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Nissan Engine Company Ltd

Nissan electric motor company is known as a famous car manufacturing company that is acknowledged in the make of Nissan type of cares. It is one of many largest car manufacturing companies in the world.

Why demand and sales volume for the specific location are important preparing marketing strategies

Cost allocation

Promoting is a pricey affair and therefore its planning is quite vital.

Some physical regions demand more of the Machine Motor autos than others. The fact of marketing is usually to create understanding of the lifestyle and benefit for any product. Demand revenue volume can be therefore an essential phenomenon the moment marketing while more costs will be invested in geographical areas with low demand and poor revenue volume. Pertaining to areas when the demand and subsequent product sales of the Nissan cars is considerably high, the company need not dump lot of resources for the purpose of advertising.


For the analysis is definitely carried out upon demand with regards to classes of customers or age group, it will help the organization in knowing the marketing strategies to apply. If the Nissan automobiles are mostly used by young people, in that case marketing will also be done by young people and be taken in a manner to capture the attention of young adults. The same applies when it is found out it is elderly people who have demand just more oftenly. Then the promoting would have to end up being strategize in away to allow them.

Product differentiation

Forecasting demand and sales quantity provides a valuable pattern of purchase by simply customers. The moment this is additional stratified, it is also possible to identify how the sales differed across diverse products. Similar product’s require might transform due to item differentiation. Packaging will then be strategized in a way to conform using what customers need more.

Forecasts on in which the industry should go in the future

Since its founding 20 years ago the sales of Machine Motor Business have improved by about 20%. This is due to extreme auto ” advertising campaigns. It can be believed which the company can in the near future engulf the entire global market due to awareness caused through better improved marketing plans. It has already been forecasted which the industry will in future become the market frontrunners.

Intelligent reason as to why think this way

This is because of extensive and hi ” tech promoting. It is also because of the fact that many buyers would be reached. Lastly, other companies are likely to be overshadowed by the Nissan Motor Organization thus giving it since almost monopolistic firms.

Prediction on how your industry will change over the course of the foreseeable future

Initially the company publicized its number of vehicles through the audio ” visual press only i. e. through the radios and television. This is found to never be sufficient and effective on the buyers. Then came up the marketing through the firm journals getting circulated in offices and also other working locations for all and sundry to study and figure out.

The company has also used the net where various websites portray/ give various places of information. It is forecasted that in future the company will embrace “trade ” exhibitions us its marketing strategy. This involves displaying of their cars freely for the general public view. Additionally, it allows buyers to bodily view the vehicles and wherever marketers more them surrounding the workshops answering their concerns in the process.

The way the changes came about

These advertising changes emerged as a result of numerous factors. These are generally

a)Firm Competition

There was clearly need to deviate from the usual marketing strategies staying practiced simply by similar businesses in the industry to more sophisticated and relevant ones.

b)The positive effect / totally free trade

The exhibitions particularly in other countries have been caused due to globalization and cost-free market. Countries now allow other countries to freely market goods in their very own motherland which has increased marketing intended for the Machine Motor Organization.

c)Need to reach wider market

The domestic market is quite insufficient and can not be therefore relied upon by any kind of organization to boost its product sales volume. The need to reach a wider market has as a result led to this kind of evolution in the marketing market from only a media exercise to Mega trade displays.

d)Global demand for merchandise

Because of their nature, Nissan vehicles attract a significant demand. They are really efficient in fuel ingestion and durable. This makes them very preferably when compared with other makes/ types of cares. This kind of high demand calls for extensive and global advertising campaign and marketing by the Nissan motor company.

Impact of the changes around the industry

a)Considerable expansion

The progression of the sales strategies has led to the opening twigs and /or selling details for the motor company.

b)Substantial profitability

The new marketing strategies possess led to an enormous improvement in the company’s profits though the marketing costs have gone up wards.

c)Decreased competition

Various other similar businesses have did not fairly take on the electric motor company due to its unique strategies

Impact on potential buyers

The customers have maintained their dedication on the Machine cars as a result of trade exhibitions which offer customers the opportunity to bodily see goods and ask queries. And because of their appreciation of their vehicles, typical prices where the purchasers are willing to pay money for them in addition has gone up-wards.

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