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Company Overview of Domestic Immediate Competitors of Sime Darby

COMPANY REVIEW OF DOMESTIC IMMEDIATE COMPETITORS OF SIME DARBY (GENTING BERHAD) Genting Berhad (Genting), a holding organization for the Genting Group, operates areas, casino and plantations. Additionally, it develops houses, manufactures conventional paper and creates electricity. The corporation primarily are operating in Malaysia.

It can be headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and employs thirty eight, 000people. The business recorded income of MYR6, 943. almost 8 million (approximately $1, 968. 3 million) during the fiscal year concluded December 2006, an increase of 27. 3% over 2006. The operating profit with the company was MYR3, 124. million (approximately $885. 7 million) during fiscal year 2006, a growth of 22. 7% over 2006. The net income was MYR2, 242. a few million in fiscal year 2006, a boost of 23. 8%over 2006. SWOT RESEARCH Genting is the management and investment keeping company of Genting Group. Through the subsidiaries, the organization provides enjoyment and hospitality, cruise and entertainment businesses. Genting also operates farms, develops and manages real estate, power era, manufactures and trades paper, explores oil and gas and provides travels and travel around related companies.

The continued accomplishment of its leisure and hospitality business, driven with a strong overall performance from Genting Highlands Vacation resort and its game playing business, features improved total revenue and profit progress for the organization. However , regional competition by new leisure time attractions just like Disneyland and Macau’s solid position in the gaming business could deteriorate the company’s leisure and food business. Strong points ¢Diverse business portfolio ¢Strong leisure and hospitality division ¢Strong performance of petrol and gasWeaknesses Weak overall performance of home and making divisions ¢Weak returns Opportunities ¢Growing wealth of Asian human population ¢Government pursuits to promote Malaysia ¢Strong prospect for China’s energy sector ¢Rising with regard to biodieselThreats ¢Intense competition ¢Natural disasters and epidemics ¢Weakening demand for household housing STRONG POINTS ¢Diverse organization portfolio Genting has a varied business stock portfolio, which includes the management of casinos and resorts, farms, property advancement, paper production and electricity generation.

Assisted by strong growth for most of the business categories in money year 06, Genting managed to record a rise of 28. 3% in its revenues more than fiscal year 2005. The revenues by leisure and hospitality section increased 20. 9%, electrical power 89. 1%, plantation 10%, and gas and oil 19. 8%. The company is not extremely dependent on a single product or business section. Its diversified business profile protects that from downturns in any particular division and reduces business risk. ¢Strong leisure and hospitality division The company’s leisure and food division features continuously contributed the highest profits for Genting.

The enjoyment and food division operates the company’s hotel, gaming and entertainment businesses. In financial year 2006, the split recorded profits of MYR4, 286. being unfaithful million(approximately $1, 215. two million), adding to 61. seven percent to the provider’s revenues. This kind of increase is mainly due to the bigger volume of business from Genting Highlands Vacation resort. For the period 2002-2006, the leisure and hospitality department grew in a CAGR of 12%. The division’s strong functionality is attributed to the overall accomplishment of the industry’s theme resorts which are turning into Malaysia’s leading tourist destinations.

You’re able to send gaming organization, which works its casinos both in your area and internationally, has also placed strong ends in recent years. Solid performance through the leisure and hospitality division has improved overall earnings and earnings growth for Genting. ¢Strong performance of oil and gas Profits for the oil and gas trademark Genting possess consistently increased in recent years. Although the division contributed just 2% to Genting’s revenues in fiscal season 2006, that recorded profits of MYR141. 3 , 000, 000 (approximately $40. 1 million), a nineteen. % increase over the earlier year. Via 2002-2006, the oil and gas division grew in a CAGR of 29%. The phenomenal accomplishment of the division is attributed to significantly bigger oil rates and increased production. Genting expects an even stronger growth for the oil and gas division in the future via increased oil production in Muturi (Indonesia) and China. WEAKNESS ¢Weak performance of property and manufacturing categories Despite a rise of 7. seven percent in monetary year 2006, the property division’s revenues have been completely volatile within the recent years.

For the period 2003-2006, the division’s CAGR was -6%, the best among all you’re able to send business sections. Despite a 6% increase in revenues, the manufacturing division’s profit prior to tax dropped 44% in fiscal 2006 over the earlier year. Weak performance of such divisions would affect the overall growth of the company. ¢Weak comes back Genting has recorded poor returns within the last few years. It is return about investments and return upon equity pertaining to trailing 12 months (TTM) January 2006 were 10. 2% and 13. 5%, correspondingly, lower than the industry averages of 10. % and 16. 8% for the same period. Weak results reflect the shortcoming of the managing to deploy assets in profitable paths, and this could cause decreasing buyer confidence. OPPORTUNITIES ¢Growing wealth of Asian inhabitants Strong financial growth is usually expected to increase the spending habits of enjoyment travellers inside the Asian place. A number of Parts of asia are expected to record a significant CAGR in GDP per capita in the next five years, including: Cina (10. 1%), India (8. 1%), Asia (7%), Singapore and Malaysia(6. 6%).

