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Windshield review essay

Windshield Review Data Collection Grid and Paper Carletta Pope and Terra Wheeler HCS/457 September 25, 2010 Dr . Jamal, MD, WITH CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY: My spouse and i certify which the attached conventional paper is my original function and hasn’t previously recently been submitted by simply me or anyone else for just about any class. I actually further announce I have reported all sources from which We used dialect, ideas, and information, whether quoted verbatim or paraphrased, and that virtually any assistance of any kind, that i received when producing this paper, has been acknowledged in the References section.

I have attained written agreement from the copyright laws holder for just about any trademarked materials, logos, or perhaps images from the web or other sources. I additional agree that my term typed at risk below is intended to have, and shall possess, the same validity as my personal handwritten unsecured personal. Students unsecured personal (name entered here is equivalent to a signature): Carletta Pope, Terra Wheeler Windshield Survey A windshield survey is conducted by a car and offers a visual introduction to a community.

Conditions and developments in the community that may affect the well being of the inhabitants are documented and provide background context pertaining to working in the community or for conducting a residential area survey of Charlotte, NC. For Community Health Healthcare professionals to be able to knowledgeably plan providers for a community, it is essential to know a specific community, identify health-related resources that will be helpful to people, and learn about gaps in services. The boundaries pertaining to Charlotte, NC zip code 28216 contain highway 16, state highway 24 and interstates 77, 277, 85, and 485.

The economical status of 28216 includes lower school through central class with an estimate typical income of $45, 1000 per year. The buildings were mostly constructed between the a lot of 1950-1989. Homes are made from brick, wooden, and vinyl fabric siding. This place contains the two single along with multifamily homes. The conditions of these homes range from old and abandoned, very well kept more mature homes, homes that need work and reconditioning, homes which have already been reconditioned, and fresh homes. 28216 are mostly very well maintained.

Just like many other areas, there are areas that have rubbish and trash scattered about, abandoned autos, open domains for rodents and other creatures to live and hide, and vacant tons. There are both old and new homes in this area plus some of these homes and structures have been around for decades. Some areas happen to be being created quickly. Mecklenburg County Playground and Entertainment is upon Highway 18 and is for youngsters and adults. 28216 also have a YMCA, a track and field with the Johnson C. Smith University or college, and two other recreational areas for the general public to gather and spend time together.

There is 1 park, the Biddleville Recreation area, which is also inside the area that is certainly well taken care of but will not appear to be utilized. 28216 contain churches, restaurants, and golf clubs as well as the earlier mentioned parks and recreation areas. Some of the eating places include Nikki’s, Mr. C’s, and Golf club Excelsior. Additionally, there are fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King wherever people will get together and hang out. Teens and youngsters also like to hold out in the many nook stores which can be easily identifiable by building signs.

There are many companies for the community and many of them are right off Beatties Ford Rd. These services areas are the public library of Charlotte now and Mecklenburg County, Beatties Ford Street Branch, Prime Care Medical Center, Professional Profession Center and others. The schools inside the area incorporate a high school, several elementary educational institutions, and a middle college. 28216 possess quite a few shops as well. They have grocery stores, price tag shops, medication stores, dried cleaners, as well as gas stations. Citizens can travel and leisure by car or the. Some people travel a car only (76%).

Other folks carpool (14%) and then there is the bus or perhaps trolley tour bus (5%). The CATS (Charlotte Area Transportation System) is an essential mode of transportation. For the observation of 28216, many bus halts were seen with three to four waiting passengers. A lot of were outfitted for job whereas others were attired casually. You will find two key newspapers which have been delivered to the 28216 area, the Charlotte now Observer and the Mountain Isle Weekly. You will discover billboards advertising local educational institutions, businesses, and public recognition. The chartering also have adverts in the form of cards on them.

These posters can also be found in the local school, in small shopping centers, in addition to health care establishments. The people with the 28216 place code differ. Some had been unemployed, other folks were pupils, and then there was the workers from their lunch break break. Dress style likewise varied in this field. Some wore work outfits and others were casually attired. There were simply no animals found during observations, but when speaking with some of the occupants many chatted of having dogs. Cars or more keep of homes showed the individual’s category and as earlier mentioned class runs from reduced to middle class.

The Education and Well being field involves 11% from the workforce and Retail/Wholesale involves 9% from the workforce in 28216. Other industries inside the area incorporate Manufacturing and Finance/Real Estate. There are also staff at the regional stores, banking companies, restaurants, university or college, and medical facilities. The fireplace station plus the two law enforcement departments are also places for employment however the fire place appeared to be rather small. The most common ethnic group in 28216 is Dark-colored (60%).

