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Small Business Plan m meters C C Executive Synopsis Proposed Term of business: Chocolate Dairy Proposed address: Prime function of the business: providing a selection of clothing to men Objective statement with the business: to supply Men with quality garments, having a range and a fantastic location. Perspective of the organization: aim of the business is to expand and business to allow buyers to purchase quality clothing Legal structure of the business: legal structure of Chocolate Dairy is a private company that is certainly an designed business with limited legal responsibility.

Chocolate Dairy has become a singular trader, great highs to become a only trader is the fact you are able to choose your own decisions.

If the organization is interested in expanding later on it will then become a operation, doing so is going to expand the business enterprise so it then simply becomes recognized and is a fantastic marketing strategy. C C The merchandise your business promote: C C M M Casual Tee shirts M Meters C C Dressy tops (club wear) M Meters C C M Meters Jeans slacks (long /and shorts) Overcoats / ladies jumpers (ranging from all different materials) Swimwear (trending shorts) Add-ons ( back packs, sunglasses, bracelets)

Financial goals of the business: Expanding in a franchise Using a variety of mens clothing (shoes, hats, jewellery) To expand and create chocolate alternative milks own garments line Interpersonal goals of the business: Personal goals in the business: Condition Analysis Marketplace: the target market of chocolate milks business is targeting the ages of 17 to 26 these are generally the ages that continue to stick with the trend, the most popular clothing becoming casual although indie, meaning fashion that could stir the conventional trend, and may even bring the old ones in. Key competitors:

The key competition of chocolates milk are a variety of high fashion trend stores that have become extremely popular are: These types of stores are high competitors because they have franchised and expanded their particular business. They have gone further more to put up a web store for their manufacturer, which has widened them additional, it is a very good market plan that boosts up your business, and gets the name/brand well-known all over the world. These kinds of stores really are a main threat to chocolates milk because they serve for the same age group and have the same fashion trends. The establishment stage of the organization:

Chocolate milk has many attributes of the organization stage with the business existence cycle many are: Positive cashflow Creating name/brand of the business and joining it otherwise you own Monitoring the business and evaluating the weakness’s and improving into it to then set a strong foundation to your business, for future years years, and continually improving Having a healthy customer base going in Benefiting your business with a positive amount of earnings Having good quality staff that may represent your company Continually keeping on top of all of the financial job within the business Swot Examination | | | |

Outline strengths(internal)| | Format weaknesses (internal)| Outline options (external)| Describe threats(external)| 5. Customer dedication * Having popular products * Keeping up with styles trends within the market 2. Having superior quality staff which might be continually showing themselves| | * Key weakness the organization faces is that it has not expanded to get an online retail store to further more opportunities * And having only one location is a very big challenge since advertising should be very high 2. Only aimed towards men| 2. To target the internet market product sales * Having new technology to enhance our customer base (advertising in high end sites that will gain interest of customers)| 2. Customers will be continually using the online buying instead of going in stores which in turn threatens delicious chocolate milk. 2. People produce cheaper outfits that look the same as chocolates milks brands. | Procedures plan Key products that could sell: Essential products that chocolate dairy will sell are high new quality garments all first and unique in their individual way, the product brands were to sell will be what will take the business to possess a high income. Service presented: Chocolate milk is located in one of the high style places in Sydney, this provides us various great consumers, having a large store that operates which has a large range of garments, walking in to the store provides males an assortment they need. Equipment required:

Gear chocolate dairy will need to function the store and to be able to display all the products will be a variety of distinct shelves, shelves, tables, dressing rooms, POS ( two, point of sale), a steam flat iron ( for the more delicate items that crease), all those are the things needed. Regulations: As any business they need to follow the laws and regulations that the Government deposit, by doing this your bettering your business by having rules and rules, this actually contributes to your business/workplace. A few of the laws and regualstions that chocolate milk needs to adhere to are: 2. New South Wales Work-related Health and Safety Act 2k * Love-making Discrimination Work 1984 2. The Age Discrimination Act 2004 * Similar Employment Chance * Reasonable Trading Action * Good Work Take action * Australian consumer rights * NSW Tax legal guidelines

Suppliers and the location and what they are providing: Levi ” Levi home base is situated in ‘San Francisco, the Combined States’ since the company’s beginning in 1853. But through the years their hq have branched out and some of these locations are now in Brussels-Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Singapore , Asia Pacific cycles Division Head office. This brand/label will supply Chocolate Milk with high quality jeans, ranging from all different types of denim material, and all creating a unique design. Address/location/country/Telephone/Fax San Francisco, U. S. A| Europe, Midsection East and North Africa| Singapore| Levi Strauss & Co. 1155 Battery StreetSan Francisco, FLORIDA 94111U. H. A.

