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OWNERS’ BRAND PERCEPTION EXPLORATION PROPOSAL Prepared for Meteor Motorcycle Business Good Stuff! Dated: September seventh, ____ BUSINESS SUMMARY Presently, Meteor has to understand how the customers consider four brands relative to the other person: Meteor, Comet Chopper, Harley, and Big Doggie. Also, due to unexpected revenue achievement of the Comet Chopper motorcycle, Meteor has to understand the significant factors for the benefit of the Comet Chopper. Meteor’s marketing team also needs to bring up to date the demographic profile of its customers.

The reason is , Meteor provides through a network of sellers, some of who do not always record specifics about the demographics of motorcycle buyers. BACKGROUND Upon September 14, 200_, the Meteor advertising team attained researchers via Good Stuff! on the Meteor hq. The demonstration included the of the Meteor Motorcycle Business, its pioneers, the brand types and other valuable inputs. The Meteor promoting team was open to permitting the Good Products! researchers to participate in the Harvest Motorcycle Fest celebration to be saved in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Details of the big event and other issues were reviewed during the same session.

It was also decided that Meteor would provide a summary of existing Meteor Chopper owners to help Nutrients! in its analysis. Problem definition / ANALYSIS OBJECTIVES Trouble definition The investigation team for Good Stuff! is going to 1) analyze Meteor and Comet Moto owners’ company perceptions of heavyweight cruiser motorcycles, 2) so that the Meteor marketing group can better understand the appeal of these brands to particular customer portions, 3) so that the Meteor Motor bike Company may improve the setting of their brands in the marketplace and acquire a 30 per cent annual development in product sales revenues in the coming yr.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Accordingly, four modules of research can comprise the joint study. ¢ To identify and gather information about existing competitors that buyers consider when buying a Comet Moto. Good Stuff! will certainly gain an understanding of who have in terms of opponents are Comet Chopper owners’ considering through the buying method, and how come. ¢ To comprehend the appeal of the Comet Chopper. Good Stuff! will check out the demand intended for the Comet Chopper by simply examining the appeal. Nutrients! ill figure out what the benefit of the Comet Chopper is definitely, to further be familiar with feelings, stories and thinking behind the Comet Chopper customer. ¢ To understand the degree of brand recognition between Meteor and the Comet Chopper. Good Stuff! will study the customer’s perception of the trademark relation between Meteor manufacturer and the Comet Chopper (made by Meteor). Good Stuff! can research customers’ awareness levels, identify examples of brand recognition and take a look at issues linked to dual logos. To describe both the Meteor owner, and the Comet Chopper owner in terms of demographics and psychographics thereby attaining a better comprehension of the existing customer profile. Nutrients! will explore the demographics of the Comet Chopper owner in terms of grow older, sex, income, occupation, and education level in addition to psychographics such as attitudes, morals, consumption habits and hobbies. APPROACH TO THE PROBLEM Meteor Bike Company was once involved in related projects with Good Stuff!. Inside the Fall of 1998 and in the Early spring of 2150, Good Stuff! onducted Meteor’s 1st dealer and customer satisfaction mobile phone surveys. These two surveys included a module on company perceptions of Meteor as well as its competitors in the marketplace. The effects had quick operational effect for Meteor. Since the 98 research project, revenue for Meteor have increased 1800 %. The current research project will give principal focus to Meteor owners’ brand perceptions, with lower emphasis to customer satisfaction of Meteor owners. Only Meteor owners will be surveyed. STUDY DESIGN For the purpose of this research Good Stuff! unwell undertake major research to execute a decisive design using web-surveying methods, as well as a great exploratory design and style employing remark and complex interviews by a local motorcycle rider’s fest. To get the web review, all scale responses will be used. The position of the four focal brands on doze different nature will be a core part of the research study. However , other types of scale answers will be used. FIELD WORK as well as DATA COLLECTION In this hard work, respondents will probably be recruited by simply phone for taking the study on the net.

For those devoid of internet at the office or at home (estimated to become less than a few per cent in the sample frame), the interview will be conducted by mobile phone. ¢ Web Surveys: Primary source of info collection will be through an website Surveytime. com, that will number the electric questionnaire. One hundred Meteor owners and two hundred Comet Arrêter owners should receive a page from Good Stuff! explaining the purpose of the study and inviting their very own participation. This kind of 2: 1 ratio of Comet Chopper to Meteor owners reflects the current product sales ratio of those two brands.

The page will direct them to the web page and request in that case to total the study. A $2 cash motivation will be included in each prospecting letter. Importantly, those taking survey will be entered into a raffle to get a leather Meteor varsity clothing. ¢ Phone Interviews: A concerted work will be designed to identity and approach these Comet Arrêter owners that failed to complete the web survey. The data of the current Chopper owners would be given by the Meteor marketing group. ¢ Observations and Selection interviews: Good Stuff! esearchers will attend the Pick Biker Tillst?llning on September 19 and September twenty. It is presumed that the Rally will provide us with a way to observe moto owners in their environment and to interview them, as well. Coding and Data entry ¢ Survey Period. com permits the experts to download data in to Excel spreadsheets. ¢ After conducting the phone interviews, the responses will probably be transferred in to the excel spreadsheets, as well. ¢ Numerical info will be moved into for close-ended questions. ¢ Entered data will be examined for precision and modified if necessary.