Simply 30% of the community are white with the remaining 10% of the residents being different races just like Pacific Islander/Asian, Hispanic and mixed events. Johnson C. Smith University is considered a HBCU (Historical Black School or University). Another option is yet another Choice to get Black Kids which is a charlotte now based adoption agency for African-American kids and other kids with unique needs. 28216 contain a various religious facilities and denominations to go along with the variety of religions and cultures. The dominant religion in the location is Baptists.

The high number of junk food restaurants and eateries may well attribute to chronic disease. Individuals were observed cigarette smoking, but no one was found using prescription drugs or drinking alcohol. While watching the community presently there wasn’t virtually any active personal activity yet there were a large number of signs suggesting the community was predominantly Democratic. Many car bumpers were decorated with “Obama car decals, one small son was within a “Yes We Can t-shirt, and some homes had “Obama flags visible. The university or college, Johnson C. Smith, freely affiliates with both the Democratic and His party parties nevertheless the majority can be Democratic.

Limitations Are the restrictions geographical, politics, or financial? How is this seen? Do neighborhoods have got names? Is there sub-communities? How are these discovered? Housing and Zoning Precisely what is the age of the buildings? Precisely what are the construction components? Are the houses single friends and family or multifamily dwellings? Precisely what is the size and condition of the lots (repaired or damaged)? Signs of Rot Is the region well taken care of or in disrepair? Is there garbage thrown? Are there trashed/abandoned cars, areas for rats or other wildlife to cover, vacant plenty? Parks and Recreational Areas

Is there playing areas for children and adults? Could they be safe and maintained? Whom uses them? Common Locations where do persons collect to get social events of all types, where carry out they “hang out? Are they for particular groups or are they ready to accept all? Are available signs posted? Service Centers Where the providers for the city are located ” health care, social services, colleges, employment office buildings etc .? Retailers What retailers (grocery, selling, drug, dry out cleaning, etc . ) will be in the place? How do residents travel to these people? Transportation How can most people bypass the area?

Can there be public transportation? If so what kind and does this appear to be used? Who uses it? What is the condition of the streets, streets, highways? Connection Is there evidence of local and national magazines to additional media? Is there informational cards on roadways, busses, advertisements, etc .? People in the Community Who will be in the place during the day? Exactly how are they attired? Are there family pets (pets) with them or in the place? What proof is there of particular. “Classes of people ” upper, central, working, decrease? Industries Precisely what are the major industries?

What types of careers are obvious? Protective Services Where are fire and police stations located? Will there be evidence of law enforcement and fireplace protection inside the area? Is it more in one region than another? Ethnicity What is the predominant ethnic group? Exist residents by a variety of ethnic backgrounds or is the community mostly 1 group? Which one? Are there retailers, restaurants, churches, schools, or languages that indicate a certain ethnic group(s)? Religion What churches and church-run educational institutions are inside the area? Whom apparently uses them and when? How many are there?

Health and Morbidity Perhaps there is evidence of virtually any health problems including drug abuse, communicable diseases, chronic diseases, mental illnesses and so forth? Politics Perhaps there is evidence of any kind of political activity? Are there any symptoms that suggest predominant personal parties and political problems? The geographical boundaries to get 28216 consist of highway sixteen, state road 24, interstate 77, interstate 277, interstate 85, and interstate 325. Political holding appears to include non-affiliated, conventional, and democratic. The financial status of 28216 generally speaking ranges via lower course ” midsection class.

The estimated typical income is usually $45, 000 per year. The neighborhoods are named and identified by entrance indicators. There are also sub-communities which are determined by signs. Some of the areas include Biddleville-Smallwood Community, Claiborne Woods, Fox Chase Community, Hoskins Community, Historic Washington Heights, and University Park. There are homes and complexes that were built before 1950, but majority of the homes and buildings were developed between 1950 -1989. The homes and buildings will be constructed from brick, wood, and vinyl siding. Specifically in the Beatties Honda Rd. rea there are both single and multifamily homes, as well as low-income housing. These kinds of homes change in size. The condition of the homes also may differ in the Beatties Ford area. There are abandoned homes, well-kept older homes, homes needing reconditioning, homes that have been reconstructed, and new homes. The complete 28216 zip code, generally, is well maintained. In different areas there may be garbage existing, trashed and abandoned vehicles, field areas for rodents and other animals to hide, along with vacant lots. The residents and city seem to execute a great job of maintaining many areas.

