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Ultra-high-temperatureprocessingClassification of dairy food based on the manufacturing process Milk is very important for both children and adults since it is a source of minerals, calcium supplement, protein and phosphorus. Currently, there are different types of milk products on the market. Here are some types of dairy based on the manufacturing process: -UHT The liquid Milk UHT is is short for Ultra Temperature Processing or perhaps Ultra Temperature Treatment.

This can be a way to sterilize foodstuff through to high heat process regarding 24 seconds at 135-140 degrees Grad which the spores of dairy is demolished completely for the reason that temperature.

The high temperature pasteurization processes was first discovered in the 1960s by simply used with the milk know as UHT milk. UHT milk may be stored for room temperature for 6-10 months in comparison with pasteurized dairy. UHT dairy free of chemical preservatives because the package deal is made in six layers to keep the milk continues to be in a clean and sterile condition within a specified period without additional chemicals.

Dairy Pasteurization Pasteurized milk is usually raw milk that that passes the heat of not less than 70 Celsius for at least 30 minutes or perhaps uses the heat of not less than 73 certifications Celsius for 15 seconds.

Pasteurized dairy is only held up for 2 weeks if not stored in the refrigerator using a temperature of 5-7 levels Celsius. Pasteurized milk provides fresh taste and features as the natural milk. -Milk Sanitation The dairy will be made sanitary by high heat at one hundred twenty degrees Celsius for 15 minutes and brought on the whole bacteria die but the spores will still be growing.

The sterilized milk is not suitable for children because a few nutrients just like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C disappear during the heating method. The made sanitary milk is normally packed in sealed metal cans so that it can be held up to 1-2 years and should be stored in the refrigerator after you open it up to maintain the caliber of milk. -Sweetened Condensed Milk 80 degrees Celsius temperatures rising conducted above three several hours. It is condensed milk from which water has become removed and also to which sugars has been added.

It can previous for yr without a fridge if unopened. Sweetened Compacted Milk is employed for cooking rather than ingesting. And it contains very high sugars so it should not to use to feed the newborn. -Milk Powder It is a manufactured dairy item made by evaporating milk to dryness which has a spray dryer or tool dryer is 200 levels Celsius for 2 hours. The goal of drying dairy is to preserve it. It could be kept longer than the liquid milk and does not need to be chilled.


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