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Lao-Tzu’s “Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching” and Machiavelli’s “The Qualities of your Prince” both have the ultimate goal of making better leaders. The tactics that every writer chooses to present being a guide to get the leader will be almost contrary of each additional. Today’s American government might benefit from a variety of the two extreme ideas.

Lao-Tzu’s laissez-faire attitude towards the economic climate, as well as his small scale, home defense army is appealing to a generous person.

Machiavelli’s attitude towards miserliness and lower taxes, while staying always well prepared for conflict, would appeal to a traditional person. The writers will be in agreement on some issues, including taxes, but other ideas, such as government involvement inside the everyday lives of individuals are entirely opposed to the other person. Lao-Tzu features moderation and small federal government. He claims that a leader should stay within his country and govern his people only. Lao-tzu and Machiavelli are political philosophers writing in two several lands and two several times.

Lao-tzu was an ancient Chinese thinker from sixth century BC, the author of Tao-te Ching, and Machiavelli was a great Italian thinker who resided 2000 years after Lao-tzu’s time, publisher of Royal prince. They are both philosophers but have totally different perspective in order to be a very good leader. Whilst both philosopher’s writing is instructive. Lao-tzu’s advice issues from detached look at of a common ruler, Machiavelli’s advice is incredibly personal maybe demanding.

Both philosophers’ idea will not work for today’s universe, because that modern world is quite a bit less perfect as Lao-tzu described in Tao-te Ching, and not while chaotic since Machiavelli illustrated in Knight in shining armor. In assessing and contrasting the governmental philosophies with the great thinkers Lao-Tzu and Machiavelli, Over the internet a pleasant mixture of both of their particular ideas would be the best for America today. Lao-Tzu’s laisse-faire frame of mind towards the overall economy, as well as his small scale military is appealing to my liberal side, while Machiavelli’s attitude towards miserliness which causes low taxes attracts the right side.

These superb thinkers confront the popular expressing “all superb thinkers think alike. ” They have many ideas, such as taxes, which can be the same, when other suggestions, like the engagement of government in citizens’ every day lives are absolutely contrary. I shall start with the ideas of Machiavelli, after that move on to Lao-Tzu’s, and finally an evaluation and software into American life. Niccolo Machiavelli features a strong federal government. The leader must be strong and feared. I think he gets this idea from the fear of God.

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