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Two contrasting organization tesco nike essay

Petrol station is one of the world’s leading international retailers. Since the company first used the trading brand of Tesco, in the the middle of 1920s, the group has expanded into different platforms, different markets and different market sectors, although, Nike is an international company almost known by every single man, ladies and child in the world. Nike begun a little later on than Tesco in 62 by Invoice Bowerman and Phil Dark night. For this task I am required to develop a detailed record on two contrasting medium/large sized organisations.

My two selected organisations are Nike and Tesco who also I have quickly described above.

Both Nike and Tesco are two contrasting organization in the business globe. They the two are very good at them and are continuous to develop. Tesco is a retailer, although, Nike is a large organisation which markets its emblem, and its merchandise are made by way of other sectors of their business (There will be specialized departments which occupation in making merchandise for Nike).

Sainsbury is the marketplace leader in the UK at the moment with 28% with the shares in sales. Sainsbury is a PLC (Public Limited Company), which can be owned through shares bought and sold on the Stock Exchange, this enables the public to buy stocks and shares and own them to get as long as they want or even sell off them on for earnings, floating Tesco as a PLC has helped them as the been able to dramatically expand and in the longer term produce huge revenue which has been one among their aspires. Making enormous profits has also enabled Sainsbury to increase throughout the world which in turn again can be one of their very own objectives.

‘We treat people how we love to be treated’, this is a famous phrase which Sainsbury practice and often is found issues websites, magazines etc . Quite simply, Tesco happen to be implying they are going to do everything they can to help relieve costumer shopping. They have effectively done that by providing car parks to help people with cars, lavatories so people don’t have to go home half method through buying and coffee shops, bookstores so costumers can have a calming time whilst they shop. All these will be extra treats and a convenience to costumers plus the people who manufactured that expression up as they will like to have cafes, auto parking spaces etc when they go shopping. Also by adding additional features just like cafes, lavatories, car parks, Petrol station have urged huge revenue growth since recent surveys found out that costumers in Tesco are likely to stay in the store longer than any other shops. It isn’t unexpected that every spent went to Petrol station.

Nike is a brand which usually specializes in making high quality clothing, often referred to garments worn simply by athletes; that they produce points from coaches to wristband. Like Tesco Nike are breaking into several sectors of the market, 1 prime sort of this is when Nike started to produce sunglasses and sport wristwatches, as a fresh target audience emerged. Nike went public in December 80 and was floated around the New York Stock Exchange since that time. Like all businesses Nike want to make profits, they have been making money since they had been launched by way of promotion, new ideas, new releases, and breaking through into fresh markets, an example of this can be Nikes fresh idea of helping the environment a surprise taking into consideration the amount of toxic smells let off into the ambiance when making their goods including trainers.

Nike is aiming to ‘eliminate waste’, in other words they are really trying to control the amount of carbon dioxide emission getting let away into the ambiance, all this work for the environment is a good idea but the problem is ‘why? ‘, so why would Nike cut down and think of new ideas? It truly is simple, there are numerous people, potential costumers, who are aware of Nikes behaviour (previous behaviour, adding to global warming) and would not buy Nike goods, this is a concern intended for Nike, therefore , this is why they can be trying to cut down on the amount of CARBON DIOXIDE let off into the atmosphere as those people are more than likely to buy Nike items as they will be aware of they are carrying out their portion for the planet.

Both organisations have been executing new ideas in order to increase sales, Tesco have done this kind of by making customer shopping more pleasant, this is done by understanding customer buying behaviour and Nike have accomplished this because they are more eco-friendly. Above just states something that each organization has done to increase sales nevertheless there are many different strategies the two Tesco and Nike utilized to boost revenue levels, this includes recycling (Nike), using fresh materials including organic cotton (Nike), rendering certain food for certain ethnic areas (Tesco, they have Halal various meats in areas with excessive numbers of Muslims) and delivering (Tesco, an additional customer convenience).

