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Great Depression Essay Essay

Essay, Major depression

The Government Didn’t Do Enough |The Govt Did Enough | | |Common Know-how |Common Expertise | |William Lyon Mackenzie king |William Lyon Mackenzie King | |-wouldn’t provide Conservative governments financial assistance |- | |-thought unemployment was seasons | | |-wanted to balance this |Richard B. Bennett | |-king surpasses Bennett inside the 1935 selection (New Deal) |-helped out those who directed him characters | |-did nothing after winning election |-Bennett’s new deal | | |Health insurance, Joblessness insurance, Optimum work week, | |Richard B.

Bennett |financial help farmers | |-Raised Charges | | |-Unemployment response camps |Co-operative Common Prosperity Federation (CCF) | |-Bennett blanket and buggy |-J.

S. Woodsworth ” Saskatchewan | | |-public individual | |Co-operative Common Riches Federation (CCF) |-increase interpersonal programs | |-J. S.

Woodsworth ” Saskatchewan |-government spend all their way out of the depression | | | | |Social Credit |Social Credit | |-“Bible “Bill Aberhardt ” Alberta |-“Bible “Bill Aberhardt ” Alberta | |-Federal government would not allow this |-everyone to get $25 per month to shell out on essentials | | | |Union Nationale |Union Nationale | |- Maurire Duplessis ” Quebec |Maurire Duplessis ” Quebec | |-emphasis in french language and traditions | | | | | |PDF |PDF | |Page 2: kids needed to cut streets car seat tickets in half which will were|Page 3: relief camps gave you food protection and travel. | |12 for a quarter so then they would get twenty-four for a 1 / 4 |Basically all you needed | |page five: kids hunted squirrels and gophers to get meat |Page 35: Bennett’s new offer. 8 hour work day, bare minimum wage, | |Page 6th: kids could chew grain instead of chewing gum (would gnaw |elimination of child labour, insurance coverage, and managed | |alfalfa until it became like gum) |prices. “CCF, government offers ownership of bank, insurance, bank, | |Page almost 8: kids had been told there was clearly no Father christmas |communication and power companies. |Page thirty-three: men would walk 10 miles to apply for a job only to |Page nineteen: William Abhardt purposed objective was to offer $25 every month| |find out there happen to be hundreds of people all ready right now there waiting|to maximize prosperity | |Page 34: farmers cannot afford gas so they might attach |Page 16: hundreds of men would get meals in the soup kitchen | |their car for their horse and called this the Bennett Buggy |Page 29: one particular didn’t have to pay income tax unless of course ones salary was | |Page almost eight: unemployment relief camps just paid 20 cents each day. |over $2000 | |Page 20: hundreds of men were found sleeping in a Toronto |Page 12: relief obligations sometimes had been in vouchers. Could only | |park with only a magazine covering all of them. Bennett Umbrella |buy particular items | |Page 21: jail skin cells were in terrible state. Each cellular | | |might have a understructure. 200 guys waiting for a single toilet. Stomach | |troubles because of the meals | | |Page 12: Large corporations laid off staff from train | | |strikes | | |Page 3: Bennett raises tariffs | | |Page two: people committed crimes to attend jail and still have food | | |to eat | | |Page 24: faithful bystanders murdered because of comfort camp | | |strikers | | |Page thirty-six: hard pertaining to farmers to get relieved, no chance of | | |transportation | | |Page 2: boys were given pointless tasks (dig after that fill holes)| | | | | |Page six: one would pay doctors in food since one got no | | |money | | |Page 10: men in relief camps were cured like dirt/slaves | | |Page twenty-two: paper shack, 79 back button 24 without having windows. 88 men | | |Page 33: persons tried to promote vacuums, images, books, | | |brushes. Too desperate | | |Page 15: government needed the out of work men out of sight | | |Page doze: no careers therefore joblessness so persons had tons of| | |dept | |Page 12-15: cars had disappeared because owners were required to buy | | |antifreeze, but anti freeze was costly | | |Page 7: youngsters did not discover an orange until Xmas | | |Page almost 8: one could not leave the relief camp because there was| | |nothing for about 100 miles. Had to stay | | |Page 14: Canadian government deported/sent back over 12, 000 | | |immigrants. Some immigrants risked their very own lives to visit | | |Canada. No jobs so the government sent them back thinking this | | |was the perfect solution is. | |

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