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Film production company tells us the storyline of two men who may have heard not so good news: they have to live a little, just a week and hardly eventually more. On their behalf, this is certainly a surprise as they are even now so youthful, but it has already been the time to enable them to go to bliss. Of course they want to continue their very own lives, yet unfortunately it can be too late to improve things.

Trying to drown the sorrow with tequila, one of many characters, modest Rudy realized that he has never been at the ocean. On what second man lad Martin replies having a grin that on nirvana all discussions are regarding the sea as it the most exceptional and unexpected phenomenon in the world. That’s just how it all begins

It might be wrong to state that the account is only regarding the thirst for life plus the man’s fear of not having enough time to do something important. Partly it is, yet this film examines a large number of valuable points and incidents in our lives that we understand as a offered, but still they are really no less valuable. For example , the love of parents, true friendship, a desire to help and provide the world anything good.

Just about every shot means something and teaches a thing, inspires and makes you think of. For example there is also a scene through which Martin gives a Cuban cigar to a little girl who unintentionally met him on the road from the bank. He wants to help to make random people happy, but what to give into a child? Candies? He hasn’t got any. Money? Kids don’t really need them. There exists only outstanding a cigar, which he gave to her as an ice cream on the stick. The scene can be funny and incredibly touching.

Generally, the film is about existence with all it is oddities, privileged events, disenchantment and of course really loves. In some ways, the film appears to be a zebra. White group, then black and white all the time the dark-colored. Everything moves well while using disappointing events, the opportunity to stay in grand design at least slightly terme conseillé with the goal and criminal arrest , Almost everything is exactly just how it is occurs in the world

This video consists of small particular things. Martin calls the taken car sky blue shaded Mercedes, not blue, it was heavenly blue. How Rudy complains regarding the affordable suit to get 2000 dollars. Of course because they have discovered a million of dollars in the trunk of stolen car. And many other significant moments from which the content of the film built.

The duet of main celebrities is extraordinaire. Their characters are complete opposites of each and every other. Maybe in real life they would not even said howdy, they are therefore diverse , desperate daredevil Martin and calm and quiet Rudy. But facing a total catastrophe, they bounced back and become friends. Even to get such a brief period. They impact each other. Rudy gets Martins quality , lack of dread and a desire to preference more and more freedom. And Matn gets Rudy’s , taking care of loved ones plus the thought of the generous assistance. And yet that they managed to accomplish this, give their selves and the loved ones a little bit, but accurate happiness

All this occurred only because they’d a goal. A single goal! To complete in one week everything that they failed to perform in whole your life!

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