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Tuning in for immediate observation with child c

I have chose to use Taylor and Devine’s (1993) model of tuning in which will look at the standard category of the consumer, the specific consumer, the period of work and my own thoughts. I believed it appropriate to use the[desktop] of fine-tuning in since this is not my initial meeting with Child C.

First Level: General Class of the Client

Kid C is known as a seven yr old boy. It is crucial at this stage of my input to be aware of the problems regarding the ways in which our contemporary society treats people at this kind of a young age group.

It is difficult for any child’s tone to be observed; therefore it is vital that I listen closely and supporter on his behalf if necessary.

It is important that I have a very good understanding of the kind of legislation and policies and procedures which will relate to Kid C.


The Children (NI) Order 1995 underpins every work with children and young people to ensure effective and safe practice.

We recognise the welfare with the children and young people My spouse and i work with is of paramount consideration. (Article 3)

The Children (NI) Order 1995 recognises that children have right to always be safeguarded by sexual, physical, emotional abuse and overlook.

“It will be the general responsibility of every authority to safeguard and promote the welfare of kids within their area who also are in need; so far ones own consistent with the duty, to promote the upbringing of these children by way of a families, By providing a range and level of personal social companies appropriate to prospects children’s needs”

United Nations Events on the Privileges of the Kid, Article a couple of – looking for the opinions and desires of the kid.

Data Security Act (1998) I would advise the child that information through the sessions will be recorded on company files. As well advising your child that they can access their very own files whenever you want. This complies with the NSPCC’s policies, specifications and concepts.

“Service user should be advised that a system for record keeping is available and the goal for this” (NSPCC, PSP’s)

Policies and Procedures

NSPCC policies echo the supporting of the Children (NI) Buy 1995 as well as the NSPCC NI Elective Rules and Standards

In relation to Child C the following principles and standards should be adhered to to be able to ensure wise practice.

Principle several standard two – ‘ Service users are provided with information that allows them to make informed selections about getting a service’ Basic principle 4 Common 3 – ‘ An alternative assessment from the therapeutic needs of the services user is manufactured and is used to inform every work eventually undertaken’ Rule 4 common 2 – ‘all support users and particularly youngsters are entitled to healing services which are led by concerns that they bring, continue at all their pace, take account of their level of understanding

Theoretical considerations

Counselling – The guidance should be time limited with clear specific tasks and goals which will try and make sure that child C continues to be encouraged and included. The periods would be utilized to discuss and measure just how child C is getting on and what he has been in a position to achieve between sessions.

Child Developmental Theory – working together with child C I will need knowledge of kid development theory. This could be accustomed to explain a lot of behaviours of kid C and also may spotlight interventions that could be most appropriate in several situations. The key child expansion theories will be

Psycho Sex Development – based on the effort of Freud.

Erikson’s Life Span Procedure – delivers another map of development. Piaget – developed a framework for child expansion based on the cognitive method to understanding human intelligence. “Piaget sees the kid as an organism adapting to his/her environment as well as a scientist building his/her own understanding of the world. ” (Gross 1996, p626)

Attachment and Bonding – as Kid C continues to be separated by his daddy, knowledge of Add-on theory may be very relevant.

Thompson’s PCS unit – This is certainly a model for understanding Kid C’s challenges in an anti oppressive watch. It decides the scenery in terms of Personal, Cultural and Societal obstacles to his full incorporation and popularity in contemporary society. Use of it may show beneficial in determining the context of kid C’s troublesome areas and in ensuring that I will be capable to meet finest practice requirements within an anti-oppressive framework.

Intellectual Behavioural Remedy – is concerned with helping people contact form realistic objectives and difficult negative presumptions that have been acknowledged too readily. Work has to services users for them to test elements of this involvement themselves between sessions, practice their expertise and try out conclusions in their real life scenarios. This model of intervention is additionally mixed with client centred counselling, which functions on the convinced that people often move toward healing by themselves especially if the counsellor; Listens and tries to learn how things are through the service customer’s point of view. Goodies the assistance user while using utmost esteem and view.

