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Twelve irritated men composition

In the film Twelve Irritated Men, I believe justice was served. Without juror number eight, however , the outcome the majority of assuredly could have been different. The refined force and confidence that he displayed allowed the narrow heads of the other 11 jurors to be broadened. Right from the start of the film, juror number eight exhibited his involvement in the case, not his personal sites to be. His starting part by the window foreshadowed his deep concern intended for the accused, an eighteen year-old Hispanic gentleman falsely accused of stabbing his daddy in a in shape of trend.

While most from the jurors were ready to leave so as to not further interrupt their activities, Henry Hostería was willing to give as much time since it would take to analyze this kind of seemingly simple decision. The jurors got a vote and saw the ratio at eleven for guilty and only one for not responsible. When they frequently attacked his point of view, his starting protection was that the boy was innocent right up until proven guilt ridden, not the alternative as the others had found it. After Henry Pensión instilled uncertainty in the head of an additional juror, the two worked together to damage the boundaries of hatred and prejudice that avoided them coming from seeing the reality.

The jurors changed the minds of men one at a time until the ratio stood again at eleven to just one, this time in favor of acquittal. Now, the jurors who believed the accused was not guilt ridden worked jointly to convince the one other man that justice will only be located if they will returned a verdict of not guilty. They will proved this man incorrect by using his own experiences in every area of your life to attract him in a series of dangerous contradictions. I actually do not assume that most juries today are as interested in the destiny of the offender. Most people today lack a feeling of concern for folks and points that do in a roundabout way affect them.

This, compounded by a malfunction in the spiritual and moral code that ought to be present, is definitely the primary cause of the failing of the lawbreaker justice program. Juries today fail to sufficiently assess the circumstance, instead centering on racial bias much like the a single juror inside the movie. The line “They aren’t help it, it is just who they are,  describing the complete Hispanic population, shows dazzling resemblance towards the inequality problems we deal with today. It seems like extremely tough for any person with the good convictions that Henry Pensión carried to keep their ground against a group.

The impression of becoming a great outcast scares too many people into conforming to the easy decision made not on real truth, but on apathy. I think that in the current society individuals are much less likely to be concerned for the welfare of people that they can do not know. The reality is often disguised in a web of insignificant statements used in a court docket to distract jurors. The councils associated with assumption the jurors are not competent, and cannot see what seriously happened. Although this is wrong, the aforementioned apathy is why absolutely nothing is done concerning this issue.

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