The region consists of outdated and fresh. There are homes and properties that have been about for decades, just like in the Beatties Ford Rd. area. After that there are areas that are being developed and quickly growing like Mount Holly-Huntersville and the Northlake Mall place. There are leisure areas and areas for children and adults. Mecklenburg County Recreation area and Recreation is in Highway sixteen. Specifically inside the Beatties Honda Rd. area the parks and facilities include the YMCA, the observe and discipline at Johnson C. Jones University, Firestone Neighborhood Park, and Hornets Nest Recreation area.

These areas appear safe and well maintained. Biddleville Park is usually in the Beatties Ford Rd. area. It looks maintained, but not used. Most of these facilities are being used by the citizens of the place. There are many areas for cultural gatherings inside the 28216 region code. You will discover churches, the park and recreational services (as recently mentioned), eating places, and golf equipment. In the Beatties Ford Rd. area there is certainly Johnson C. Smith University (which is a common area to get the student population), many chapels, parks, local eateries just like Nikki’s, Mister.

C’s, The Original Chicken-N-Ribs, Golf club Excelsior. There are numerous of fast food restaurants, just like McDonald’s, KFC, and White castle where various people prefer to hang out. In addition there are a number of corner-stores where the teenagers and fresh adult populace like to gather. These gathering areas are identified by building signs. They can be open to every, but those that socialize together may discuss a similar culture and life-style. The majority of the services for the community in the 28216 area are situated immediately away Beatties Kia Rd.

These services are the Public Selection of Charlotte now and Mecklenburg County, Beatties Ford Street Branch, Primary Care Clinic, Professional Profession Center, Mecklenburg Health Division, Adult Child care, Family Counseling Services and An additional Choice pertaining to Black Kids. Schools located around the region include Western Charlotte Secondary school, Bruns Grammar school, Hornets’ Nest Elementary, Hill Island Grammar school, Lincoln Heights Elementary School and University Playground Middle. The 28216 zip code involves numerous supermarkets, retail shops, drug stores, dry cleansing agents, and gas stations.

This includes Wal-Mart, Food Big cat, Harris Teeter, Circle E, and North Lake Shopping center. Residents travelling by car or the. In the Betties Ford Rd. area there is Food Big cat, Two-Way (gas station), Biddleville Pharmacy, corner-stores, meat markets, and a number of beauty salons and barbershops. The most common means of travel in the Beatties Ford Rd. area consist of driving a car only (76%), carpooling (14%) and traveling by bus or trolley coach (5%). The CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) is the central mode of public transportation.

While observing the city, many tour bus stops had been occupied with 3-4 anticipating passengers. A few of the passengers had been in their operate uniforms and more were gently dressed. Situations of the highways range from streets that need slight repairs to roads which were newly provided. The Charlotte now Observer and Mountain Island Weekly happen to be delivered to the 28216 location. There are numerous billboards advertising and promoting neighborhood schools, businesses, and open public awareness. Informational posters are situated on busses, around the school, in tiny shopping centers, and health care features in the areas.

The cards contain information regarding Johnson C. Smith, regional events and services about the community. In daytime on Beatties Ford Rd. there was a variety of people, ranging from those that had been unemployed and hanging out, learners, and workers on their lunch breaks. The style of dress in the location also different. Some were in their job uniform, a lot of casually dressed (business informal, so to speak), others were dressed in metropolitan wear. Although conducting the windshield study no pets or animals were noticed, but after speaking with some residents in the Beatties Ford Rd. rea, many of them observed having pups. Class can be evident in the location by the types of automobiles that are drive, the up keep with the homes and the surrounding services, the appearance of the residents etc . Depending on which in turn end or perhaps area of Beatties Ford Rd (or surrounding) that you are upon, may help to better determine the class of people. As previously mentioned, this ranges coming from lower class to middle section class. Both major sectors based upon employment are the Education and Wellness field which in turn consists of 11% of the staff and Retail/Wholesale that involves 9% from the workforce in the 28216 community.

Other industrial sectors noted happen to be Manufacturing and Finance/Real Real estate. Employers in the area consist of fast food restaurants, numerous financial institutions, and Manley C. Johnson University and health care features. Fire Stop 15 is situated on Keller Avenue, off of Beatties ford road in Charlotte. The fireplace department was rather small , and didn’t out-do the mainly populated area, in case of an urgent situation it is likely that various other fire departments would be approached for assistance. There are two police areas on Beatties ford street that are located approximately 2 miles by each other.