Is “congruent” – meaning being do it yourself aware, personal – receiving and having knowledge of oneself and the consumer.

Second Level: Specific Client

Child C is a eight year old boy. Having read through the recommendation form I am aware that Kid C was displaying extreme and upset behaviour at school. He comes from an outstanding home life and has skilled a high level of domestic physical violence within his family home. Kid C provides spent time living with his grandmother and is also currently moving into Women’s Help accommodation. There are also issues concerning maintaining frequent contact with his father.

In the initial treatment with Child C it appeared that his aggressive displays at school had decreased somewhat, using a number of coaching sessions with my colleague.

Following liaising with the Website link Teacher in the school and Child C’s mother that appeared which the family aspect had transformed again, leading to feelings of distress and fear for Child C. It became obvious that Child C got witnessed a domestic occurrence involving his parents, which will resulted in his mother and siblings departing the family house and looking for refuge and support via Women’s Help. Mrs C advised that had been an incredibly difficult and stressful coming back the family as a whole, especially for Child C as he has a close romantic relationship with his dad.

Child C had been participating in the assistance for a number of weeks prior to my personal first session and it absolutely was anticipated that just a few more periods were needed in order to satisfy the desired effects.

Third Level: Phase of Work

Throughout the sessions with Child C this appeared that he actually missed living with both his parents, although he accepted that his parents argued often and this was the explanation that they weren’t all living together currently. However Kid C do advise that he would just want the family jointly if “mummy and daddy may not fight”.

Next consultation with Mrs C it became obvious that home-based violence has been a major characteristic of her relationship with her spouse and that it has been ongoing within the past eleven years. Mrs C advised that her goal at this time is the fact she will not really be re uniting with her hubby and she’s in the process of initiating divorce issues. Mrs C advised that she has finally had enough and worries for her protection with her husband. Mrs C likewise advised that her hubby would never contact his children as he cherished them dearly; however your woman was mindful of the psychological impact the violence was having on them. Social Providers are also affiliated with the as well as at this time plans are being made with the Real estate Executive to accommodate the relatives in another area. A Not – Molestation Order is usually in place against her partner, Child C’s father.

From your initial contact it appeared the main problems to be dealt with were relatives life and protective behaviors. The focus of immediate work was to establish a relationship of unconditional confident regard. The strategies employed were motivated by Egan’s Eclectic Type of developing a proper relationship, formulating an action program, looking at interior resources and transferring learning these skills to a refreshing situation.

The timescale intended for counselling was between 4 and 6th sessions. The equipment that I applied included play therapy, skill therapy techniques, worksheets centering on establishing a therapeutic and structured dialogue. Child C seemed to benefit from the sessions and engaged well. The desired outcome is to support Child C in having a rapport with an adult and gaining an understanding of protecting behaviours plus the support network Child C offers around him, to enable him to deal with tough situations in the future.

The main risk is Kid C determining not to engage with the support. As counselling is voluntary Child C may decide not to attend. Also, in the event the need for a child protection concern needs to be passed on arises, the partnership between Child C and I may be sacrificed.

Fourth Level: Workers Emotions

I feel that my personal previous lessons have gone well, however I am slightly apprehensive with regards to this session, as it will be observed simply by my practice teacher.

I actually do feel that we now have established an excellent working relationship and that Child C is usually comfortable talking about his problems and concerns in my company, however it has developed more than a number of lessons, initially both of us were quite restless.

As a scholar social worker I continue to feel a little bit apprehensive about working in a counselling capability as it is a new comer to me; on the other hand I feel that increasing my knowledge in this area offers helped lessen my stresses.

I fully appreciate that Child C may find out that I i am unable to answer. I will ensure that I suggest Child C that this is the case and this I will seek out advise on the matter from my own team administrator.

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