Tel: (415) 501-6000Fax: (415) 501-7112| Levi Strauss Europe, Central East and North Africa (LSEMA) Opportunity Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23 1050 Brussels, Athens Tel: (32-2) 641-6011| one particular Kim Seng Promenade #16-01 Great Universe City East Tower Singapore 237994 Tel: (65) 735-9303 Fax: (65) 735-2923| Superdry ” It is headquarters is within Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States, with headquarters in a number of locations all over the world.

You go through ‘Small Business Plan’ in category ‘Essay examples’ A lot of them are operating out of North America, Asia, Latin America, and The european countries. This brand/label will provide candy milk with top of the range, jeans, T-shirt, Overcoats, and add-ons that will help your fashion trends over the seaons. Australian headquarters located in Victoria TRUE ALLIANCE 270 DAREBIN RD FAIRFIELD VICTORIA AUSTRALIA 3078 +61 a few 9481 9999 Factors impacting on choice of suppliers:

Chocolate Milk has chosen these brand/labels for the purpose that they can be well known all over the world, they have the trending fashion for men that may be very popular, all of the brands include high quality clothes they all brands appeal to focus on market staying male men of the ages17 to 29. These product labels are well reputed for the quality merchandise they generate and with this comes affordable prices. Shop layout My shop design is easy in many ways not only to my personal business that is very high in advertising in the products however the way people view it externally as well. I need my store to be termed as a well-respected business throughout the community. The way We have designed my personal shop is always to bring customers in, hoping they’ll be curious by the shows and the whole cleanness of the shop, the planet is clean that we am in, so my personal shop should not ever always be below specifications.

I have identified clear from the signs (emergency exits) making it easy for people to view plus the shop is extremely open and spread out and so there should be a great obstacles in the manner in case of an emergency, this likewise help my own customers to walk freely throughout the store not sense confined. The theme of the shop can be wild and free letting the small youth of our generation always be shown through all the presenting furniture, having unusual displays to present the product this is how we all intrigue each of our target market, by unusual. Products on hand Control: The way I will be in a position to monitor my personal inventory movement (stock), I will be coming into focus on the day the business enterprise is closed ‘Wednesday’ being that day and i also will be dealing with all the items my personal ‘inventory’ if that be the clothes, accessories.

I will be filling out just how many products we have from display and at the back (storage) and the piece I have published will tell me how a large number of I should have in inventory, and I will count up just how many we certainly have displaying and out back in storage, and after that come up with a last sheet to verify if any of the inventory is absent. Example products on hand control bed sheet: Date: Thursday 25th of July| Name: clothing share take| Label| Item Code| Category| The quantity you should have in stock| Quantity you have: | Inventory lost | Levi| M308352929723| Jackets- denim| 20| 20| | Wrangler| S934U935U2020| Original wrangler T-shirt -cotton| 15| 13| 2| Element| D9234834E0343| Hat| 5| 5| | Stussy| H2349743752H2| Singlet| 11| 11| | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Quality control procedures- Depending on the flow of inventory that is obtaining sold, that may decided on the amount of stock that is brought. Whether extra share should be helped bring for a well-known item (one that is receiving sold out). Again obtaining more stock and new stock intended for the seasons will depend on sales. Employment relations Prepare: The levels of staffing in some chocolate Milk happen to be: 1 full time 5 in your free time staff Recruiting process/ expansion program: The recruitment way that chocolates milk uses is a six stage method, this process consists of: After this you will start training, your five training shifts where you will become shown through the procedures with the shop and POS.

Then you will begin schooling, 5 training shifts you choose to be demonstrated through the methods of the store and DETRÁS. Website (www. chocolatemilk. com. au) Site (www. chocolatemilk. com. au) You will show up at an introduction working day going through the shop and answering any kind of questions. You can expect to attend an introduction day experiencing the store and answering any questions. Options- job -fill out cover letter and resume in addition availability (hours & times ) Options- career -fill out job application letter and curriculum vitae plus availableness (hours & days ) Then following the 5 alterations you are able to land on your own if required, but you will probably be watched for any 3 month period After that after the five shifts it is possible to be on the own in the event needed, nevertheless, you will be watched for a a few month period

If you obtain a call back once again after the in person interview you have been successful and received the task If you be given a call back again after the one on one interview you have been successful and received the work If selected you will be given a phone call, (an over the mobile phone interview) In the event that selected you are going to receive a telephone call, (an within the phone interview) During face to face interview you will be asked a number of questions and fill out even more application forms During face to face interview you will be asked a series of queries and fill out more application forms If selected again after the interview you’ll certainly be called to get a face to face interview If selected again after the interview you will be called to possess a face to face interview

