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Feasibility of reaping INGESTING WATER at Konkamthan Village in Ahmednagar Section of Maharashtra State is definitely studied using annually rain fall informations. It is known that inch H2O can be life inches because, the H2O is essential from beginning to decease for individual. In the planetary image, India is identified as a state wherever H2O scarceness is expected to turn well at the coming decennaries.

Further drought status, climatic variableness cause considerable human being enduring in many parts of the state of hawaii in the signifier of scarceness of WATER for equally satisfaction of imbibing requirements and water sources demands. The consequences of mature male made crisis be seen as planetary heating and alteration in climatic conditions. The rain is becoming irregular as a result of perturbation in natural tempo and hence perform non produce when one particular wants all of them.

” A Drop Harvested is a Harvest Harvested ” dictates after the importance of rain INGESTING WATER harvest house.

Thymine this individual measure of rainfall is unreliable, decreased and unsure. Hence, demand for preservation has been felt much more than of all time just before. In this survey, hydro-meteorological data is from Indian Meteorological Station in Kumbhari, of Kopargaon taluka. To analyze the profile of land, study was completed with Ttotal Station. Contours sheet was plotted with scale you ” to 160 , at zero. 5 meters contour time period. The infiltration rate of dirt was studied simply by dual engagement ring infiltrometer. Dependant on design demands different overflow reaping buildings, like contour bunding, inner compartment bunding, nalah bunding and farm lb has been suggested. The survey shown that with the aid of enjoying constructions 60 to seventy percent of rainfall can be farmed.

Cardinal words and phrases: Annually rainfall, Rain INGESTING WATER reaping buildings, planetary warming, Entire Stationss, Profile, Shape, Infiltration, Twice pealing infiltrometer.


It really is good noted that, the land push per product area is definitely increasing 24 hours by simply twenty-four several hours due to populace growing, performing the more and more H2O is required for home, agribusiness and industrial intents. At every topographic point there is certainly ground WATER, but its geographic expedition requires money, because of this it becomes a restraint, nevertheless there are different restraints including rainfall form, handiness of surface flood and safe-keeping of H2O. Hence rain H2O reaping constructions will be indispensable for effectual usage of extra rainfall.

Rainwater harvesting home is definitely the knowing assimilation of rainwater from a surface as well as subsequent storage area in order to provide H2O during the clip of demand. Rain-water harvest home is indispensable in position of the fact that rain fall, which is a beginning of new H2O, takes place in every short enchantments and runs off as a spend unless deals are made because of its storing ( NIH, 93 ).

In our survey work has been made to analyze the topography in the country, based upon study job carried out utilizing entire Stationss. Besides the rain fall form pertaining to six aged ages and dirt strata has been examined. The rain H2O enjoying constructions had been proposed based upon topography, rain fall form, climatic conditions, and geological characteristics from the survey country.

Site Detailss:

The location of site is in Kokamthan, goal km removed from Kopargaon, Section Ahmednagar. The Latitude and

Departure of Sanvatsar small town happen to be 190 54 , N and 740 33 , E severally. The country below probe is all about 125 locations.




74. 00 m



19. 45 m


Figure-1: Internet site Detailss

Info Collection:

The informations crowd portion of the nation under probe has been loosely carried out in two parts

1 ] Topographical surveies

2 ] Hydrological surveies

Survey Record:

The study for the proposed site has been accomplished with the aid of Whole Station DTM-352 and Ur. Ls of 405 Stationss are determined and listed in the tabular array under.

Table-1 [ Sample record of observations ]

Obs. no .



Ur. Ls








-70. 6743

-24. 8749

98. 5763



-63. 305

-35. 5295

98. 5771



-34. 5137

-58. 375

98. 6694



-27. 3761

-34. 3426

98. 5275



-26. 4177

-21. 1967

98. 363


Depending on entire station observations, the Contour map has been prepared with a curve interval of 0. 5m., as proven in figure-3. It is observed that the elevational difference in the surveyed region in two terminals is all about 2m.

Rain fall Data: , The rainfall informations of last 20 old age groups was obtained from the Irrigation Department and Indian Meteorological Department, Jeur Kumbhari. The information is tabulated as below and rainfall tendency has become observed as shown in figure-2.

Table-2 [ 20 Year rainfall informations ]


Rainfall ( millimeter )


520. 4


610. eight


715. 6


680. your five


five-hundred. 4


560. 1


180. 4


270. a couple of


one hundred sixty five. 8


650. 9


Rain fall ( millimeter )


353. 6


501. 3


311. five


504. 8


477. a couple of


531. 3


376. six


455. 2


484. some


761. 9

Figure-: 2 Rain fall Pattern.


Figure-: 3 Contour Strategy demoing RWH Structures.

Suggested Action Plan:

To plan the rain H2O reaping improvements, the rain fall, overflow, vaporization and ooze informations will be basically required but these happen to be by and large not available for a lot of the sites, nevertheless if these are generally available, the cost of an extended hydrologic probe is definitely rarely validated. However , based upon few main factors affecting the design, an over-all guideline has been followed to plan the contour bund, compartment bund and nalah bund.

Normal water harvest home and flood recycling has four distinguishable constituents, viz., aggregation ( reaping ) of excess rainfall, efficient storage of harvest WATER, H2O program ( which include lifting and conveyance ) and optimal use of applied H2O pertaining to maximal rewards.

Based on the catchment region, rainfall, terrain incline and overflow quantity, the suitableness demands of the farm pool area has been proposed to build about both all over the place side with the probe nation.


The fundamental thought behind rainwater harvest home would be that the rainfall in India is extremely seasonal, with most of the precipitation happening in a few months from the twelvemonth and within that period the strength, being concentrated within a handful of hebdomads, that precipitation is usually besides extremely variable among different parts of the state of hawaii and coming from twelvemonth to twelvemonth, that , s why you ought to hive away rainwater with assorted constructions suited for that country.

The main concern in set abouting this commencing is to refill the terrain H2O, encounter the industrial require, protecting agribusiness from the vagaries of the monsoon, and bring the household demand and command the inundations to a certain extent.

The sophisticated contour study of region under übung at Sanvatsar was accomplished with the aid of complete Station and contour piece was plotted. By studying the dirt and grime features, metrological factors, infiltration rate and land slope of the region under probe, we have suggested the shape bunding, compartment bunding, farm building pool and nalah bunding as the rain INGESTING WATER reaping constructions suited for that country. Considering the different losingss and other factors it can besides be concluded that approximately 70 % of the rain falling because country can be harvested.

Researching the scarceness of INGESTING WATER and high energy input intended for H2O supply strategy, it should be made required to put into action such rainfall H2O reaping techniques so that the job of H2O scarceness can be reduced.

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