatest country in the world, the only place in which freedom and democracy rule supreme. This view was uniform around all textbooks, and offered children a sensation of security and trust in all their government. This kind of unity is absent inside the newer literature. They talk about problems in the us: pollution, lower income, race challenges, drugs, etc . They have distinct portrayals of the same historic incidents, such as the Civil-Rights Movement and the Cold Warfare. This can business lead children to distrust all their government and question the truths structured on the books of the nineteen-fifties.

What I located most significant in FitzGerald’s comparison was the big difference in educational approaches used now in addition to the nineteen-fifties. He compares the modern literature to the older ones by saying, “In these books, history can be clearly not only a list of agreed-upon facts or maybe a sermon about politics but a babbleof voices and a welter of occasions which should be ordered by the hitorian.  While the second part of that quote uses subjective vocabulary, it even now paints a fantastic contrast between two pedagogical approaches. The textbooks in the fifties had been solid and unquestioning, while the new ebooks analyze and question background. The educational procedure is significant because it impact on the students look at of America and its background.

A spiel of information creates a static vision of America and a sense of résolution, while the fresh learning tactics teach students to consider multiple interpretations of the same details. I think this is a huge advancement in the learning process as it uses a familiar subject just like history to train students real life tools like critical considering and goal analysis. Therefore even though background keeps getting revised for each and every generation of faculty children, the task is relocating the right direction toward an improved and more very clear understanding of our past.

“Rewriting American History opened my own eyes to a very real and significant difficulty of “slippery history. It shows how a content and presentation of the past books shapes our perspective of America and the universe as a whole. The sunshine in which we see our country as children shines upon it through the adulthood. The only comforting facts is that educational material is improving and creating smarter, more open students. What this means is that improvements in our society are reflected in how we educate our children, and subsequently shape the opinions and facts of the next generation.

“What I actually Tried To Do

I wanted showing how my own idea of whats important transformed as I reviewed and ranked more facts. I started out by looking a few of the standard ideas and the evidence that supported them. This led me to measure the real world implications of the actual author is usually describing. This sort of outside of this thinking led me to produce the developed thesis within the last paragraph.

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463-471. 10th Shorter Edition, Nyc 2000. Peterson, Brereton, Hartman.


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