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A Special Place For Instructing And Learning A Special Place ...

A Special Place For Instructing And Learning. BUKIDNON EXPRESS UNIVERSITY Sto. Tomas External Studies Middle , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , – Sto.

Tomas Davao Del Ideal , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , – FEASIBILITY STUDY In Partial Completion in IT CORE 1 (I. T. FUNDAMENTALS) PRESENTED TO: JUNIE R. BAGUIO By: Daryl Ortiz Oct 15, 2012 I. EXPLANATION OF THE ORGANIZATION The product or services to get offered and just how they will be provided. II. MARKET FEASIBILITY Features a description with the industry, current market, anticipated foreseeable future market potential, competition, sales projections, potential buyers, etc .

3. TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY Details how one can15484 deliver a product or service (i. at the., materials, labor, transportation, in which your business will be located, technology needed, etc . ). 4. FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY Projects how much start-up capital is needed, options for capital, earnings on expense, etc . V. ORGANIZATIONAL FEASIBILITY Defines the legal and corporate structure with the business (may also include specialist background information regarding the creators and what skills they will contribute to the business). VI. FINDINGS Discusses how a business can easily succeed.

Be honest in your evaluation because shareholders won’t merely look at the conclusions they will look at the info and will query your a conclusion if they are impractical. VII. SYNOPSIS Feasibility studies contain comprehensive, detailed info on your business framework, your products, the market, logistics of how you can actually produce product or service, the time you need to make the business work efficiently, along with other information about the organization. I. Information Daaar’s Cadáver is a restaurant that will be located at Fd. Rd. 5 Sto.

Tomas, Davao del Norte expert lunch and dinner meals. Prioritizing our customers in particular those college students and having their night classes, the cafe is located 45 meters away from school. Learners that are far from their home may well eat with the restaurant having a budget of 30php. The business has attained its hygienic permit, the costumers will know that the services and the equipment’s our applying is clean. The lining of the restaurant is relaxing, tables and chairs happen to be clean and put properly, music for the costumers are playing, as well as the workers happen to be friendly and nice. 2. Market Feasibility

A medium scale restaurant is established when it comes to providing, offering cheap although nutritious lunch time and dinner chicken meals to the people to get an affordable price. Students mostly are definitely the costumer. Goals of restaurant * To provide high quality nevertheless affordable food to the consumers. * To provide better services to the costumers. * To provide better seated facility towards the costumers. 5. To provide better environment to the costumers. 5. To provide better waiting center to the costumers. The mission of our restaurant is ” * “Every employee strives to provide completely customer satisfaction , for every costumer ” every visit.

Including fast, friendly and mindful service, reliability in order choosing and completing and concern of costumer’s needs.  * To offer the economies of scale to minimize cost when maximizing benefit to buyers. * To accomplish leadership, main and functional competencies cafe business. The greatest aim of the restaurant is to remain the consumer satisfaction and we have an lively professional with proven necessary expertise. Working together as a well-united team with a common goal to satisfy clients by providing quality food in competitive price. III. Economic Data

Total Food Price for you day= menu cost ” 40% mark-up price x projected revenue Projected sales = 100 pax (pack per person) Food price = 1480 ” 545(40%) = 888, 100= 88, 800 V. Organizational *Product Characteristics* 5. Restaurant , A new notion of restaurant in the city , Special establishments: Membership credit card -Special discounts on holiday seasons -Wide variety of varieties in menu and quality food * Banquets , Potential: Lawn side: 60 folks , Inside: 50 individuals Promoter’s Profile Name: Daryl Ortiz Talk about: Fd. Rd. 3 RPJ Village, Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte Age: 20 Name: Joshua James Tang-o Address: Fd. Rd 3 Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte

Age group: 22 MIRE. Conclusion We conclude that establishment of any business is really a vital task. The promoters have to endure many instances which require high participation in making decisions and proper planning with regards to proper improvements. The only thing that we have to keep in my mind that while the market potential for restaurant is usually increasing, we need to maintain each of our reputation by maintaining the quality of the services and customer relationship as well. We will always try our best in providing best service and tasty foods. We have attempted our level best to prepare this entrepreneurship & administration of development report.

If perhaps any oversight is there in preparing this report, you should excuse me. VII. Summary The Daaar’s Resto is obviously a restaurant that will provide the residents of Sto. Tomas, Davao del Ideal with cardiovascular healthy meals. It is controlled by Daryl Ortiz and Eric James Tang-o. The partners will be actively involved in the everyday jogging of the restaurant and will collect a salary after 3 months from the launch from the business. Giving the money to grow in the company, although we certainly have employees they shall be getting their particular weekly spend, this will certainly not affect the business.

After the 3 months the owners will then be getting their wage that will be included as part of the expenses. This way the earnings will be re-invested into the organization to enhance progressive expansion. This really is so businesses tend to consider up to three years to make a income however , we plan to make profits after 6 months of opening. Dishes will be well prepared with special ingredients. It truly is Rich in health-promoting nutrients and offers a percentage of daily value (DV) for different vitamins and minerals. State of mind are made from more vegetables and fruits.

A combination mix in drinks will also be provided that is delicious and also specialized for the alleviation and prevention of certain illness. In addition the price of our foodstuff is very affordable. The building of customer’s relationship with the organization will be stressed. We intend to gather info on our buyers and will be flexible in making agreements for special food depending on their necessity. For example we all accept bookings, catering, and events rely upon what the consumer wants.

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