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Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages The Neolithic Era changed how people live now a days for several reasons. To start with, in this era agriculture was very important. Persons could farmville farm instead of hunting and gathering and also they could settle down in one place.

People also started to live in tiny communities. Deciding down in a single place supposed more foodstuff and spare time. This started out trade because there were food surpluses and began the first varieties of government. There have been many things to get done so that they divided progress up among everybody in the small community.

It was the very start of the way we live today. The Paleolithic Age is definitely the Old Stone Age ending in 1200 B. C. Electronic. were stone tools had been used for hunting and gathering. People utilized tools such as clubs and choppers to crack open bones. Tools in this time were mainly made to make use of for protection, defense, and keepings of food and clothing. They believed in an afterlife that has been similar to real life on Earth since they were furnished with all the equipment, weapons and necessities had to survive that was stated in doc 1 .

Through this age scholars believed that their forefathers lived in a new of state of mind and shown in doc 2 these individuals were seekers. The Neolithic Age is the New Stone Age between eight thousand and 5000 B. C. E. were the variation of sedentary agriculture occurred and had been domestication of plants and animals occurred. This is the time where persons began to develop social groups and create civilizations and stop moving from place to place. Set by the document 4 people began to rely more in animals and less on vegetation.

They implemented herds of animals rather than one to attract more food and in the end create a extra. The animals that they herded gave these people the fertilizer for agriculture. In document 5 this says that there were settled farming residential areas and they started to create a authorities to make decisions upon what to harvesting. Settled people had more personal property. These types of differences were so important as a result of technology and ways of your life that these people started to produce.

If the people from the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages didn’t discover the issues that they would our world today would be completely different. There are many choices on what our your life would be like today in the event that these people failed to start a base for us. In conclusion, as you can see the Neolithic age changed the way you live tremendously. They started out the initial forms of farming and produced small neighborhoods of people. Persons settled in a single place and began to control for work. What do you imagine life would be like if people from both of these eras didn’t start the points they did for all of us?

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