Subsequently, disposable income in these countries is likely to grow in the next five years. India’s disposable income data the highest CAGR of eleven. 1%, Thailand, 8. 4%, China, 8. 1%, Malaysia, 5. five per cent and Singapore, 5. 3%. Genting’s tourists mostly result from these countries. As such, the organization stands to profit from the improving financial conditions of the markets. Growing income levels will increase with regard to leisure and hospitality companies. ¢Government initiatives to promote Malaysia The importance of tourism for the Malaysian economy has grown significantly in recent years.

The joint efforts of Malaysia’s Tourism Ministry and Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) to promote tourism actions are expected to result in larger tourist landings in Malaysia. The MTPB hosts operate, tourism and consumer fairs around the world to market the country’s culture and tourist attractions. In fiscal season 2005, there were a total of approximately 15. eight million intercontinental arrivals in Malaysia. Annual targets announced under the Ninth Malaysia Prepare (2006-2010) contain an increase in worldwide arrivals via 17. 3 million in 2006 to 20 million by 2010.

In addition , the Malaysian federal government recently has announced a five-day operate week pertaining to civil maids, which convert to a higher number of vacations available for Malaysians. Also, the presence of low-fare flights will boost the leisure and tourism industry in Malaysia. This great outlook of Malaysian tourism presents the organization with progress opportunities. ¢Strong outlook pertaining to China’s energy sector Demand for worldwide strength is expected to report strong growth till 2025. Energy demand from China is expected to grow simply by an average of three or more. 2% yearly until 2025, to reach a volume of 14. 2million barrels per day (bbl/d).

Genting provides consistently broadened its coal and oil assets such as the acquisition of four power crops in Chinese suppliers. China is the world’s second largest customer of petroleum products and the company stands to benefit from the development in China’s energy sector. ¢Rising demand for biodiesel The European Union has a target of upgrading 5. 74% of diesel powered with replenishable sources simply by 2010. Taking into consideration this developing European with regard to bio energy sources, the Malaysian government is usually encouraging the utilization of palm oil towards the production of biodiesel. The region is also preparing to change from diesel powered to bio-fuels in the near future.

It includes stipulated that from 2007, all diesel sold in Malaysia must contain5% palm oil. The plantation trademark Genting is definitely involved mainly in oil palm plantations, palm oil milling and related activities. It may therefore benefit from the new opportunity to improve it is revenue expansion. THREATS ¢Intense competition Genting’s leisure and hospitality split is supposed to face firm competition by new leisure time attractions in Asia. Disneyland Hong Kong, which opened in September june 2006, has appeared as a important competitor The Disneyland fascinated approximately 5. million tourists in its first year of operation and is expected to boost to regarding 10 , 000, 000 annually. Genting is also facing competition via casinos in Macau. Macau has by least 18 casinos, which the biggest is a Casino Lisboa. Four on line casino resorts will be scheduled to be launched in the next few years in Macau. Disneyland Hong Kong and casinos in Macau can draw travelers away from Genting’s leisure and hospitality places, which could reduce earnings growth. ¢Natural disasters and epidemics The leisure and hospitality is vulnerable to organic disasters and epidemics.

In 2003, the outbreak of Severe Severe Respiratory Symptoms (SARS) negatively affected the Star Cruise trips operation. Superstar Cruises was also poorly affected by the tsunami in 2004. In 2005-2006, outbreak of chicken flu afflicted the enjoyment and travel and leisure industry which include cruises. Organic disasters and outbreak of epidemics including SARS and bird influenza in the future may reduce visitor traffic to places, casinos and cruise ships of Genting, which would draw revenue development down. ¢Weakening demand for non commercial housing With regard to residential properties in Malaysia can be weakening.

Demand for housing 5 years ago was less than 2005. Furthermore, the Malaysian GDP expansion for 3 years ago is expected to be five. 0% straight down from 5. 8%in 06 which could have got a related effect on Malaysian housing. The company has a significant presence in residential enclosure. It has recently launched two residential properties: Asiatic Cheng Perdana and Asiatic Indahpura. Excess supply inside the Malaysian residential property market and the consequent along with property rates would adversely impact the performance of Genting’s home division.

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