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Pursuit of Happiness


Throughout Herman Hesse’s novel, Siddhartha, Siddhartha describes his personal happiness and Siddhartha will not let anything beside himself dictate his happiness. Throughout his trips, Siddhartha turns into enlightened due to way he can so locate happiness. Siddhartha proves this through his life decisions that go against the grain of “normal” decision making.

Siddhartha throws suggestions of money into the garbage if it is not really what is going to make him content.

After a lengthy journey, Siddhartha is finally able to find his happiness. Everyone is always trying for joy, however , you will find only couple of who can basically obtain happiness. The story starts with the history of Siddhartha: son of any Brahmin, plenty of friends, a lot of money and advantages is obviously. Yet, Siddhartha decides he wants to get a Samana. Now in the history, Siddhartha is willing to whatever it takes to receive his father’s permission becoming a Samana. Once he gets his dad’s blessing, Siddhartha becomes a Samana and leaves behind all the advantages he had is obviously. This demonstrates that Siddhartha is not reigned over by material things.

Siddhartha shows that making decisions exclusively on what will make him happy is the true way to find joy. With no consider for money or pleasing other folks, many would call Siddhartha selfish, nevertheless , any completely happy person has to be selfish because if a person is certainly not fulfilling his or her needs in that case he or she is certainly not truly happy. On the other side, in the event that someone is usually fulfilling her or his needs, she or he is, in some ways, selfish. In phase eight, Siddhartha raves and is also elated over a simple evening of sleep: “What a wonderful rest it had been! Never had sleeping so rejuvenated him, and so renewed him, so recharged him!

Perhaps he had really died, most likely he had recently been drowned and was reborn in another contact form. No, he recognized himself, he identified his hands and feet, the place where this individual lay and the Self in the breast, Siddhartha, self-willed, individualistic. But this kind of Siddhartha was somewhat transformed, renewed. He previously slept beautifully. He was remarkably awake, completely happy and curious” (91). This shows that Siddhartha enjoys the straightforward things in every area of your life and he is happy. By the end of his life, Siddhartha is completely happy and educated, however , he could be not unwaveringly happy through his lifestyle. Siddhartha goes through depression and in many cases thoughts of suicide.

Following leaving his wife and child –Who once were what made him happy- Siddhartha contemplates suicide although after getting found by the river,  Siddhartha realizes that life is well worth living. This individual later understands the beauty of despression symptoms: “‘Things intend downhill along! ‘ he said to him self, and chuckled about it, and as he was declaring it, this individual happened to glance at the riv, and he also found the lake going downhill, always moving on downhill, and singing and being happy through all of it. He enjoyed this very well, kindly this individual smiled at the river.

Was this not the riv in which he had intended to block himself, in past times, hundreds of years ago, or had this individual dreamed this kind of? ” (96). Siddhartha should go from wealthy to poor to rich again to poor once again, yet through almost every difference in his your life, Siddhartha remains to be happy. A great unknowingly eerie real life comparison to Siddhartha is former NFL running back: Ough Williams. Like Siddhartha, Ough Williams experienced life and did what ever made him happy and did not let outside influences make decisions for him since he simply performed whatever made him the happiest. Williams, like Siddhartha, started his journey as a young person with many positive aspects.

Being a celeb athlete, Williams received an entire ride scholarship grant to the University or college of Arizona. After 3 years of being the best man about campus, Williams entered the NFL draft in 1999 and was selected fifth overall by the New Orleans Saints. After 3 successful months with the Saints, Williams was traded to the Miami Dolphins. After screening positive for a few drug testing, Williams was faced with a brief suspension. However , Ricky Williams shocked the world by launching his retirement from sports in the primary of his career, comparable to Siddhartha’s decision to embark on Samana your life. Williams was finding him self lost in superstardom and was no longer enjoying the game he so dearly liked.

The New mexico Dolphins required money back from Williams’ contract claiming that he had certainly not held up his end from the bargain. Williams did not love the money although. In the next 12 months Williams reduced to a moderate house and lived with his long time girl. Williams actually spent time living off the grid nationwide and fought with diagnosed clinical depression problems. After having a one-year sabbatical from the game, Williams returned to his homeland of happiness and played prepared football for the next six years and made additional money but only because he may, Williams could have played football for free as it was his true interest. This portion in Williams’ life is similar to Siddhartha’s period spent with Kamala in how that Siddhartha did get a wealthy organization man but only because that was those that have made him content.

Siddhartha makes a similar decision as Williams when he says, “He could have remained a lot longer with Kamaswami, made and squandered cash, fed his body and neglected his soul, he could have dwelt for a long time yet in that very soft, well padded hell, if this hadn’t happened: the moment of finish hopelessness and despair plus the tense second when he acquired bent in the flowing drinking water, ready to commit suicide. This kind of despair, this extreme nausea which he previously experienced hadn’t overpowered him. The fowl, the clear spring and voice within just him was still alive –that was how come he celebrated, that was why he laughed, that was how come his encounter was sparkling under his gray hair” (98).

The point of the comparison is that even people who apparently have it most may be inadequate happiness, which usually to Siddhartha and Ough Williams is the central aspect of your life. Williams’ life took him all sorts of ways and through years of attempting to find inner serenity he was capable of being a happy gentleman just like Siddhartha. As Siddhartha says in chapter nine, “my way had when led myself from his hut to a new existence which is now old and dead” (101). Siddhartha’s joy is a vital theme throughout Hermann Hesse’s novel.

Correctly so , Hesse shows delight as one of the key goals of life. Much like Siddhartha, Ricky Williams also displays happiness through virtually all walks of life and in addition they both prove that one must suffer is to do some searching before getting his or her the case happiness. Through disregard of others’ views and society’s view of happiness may be the only approach to find oneself and the only way that Siddhartha can find himself and reach enlightenment.

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