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Video games and violence essay

Since the month of 03 2013, 208 children had been arrested to get violence this year (“Each Time In America” 1). Could violent video gaming be at fault? Some state there is a relationship between the two and others admit violent game titles are good for any child’s health and well-being. Depending on true figures on a relationship between physical violence in kids and chaotic video games, this all controversy over violent video games and behavioral problems is wrong. The rise in it game sector and physical violence statistics discuss no direct correlation (Lovell 1).

That is because the video video games are not the problem.

Video games have been on the rise considering that the 1970’s and has been increasing in acceptance and size ever since. Assault on the other hand continues to be rising and falling method before game titles started. Even now that video gaming have taken a huge step in reputation, violence have been rising and falling way out of correlation with the computer game industry.

Violent video games have actually been proven to keep real-world benefits for children and the developing minds (Trudeau 1). Video games have already been tested and proven to improve hand-eye dexterity and even focus span.

Assessments had been completed on kids who did not play video games and children who did, and the ones who performed the very best when it came to assessments on coordination, vision, velocity, and focus where the children who played video games. Research have also shown to increase different expertise such as getting and storing new information better and creative idea formation in the ones whom play video games. Many persons, though, declare violent games lead to assault in adults and children since the surge of the video game industry.

These individuals have been proven wrong upon many accounts by many stats. Violence has not steadily grown since the surge of the video gaming industry and video games have not been formed around violence, nevertheless were developed for entertainment and video games also have a wide array of themes. People have also said that violent individuals who have publically shown their assault play chaotic video games plus the video games will be the cause of that. If that may be true then simply what about all of those other people who enjoy violent video gaming and show not any signs of physical violence what so ever?

The controversy over whether chaotic video games result in violence or not ought not to be held whatsoever and this topic should not be in question. Multiple studies have shown that violent video gaming can be healthy for you, and a huge majority of people who play these people never take a step violent by influence by games. The latest statistics include even displayed that there is simply no correlation by any means to violence and the surge of the video gaming industry. The reason could be in other things, but video games are being targeted and always have been completely targeted since their acceptance grew.

His passion of video gaming and ideas by these people has been developing even more despite this blame. Assault is certainly not inspired by simply video games, most great things are.

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