Both Tesco and Nike have undergone activities in order to achieve all their strategic seeks and aims. Below is actually a table clearly stating that they have applied new ideas in order to obtain their aims: (Not almost all aims and objectives will probably be stated, just the main ones)


Steps taken to meet aims:

The potency of measurements

1 . To listen and engage – Petrol station have got research on their work website; www.tescocorporate.com. This tells the Sainsbury management the actual customers like and dislike. They can in that case make adjustments if necessary.

2 . Improve relationship with suppliers – Petrol station have got a new idea in which they pay weight-for-age. This means paying selected prices pertaining to weight and age of for e. g. cattle various meats, pork etc . This will keep suppliers happy, willing to do business with Tesco inside the longer term and share Tesco a great image.

three or more. To buy locally – Tesco are trying to acquire their products in your area, they have a team of customers who head out and look for community produce. It will help local businesses such as facilities and usually prices a retained to a minimum, so , Tesco conclude paying fewer for goods: it’s a money saving scheme.


Measures taken to meet aims:

The effectiveness of measurements

1 . Increase working conditions Nike use inside monitors who also are people who check on the quality of work, Customer the initially country to achieve that scheme out by Nike. 牋牋牋牋Working circumstances are better, so , personnel will feel better and production will be faster and more useful: it’s a money saving scheme in the longer term.

installment payments on your Cut down on LASER emissions  This is done by introducing new material, recycling where possible more and throwing away less material. This will cut costs, though the marginal but it will surely enhance Nikes image which is not good through the environment area.

3. Performing their component for the community Recently, Nike have transformed the lives of many young children in a institution in East London by giving sports gear and funds for playtime during institution hours.  It gives the community a better picture of Nike like a helping and caring organisation and also it could be a way or perhaps promoting themselves as the emblem is likely to be printed everywhere.


Effectiveness of business activities

Basically, these table displays the effectiveness of activities conducted by Nike and Tesco in order to achieve all their strategic is designed and objectives. I would like to include in the table, below is actually Tesco did to meet their particular aims and objectives:

– Tesco features produced an online site where people can get every one of the latest information about their products and also order all of them. This is specifically useful to people who have no time to go to the stores, this therefore , targets a newer viewers and increases sale levels meaning an increased profit.

– Tesco has a team of researchers who look for community farmers and local produce, this can help the smaller farmers who in exchange can give Petrol station produce at a lower price.

– They have a range of stores including, Tesco metro, community, superstore etc . Furthermore, Sainsbury have better and improved facilities, elizabeth. g. bigger car parking so more people can come and shop relaxed, cr閏hes where people may leave their very own youngsters and shop devoid of disturbance, this all assists in easing the buyers minds which is likely to keep them in the store for a longer time to buy the visit Sainsbury more frequently as there is no trouble parking, departing the kids and so forth This boosts sales.

Listed below is what Nike has done to meet their seeks and targets:

– Nike have interior monitors who have check the working conditions of workers, this helps as functioning conditions could be improved if they happen to be seen to be bad. It provides Nike a much better image to what it was just before (taking benefit of the expanding countries and paying workers very little). Therefore , Nike has attained one of their aims, to people’s belief of Nike.

– They have improved sales through the use of well-known athletes in television commercials, Nike possess conducted advertisements for many years and perhaps they are still accomplishing this, the sports athletes glamorise Nike products inside the advert, so , people seeing at home think a famous person is wearing it so I might as well. Here’s a ideal example of a great advertisement in the news conducted by simply Nike and why it was done:

– Nike utilized world class footballers who are known by the majority of the people in the UK (this was a UK advertisement), the advert revealed the footballers producing stylish skills and showing passion for their basketball clubs, that showed the players running along the basketball pitch, all the players had been wearing the country and golf club kits that was sponsored by simply Nike. Nike made this advertisement so the audiences got the sensation that the Nike kits, soccer shoes etc had been something that built you feel proud of to wear and made you give skills such as types shown on TV, this made viewers, especially the younger audience wanting to get Nike items as they believed it can give them skills and enhance their picture as best stars had been wearing precisely the same products too.

(The offer is also on Nikes website: http://nikefootball.nike.com/nikefootball/siteshell/index.jsp)


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