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Theories in addiction older and the fresh research

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Excerpt from Research Paper:

Old and New Theories of Craving


Connections between Old as well as the New Ideas of Habit

Addiction in the last Centuries, Early on Theories

the Temperance Activity

In the seventeenth century, alcohol did not include a bad brand (Sturt, 2009). It was even more respected and considered more secure than drinking water and more healthy. This built the innkeeper of spirits a valuable person in the community just. Moreover, man was regarded as distinct via nature. Gentleman has a spirit and free will and a sense of responsibility for his actions. Animals, in contrast, just possess natural drives. This perception of man viewed alcoholics since too clément in the habit and, therefore , must be punished. In the late hundred years up to the early 20th hundred years, the formation from the temperance activity introduced the lovely view of ingesting as bad, which makes alcoholics victims. The first disease concept appeared at this time and viewed alcoholism as an illness. It condoned drinkers since merely unaggressive and submitting to the electrical power and impact of alcoholic beverages (Sturt). The temperance motion advocated continence, particularly liquor, so strongly that it resulted in the verse of forbidance laws (ProCon, 2014). Banning the use of alcohol became a problem to the regulators. Its growing popularity likewise presented as being a source of large levels of taxation. Stern behaviour towards having and errant human patterns were turning out to be lax. Only a small group who drank alcohol to excess were considered problematic and had to get treated. But the greater element of society required alcohol consumption while an reasonable habit (ProCon).


In January 1915, President Woodrow Wilson authorized three bills sponsored by Representative Francis B. Harrison, called the Harrison Take action, to remedy the drug problem (ProCon, 2014). It necessary physicians who also prescribed opium or any of its derivatives to add a serial number obtainable from the Internal Revenue Department in each prescription. In addition they had to register with the federal government every year. Simply by 1936, the application of marijuana was replaced by simply other pain killers, including opium-derived drugs (ProCon).

Iatrogenic Theory

This theory states that addiction or perhaps dependence on medications develops as a result of unnecessary recommending by medical professionals and pharmacists (Mustro, 1985). It also created from dosage children and infants as well as the prescribing of opiates to get dysmenorhea or menstrual pain. This watch prevailed till 1914, specifically among the upper and central classes (Murton). From this used the interpersonal contagion theory.

Social Contamination Theory

This kind of theory keeps that individuals will be influenced by the behavior, thinking and values of others (Tarter, 2014). The influence can be in the form of immediate role modeling or by observation of behaviors in the media. Seeing violent films on TV, for instance , enhances the probability of violence. This theory suggests that this impact is particularly powerful among teenagers, who will be most prone to the affect of drug use. It can be difficult for them to

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