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Victimology vs criminology depending on term daily

Criminology, Felony Justice Supervision, Criminal Profiling, Root Cause Examination

Excerpt coming from Term Paper:

A history of criminology can be tracked back to the 19th 100 years when hypotheses regarding the beginning of lawbreaker behavior and traits were developed by Cesare Lombroso. To the contrary, victimology is known as a recent clinical discipline that started in Europe after the Ww2 as a means of understanding the hyperlink between scammers and subjects (Lee, and. d. ).

Focus Items:

One of the major dissimilarities between victimology and criminology is their divergent emphasis points and scope of research. Criminology stresses on learning the lawbreaker, the offenses, and the intentions behind the criminal activity. This discipline also studies how the open public and criminal justice devices react to the criminal, price of recidivism, and treatment (“Criminology versus Victimology, ” 2008). Criminology is regarded as a retributive model of criminal rights since its key objective is always to prevent crime and discipline the criminal. On the contrary, victimology normally is targeted on victim rather than the criminal while using aim of restoring the patient to the state he/she was before victimization. Other goals of victimology are to minimize victimization rates, minimize unnecessary expenses and suffering, and heal the community/victim romantic relationship.

The main focus of criminologists is to determine how come certain people are involved in breaking the law while others tend not to. These professionals identify these aspects through evaluation of the criminals’ backgrounds and intentions to distinguish the actual reasons behind their misbehavior. On the other hand, victimologists determine for what reason some people, agencies like banks, and people become the concentrate on of scammers while others are generally not. They keep pace with discover the sources of vulnerability of those sections to criminal episodes and the root causes for some victims to either take action and respond carelessly or prompt other folks to attack/harm them. Whilst criminals will be help individually accountable for their very own offenses, criminologists analyze associated with political, sociable, and financial conditions to instigate criminal activity. Victimologists explore personality traits, cultural imperatives, and socialization agents that compel individuals to risk their lives. This can be despite of the very fact that certain subjects may be in charge of outbreak of certain legal incidents.


As a result of all their divergent focus, victimologists and criminologists normally arrive at different conclusions and findings. Criminologists recognize that a large number of people sometimes violate certain laws at a particular era especially during adolescence yet others are law-abiding. These professionals also conclude that only several who are involved in delinquent acts become serious and career criminals. Victimologists discover that any individual can go through bad luck penalized at the incorrect place with the wrong time but don’t understand why many people are targeted more than others. However , the findings simply by both criminologists and victimologists are used to help out with explaining the concept of crime (Grivette, 2011).

Study Methodology:

This article of this daily news is relying on internet exploration regarding the theme of victimology and criminology. In order to decide the findings of the articles of this paper, I’ve done a basic net research to pay attention to analysis done by various persons on the topic. During this process, I aimed at finding the standard explanations upon what criminology and victimology and their relevance and significance on the legal justice system. Additional exploration was carried out through the catalogue where Toby Karmen’s publication on Criminal offenses Victims utilized as a tool for secondary research. This guide was chosen because it offers a more complete and balanced exploration of the two sciences with an emphasis on victimology. Conclusion:

Victimology and criminology offer an explanation of how crime may be resolved by simply not only profiling the offense but likewise the patient. In order to enhance the efficiency with the criminal rights system, these kinds of disciplines are aimed at deterring crime and restoring the condition of the victims before the legal attack.


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