Following your spreadsheet has become edited and checked for accuracy, will probably be converted into a great SPSS data file. Following the completion of the code and data entry pertaining to the shut and open-ended questions, results will be tabulated. DATA ANALYSIS Some of the numerous techniques that is to be utilized to examine the data are ¢ Detailed statistics in tabulated type using percentages ¢ Graphic analysis in the data ¢ Correlation Research The following are some examples of results of data examination that Meteor’s marketing group can expect to determine in the last report.. [pic] [pic] Schedule ACTIVITY |EXPECTED COMPLETION TIME | |Meeting with Meteor marketing group |Sept 10 | |Harvest Biker Tillst?llning |Sept 19, 20 | |Proposal , Questionnaire Submission |Oct 7-10 | |Survey Loaded in the Web Machine |Oct 10-20 | |Letters mailed to Comet Arrêter owners |Oct 10-14 | |Data Collection |Oct 14-30 | |Follow up Mobile phone Interviews |Nov 1-7 | |Coding, Info Entry and Data Cleaning |Nov 7-14 | |Preliminary Analysis |Nov 14-21 | |Final Examination and Survey |Nov 22-30 | |Presentation to Consumer |Dec four | Data Investment COST ESTIMATION ” TASKS* |HOURS |COSTS (*) | |Upfront Consulting Function and Design |, , , |$ 8, 000. 00 | |Designing , Producing Questionnaires ($55/hr) |80 hours |$ 4, four hundred. 00 | |Research , Compilation of Name List ($55/hr) |8 |$ 440. 00 | |Final Research , Confirming ($75/hr) |100 |$ several, 500. zero | |Internet Survey** |, , , |$18, 1000. 00 | |Phone Line / Calling Cards (1 minutes @ $0. 10) |250 |$ one particular, 500. 00 | |Telephone Interviewers (150 phone interviews @ $10,50 per interview) |, , , |$ 1, 500. 00 | |Incentives to Respondents ($2 @ X 300 respondents = $400 jacket) |, , , |$ one particular, 000. 00 | |Data Entry (1 survey snabel-a 10minutes snabel-a $6. 50/hr) |50 |$ 325. zero | |Coding the Data (programming work , compatibility of data) |, , , |$ a couple of, 500. 00 | |Other Overhead Expense (Office Supplies-binders, photocopying) |, , , |$ five-hundred. 00 | | | | | |TOTAL | |$45, 665. 00 | Note: Various other operating expenditures encountered throughout the conduct from the project will probably be invoiced on top of that to Meteor at the conclusion of the project. Several hours and hourly rates are presented for Good Stuff! is actually internal work with. These would be deleted in the version with this proposal given to the Meteor marketing group. ** The web Survey expense includes the programming as well as the designing with the Web module, server and usage charge and info retrieval. REVEALING At the conclusion with the project, the subsequent will be sent to Meteor: ¢ Three replications of the last written report with all the bout. The final record will include a great annotated review with the percentage of replies for each likely question response. Detailed info tables will probably be included in the are accountable to summarize information and facts found in the research.

It will also are the final a conclusion and recommendations made based upon the research study. ¢ Three CD’s together with the electronic variation of the last report, the PowerPoint 35mm slides and the SPSS data files. PROJECT PERSONNEL Draw Peterson Study Team Leader Mark Peterson received his Ph. D. in Promoting from the Atlanta Institute of Technology in March 1994. Mark received the Schools of Marketing Science’s Alpha Kappa Psi Feuille Award for his lab and field study of consumers’ psychological responses to television ads. Mark’s scholarly works had been published inside the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of the Senior high of Marketing Technology, the Small Organization Management Diary among others.

Ahead of launching Good Stuff!, Mark was a statistical methods consultant to get SDR, Inc. in Altlanta ga, and an associate professor of marketing at the College or university of Texas at Arlington where he educated in the Masters of Scientific research in Promoting Research plan. Jim McGee Research Staff Associate John McGee received his MSMR degree from the University of Texas by Arlington in 1996. After that, Jim has worked as a project manager for a variety of advertising research firms including Campbell Research and Global Umschlüsselung International. Sean is very happy to be reunited with Indicate Peterson for Good Stuff!, since both had been members of the legendary “Gold Team for SDR, Incorporation. in the mid-nineties.

Jim relation his many rewarding skill to be applying conjoint research ” a multivariate record technique ” in survey research to resolve problems to get client companies. APPENDIXES [If offered at this time inside the development of the project, a draft of Meteor Study A would be attached. ] , , , , , , , , 0% 10% twenty percent 30% forty percent 50% 60% , ages 1 States Geographic Circulation of Comet Chopper Owners TX FLORIDA CA WI Others 0% 5% 10% 15% twenty percent 25% 30% 35% forty percent %age 1 Brands Manufacturer Awareness Consider Comet Arrêter Thought to be a different Company Comet Chopper can be described as Meteor manufacturer Comet Moto is a West Coast Arrêter brand Comet Chopper is a Harley Company Others

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