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What is a north american essay

A lot of say the lines on the American flag stand for the 13 colonies as well as the stars symbolize the 40 states of the union. Yet , the American flag likewise stands for a lot more. Freedom, city rights, and equality are represented by American flag. So , what is an American? The most common response will be a person who hails from America. There is certainly much more to living in this, majestic nation than many people imagine. This includes Unites states vast record, American culture, and American lifestyle.

The actions of our forefathers manufactured America what it is today. This is why the history of America is so important. Without one, America may well not exist whatsoever. It began on the early morning of Nov 9, 1620 when the Pilgrims arrived in Hat Cod. America was born when it was announced independent via Britain on July some, 1776. With no help of our forefathers, we all wouldnt have the rights and freedoms we enjoy each and every day. You will not fully show our appreciation for the soldiers and leaders whom gave all their lives so we could live this fantasy.

However , the very least we can perform is to suspend an American flag on the front porch or perhaps recite the pledge every single day. An American comes from a country with very different cultures and values. 1st, an American has many rights and freedoms. For instance , we enjoy the freedom of talk, right to hope to any religion, and directly to vote. These are generally the most important American traits pertaining to without them, we would be like some other country on the planet. Second, we could a very various country. It will be possible to take a walk and encounter persons from across.

This lets citizens of America meet various sorts of people and learn about their interesting backgrounds. Finally, an American resident has a whole lot to celebrate intended for during holiday seasons. Americans have the right to celebrate any vacation they desire, from Christmas towards the Chinese Beginning of the year. The freedom to signify any holiday is one of the many and varied reasons why it’s the dream of persons all over the world to live in America. The American lifestyle is the desire many people in third world countries for several reasons. First, the standard of living of America can not be beat.

The roads wonderful, the economy is pretty stable, and the country is usually technologically advanced. Children in America get a good education rather than go starving. Second, moving into America can be carefree. For example , there are don’t worry about it about detrimental wars, assassinations, or city unrest. This makes America an excellent place to increase a family. Third, American lifestyle is very devoted. Americans present their satisfaction by waving flag and joining the armed forces. Different countries do not have citizens since patriotic as America truly does. Finally, additionally, there are some ugly sides towards the American way of life.

For example , overweight is tormenting the health of adults and children. Also, Americans are very not economical, since only a few recycle or put what you should good employ. The American lifestyle might not be without its faults however it is still a great way to live. So , what is an American? An American is far more than someone who lives in the US. An American is a Fourth of July, flexibility of phrase, and patriotism. An American likes freedoms and rights others can only wish for. As Shelter Greenwood stated, There aint no doubt I enjoy this land, God bless the USA.

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