New employees go through a introduction time, this day will give them more insight within the business they will soon become working for. This time consists of experiencing the each day procedures, and going through each of the rules and regulations in the business. Once rostered upon they will be dealing with five training shifts, these kinds of training adjustments will contain learning: 2. Learning DETRÁS (Point Of Sale) ( greeting the customer) * Team job ( a prosperous business is merely successful if perhaps everyone functions together) 5. Floor duties ( instant of truth- be polite to buyers by greetings them) 5. Decision making 5. Emergency leave meeting stage Employee pay: * Full time staff , $ 20 an hour Part-time staff , $ 18 an hour Days| Danielle| Jess| Mel| Stephanie| Nicole| Mechelen| Hours open| Monday| Danielle| Jess| | | | | 7hrs| Tuesday| Danielle| | | | Nicole| | 7hrs| Wednesday| Danielle (stock)| , , | , , -| , , , , -| , , , -| , , , , | 2hrs| Thursday| Danielle| Jess| Mel| | | | 7hrs| Friday| | | | Stephanie| | | 4hrs| Saturday| Danielle| | | | Nicole| Mechelen| | Sunday| , , , , | , , -| , , -| , , , , -| , , , , | , , , , | , , , , | Total performed hours during the week: | 30hrs| 14hrs | 7hrs| 4hrs| 14hrs| 7hrs| | On-costs for the business Some on-costs of Chocolate Dairy are: * OH&S requirements Long assistance leave 5. Sick keep * Getaway pay 5. Maternity keep * Leave loading * Wages 5. Insurance Non-monetary benefits: Candy Milk has its own non-monetary benefits for personnel that have performed great work and possess shown that they will be following function procedures and guidelines, many of these are: 5. Retailer coupon * Film voucher 2. Discount in products Member of staff appraisal method: * Special offers within the business * Benefits received ( extra benefits, for next working procedures) Marketing Strategy Marketing objectives: Chocolate Milks marketing target is to raise the business in the store (getting the identity known) by 40% over the following 12 months.

Using this method we will have a high customer base, and we will have the ability to add other gaming features to our retailers: e. g. Loyalty credit cards, giving our employees special discounts and promotional offers. Competitive advantage of this kind of business Chocolates Milk as a business has many competitive advantages such as, 2. Unique clothes * High up in all products * Staff continue to ensure that the business grow * Concentrating on the fresh youth Product strategies| Pricing strategies| Promotion strategies| Division strategies| -great quality products-unique designs-the products that are offered are attractive -| Delicious chocolate uses Market price method of pricing-the products sold at Chocolate milk have a price mark-up of two. (250%)| Upselling of business” staff tell customers some great benefits of the storeA big marketing strategy will be loyalty credit cards Advertising- promoting on top end sites or perhaps social networks one example is Facebook, and magazines | The distribution method utilized for Chocolate Milk is: ProducerwholesalerretailerCustomer| Financial Prepare Type of financial required: The owner equity can be 20’000 to begin up the business while the bank loan was 10’000. This was your best option of finance because Delicious chocolate Milk necessary this to start up the business and proceed all the circumstances and problems of the organization stage of a organization. Breakeven point ” Breakeven point in necessary to see the estimate amount of goods you need to promote to make a profit. Break even sama dengan total fixed costs Unit price ” variable costs per unit 193508 forty ” 12-15 = 7740. 32 1000 $000 108 Breakeven6 Variable costs, Fixed costs4 Revenue20 100 200 300 500 500 600 700 800 1000$0000 $0000 | Revenue: Revenue Assertion Chocolate Milk For season ending Sales 500 1000 Less COGS 80 1000 Gross Income 420 000 Less Operating Expenses Selling expenses Marketing 2000 Wages 88608

Shipping 1000 91608 Aministrative bills Rent 104000 Telephone 2150 Stationary 200 106200 Financial Expenses Insurance 1500 truck 199308 Net profit 220692 Revenue Affirmation Chocolate Dairy For yr ending Product sales 500 500 Less COGS 80 500 Gross Revenue 420 500 Less Working Expenses

Selling expenses Marketing 2000 Wages 88608 Deliveries 1000 91608 Aministrative bills Rent 104000 Telephone 2150 Stationary 2 hundred 106200 Financial Expenses Insurance 1500 truck 199308 Net profit 220692 This Income statement enables the business to get financially stable. Due to the very high cost rent and wages, the company may suffer through the year and not make a substantial amount of net-profit.

Even though these kinds of expenses in the business are extremely high it is crucial and relevant, this revenue statement demonstrates needs to increase sales and so the net revenue will not be as affect once all the expenses are paid out. Balance Sheet: This kind of Balance Sheet demonstrates the businesses assets to liabilities and owners’ equity will be balanced. This allows Chocolate dairy to be fiscally stable. Harmony SheetChocolate MilkAssets LiabilitiesCurrent AssetsCurrent Liabilities Accounts Receivable 19000Accounts Payable 900stock 3400 noncurrent AssetsNon-current LiabilitiesEquipment 590Loan 2090Owner’s EquityCapital 20 0002299022990|

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