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Things break apart achebe personality analysis

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Chinua Achebe presents an archetypal patriarchal warrior with the character of Okonkwo inside the novel Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo is identified as being recognized, his fame being based on quintessential manly feats like winning struggling tournaments and having many wives. A round personality, rather than a dynamic one, Okonkwo also epitomizes the traditional tragic main character whose hubris and resistance prevent him from changing or knowing what this individual could do to better lead his persons. Achebe uses traditional storytelling methods and a straightforward story style to elucidate the primary elements of his protagonist. Someone therefore gleans information about Okonkwo primarily through the narrators direct descriptions in the protagonists actions, reactions, and words. Determined by the desire to maintain electrical power and to fulfill patriarchal roles and best practice rules in his world, Okonkwo ultimately ends up committing egregious ethical errors in order to obtain his acquisitive goals, and the end in the story, issues truly perform fall apart for his persons. Therefore , Okonkwo of Issues Fall Apart is known as a round personality whose hubris and egotism serve as a meaningful warning to visitors about the pitfalls of patriarchal electrical power.

Driven by a fear of turning out to be like his disgraced daddy, Okonkwo compensates by wielding power through force and violence. His physical size helps Okonkwo to gain the respect this individual needs via his tribe members, who value physical strength as a sign of strong male leadership. Okonkwo is identified as tall and large, with a serious look that cause others to fear him (Achebe, 1958, p. 1). In fact , Okonkwo is also defined using animalian metaphors and analogies to underscore his primal nature, his trend to interact with situations together with his limbic program as opposed to calmness, rationality, and human values. For example , the narrator identifies him as slippery as a fish in water, and in addition as a brutal predator who would pounce upon people very often, (Achebe, 1958, p. 1). Thus, Okonkwo is described by his physical electricity and his large status inside the village of Umuofia a lot more than he is simply by his mental or emotional maturity.

Violence is another core character trait for the protagonist of Achebes story. Okonkwo uses violence to keep control over multiple domains of his lifestyle, from his personal and friends and family life to his status in the community. He ruled his household which has a heavy hands, to the point where his wives… occupied perpetual fear of his

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