Although observing the area numerous official vehicles had been spotted throughout the community. One particular officer was sitting in a school parking lot, another officer seemed to be talking to a group of young men inside the park and another one was spotted soaking in the middle of one common intersection upon Beatties Honda Rd. The predominant ethnic group in the 28216 place is Dark-colored population, which will consists of 60 per cent of the community. 30% from the residents are White as well as the remaining 10% consists of different races including Pacific Islander/Asian, Hispanic and mixed contests.

Johnson C. Smith University is considered a great HBCU (Historical Black University or University) and Another Choice to get Black Children is a Charlotte-based adoption firm that works to look for homes intended for African-American children and other children with special needs. The area consists of many religious services and denominations. After talking to some citizens around the region, the dominant religion in the area is definitely Baptist. Residents attending the area services range from lower to middle course community people.

Some of the bigger churches in the area incorporate University Area Baptist possessing Sunday early morning worship services, Sunday early morning youth praise services are usually held in the Family Lifestyle and Health and fitness Center and Thursday early evenings, Bible Examine begins. Additionally to classic services, The Park presents organized leisure events and professional catering for noces and receptions. It also stimulates physical wellness by providing a weight space and a great aerobics area with timetabled fitness classes.

The chapel has a Prayer Room, therapy for members and nonmembers, a kids nursery, a Mother’s Morning hours Out and a Kingdom Kids After School software. Williams Funeral service Presbyterian Church holds On the Services each week, bible research held daily, and summer sports program for children. Wilson Heights Chapel of Our god holding companies on Sunday, Wednesday Night time Bible Research and Cub scouts each week. The spiritual based university in the location is the Salem Christian Schools, there are 34 Students who have attend daily ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. In Betties Kia Rd. nd the surrounding location the number of fast food restaurants and eateries might attribute to chronic disease. Individuals had been observed smoking, while conducting the review, but nobody was noticed using medications or drinking alcohol. While using around the community there wasn’t any effective political activity but there were many indicators supporting and indicating the community was predominantly Democratic. Various car bumpers were decorated with “Obama car stickers, one little boy was wearing a “Yes We Can t-shirt, and a few homes got “Obama red flags visible. The university, Meeks C.

Jones, openly online marketers with both the Democratic and Republican party however the vast majority is Democratic. (Modified coming from Stanhope M., Knollmueller, R. N. (1997). Public and community health nurse’s advisor: A overall health promotion information. St . John: Mosby. ) Disability status of the civilian non- institutional population Both equally sexesMaleFemale Population 5 years and over27, 77412, 80814, 966 Having a disability6, 2292, 8103, 419 Percent having a disability22. 421. 922. eight Population your five to 15 years4, 7672, 3782, 389 Having a disability24314499 Percent with a disability5. 16. 14. 1 Sensory592039

Physical412417 Mental16110853 Self-care20200 Human population 16 to 64 years19, 4839, 04810, 435 Having a disability4, 4442, 1192, 325 Percent using a disability22. 823. 422. three or more Sensory434196238 Physical1, 182415767 Mental672308364 Self-care395176219 Going outside the home1, 8927851, 107 Employment disability3, 2591, 6131, 646 Population 65 years and over3, 5241, 3822, 142 Which has a disability1, 542547995 Percent which has a disability43. 839. 646. a few Sensory340132208 Physical1, 035342693 Mental444150294 Self-care427152275 Heading outside the home806256550 Population 18 to thirty four years7, 5603, 5943, 966 With a disability1, 337795542

Percent enrolled in school or graduate student school20. 121. 518. 1 Percent not signed up and which has a bachelors level or higher9. 16. 912. 4 Simply no disability6, 2232, 7993, 424 Percent enrolled in college or perhaps graduate school26. 021. 140. 0 Percent not enrolled and having a bachelors level or higher19. 019. 718. 3 Human population 21 to 64 years16, 9627, 9139, 049 Which has a disability4, 0731, 9352, 138 Percent employed59. 365. 953. 2 Not any disability12, 8895, 9786, 911 Percent employed78. 285. 971. 5 (X) Not suitable. Source: U. S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 Overview File several, Matrices P42, PCT26, PCT27, PCT28, PCT29, PCT30, PCT31, PCT32, and PCT33.

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